Wine Temperature and Storing Guide 2022 | Best Wine Storage Ways

Wine temperatures and storingWine is an alcoholic beverage which is consumed widely around the world. It was made from fermented grapes. Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeast produce different types of wines. You need to store wine at the correct temperature so that the flavor of wine retains. If the wine storage temperature is not set properly, then it can lead to wine getting aged prematurely. Wine can also get damaged due to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Many people are avid lovers of wine but they have very little knowledge of Wine temperature and storing.

Wine Temperatures and Storing

I have come across some useful ways for storage of wine safely and securely at proper Wine cooler temperature. Let’s see the below points regarding Wine Temperatures and Storing.

Wine Temperatures and Storing image
Wine Temperatures and Storing image
  • Wine should be kept in dark: All the wines should be stored away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent mixtures. Wines get ‘lightstruck’ from ultraviolet rays which gives them a very unpleasant smell. Bottles having dark color are more protected and have UV filters built into the glass or we can keep the bottle slightly wrapped up in a cloth or put the bottle inside a box.
  • The best way to store wine is on the sides. Corks tend to dry out if they are stored upright for a long time which helps the air to get into the bottle of wine.
  • Wine temperature should be kept constant. The wine storage temperature should not go over 24 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the wine begins to oxidize. The greater the fluctuations in temperature, greater the premature aging of wine from over-breathing. The wine cooler temperature should never fluctuate more than 1.6 degree Celsius per day and 2.7 degree Celsius per year.
  • Wine should be put to rest and you should not move it frequently. The vibrations from different sources can affect the wine in a negative way.
  • Maintain the humidity at around 70%. More humidity can lead to the growth of mold and cause labels to loosen. High humidity prevents the cork from drying and minimizing evaporation.
  • Don’t keep strong fragrance and scents near wines as they can permeate through the cork and taint the wine. There should be proper ventilation where wine stored.
  • Store the wine over an appropriate amount of time. Red wines can be stored and aged for about two to ten years. White wines can be consumed up to three years of storage.
  • Adjust the wine temperatures before serving. We need to vary the temperature slightly according to the wine. Before serving wine, the storage temperature should be made to rise or fall appropriately.

Wine Storage

The best way to store wine after opening is in a wine cellar or closet. It minimizes the exposure of wine to air. Put the cork on the bottle tightly and keep the wine away from light and heat. You can keep the red wine out as long as there is a cork on the bottle and in the dark. Dessert wines like Sherries and Ports resist degradation for more than three to five days.

There are different other options for storage of wine like a makeshift closet wine cellar that can be made easily at home. A closet is ideal for people who love to drink wine every day and will probably cost less than a wine cellar.

Another option is to use a wine cooler or refrigerator. There are different models of wine coolers available in the market like single zone wine cooler and dual zone wine cooler. These basically maintain a constant temperature inside. You can purchase a wine cooler according to your likings and requirements. Single zone wine coolers have only one compartment and used to store only one kind of wine while dual zone wine coolers have two compartments that can be used to store a different kind of wines. Set the temperatures by referring to a single or dual zone wine cooler temperatures for better wine.

Conclusion – Wine Temperature & Storage

Hope this guide regarding Wine Temperatures and Storing helped you to get the knowledge on Wine cooler storage and temperature. Also, for the more latest information, please do visit our portal Popular Wine Coolers regularly.

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