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Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review 2020

Wine Enthusiast wine cooler has about 35 years of experience in designing the products for people who prefer and love wine. The wine enthusiast silent wine cooler is designed with dual zone that provides the perfect condition for each bottle in the collection stored in wine cooler. Each zone in Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle wine cooler has easily adjustable temperature. The top zone with adjustable temperature from 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit provides perfect storing conditions for 10 bottles of reds. The 44-66 degrees Fahrenheit at bottom zone is the right storage area for whites and reds and at cooler point, it is ideal for supplying mainly whites. 

Wine enthusiast 18 bottle wine refrigerator is designed elegantly in black metal, stainless steel frame and reflective smolder glass with the measurement of 37.5 * 9.87* 20.25 inches. Wine enthusiast 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler is a freestanding refrigerator that can hold up to 32 bottles of regular size,  16 in each zone, and it includes 7 drag out shelves for adjusting different sizes of wine bottles. It has digital touchpad technology which is easy to use and can easily alter the temperature, while the cooling system is energy efficient and quiet. 

Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler FEATURES

The display screen of this Wine enthusiast 18 bottle wine chiller is one of the special features with which you can regulate the settings like temperature of wine cellar. By effectively using the temperature control, you can enjoy the chilled wine at any time. So, with this digital display screen, you can easily use the Wine Enthusiast Silent 18-Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Cooler.

Wine enthusiast silent 18 bottle dual zone touch screen wine cooler has two zones with different temperature range and each zone has capacity of holding 18 bottles. Top zone has modifiable temperature range of 54-66 degree Fahrenheit and is perfect for storing for reds whereas bottom zone has temperature range of 46-66 degree Fahrenheit which provides finest serving state mainly for whites.

Wine enthusiast 18 bottle wine refrigerator black is super quite efficient with thermoelectric technology which perfectly keeps the taste of wine to remain same. This wine enthusiast silent wine cooler is energy efficient and even it does not allow raising your electricity bill. It is approved by ETL and this wine cooler is CFC which makes it environmental friendly. 

Wine enthusiast wine cooler has upright shelf which is very helpful to store the opened wine bottle at serving temperature. It also has 4 sliding portions prepared out of chrome.  You can easily and conveniently set the temperature with the help of LED touch screen, and contains 7 pull out shelves to increase the flexibility for holding the large/non-standard size wine bottles.

Wine enthusiast silent 18 bottle wine cooler is featured with LED lights that shows off the collection of your wine bottles in beautiful way and even displays the label. The top half part of this wine cooler is made with glass, this gives the proficient look and making it appropriate choice for any space you desire to place the wine cooler. 

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Wine enthusiast
Item model number
272 03 18 05
Product dimensions
20.2 x 9.9 x 37.5 inches
Item weight
36 pounds
Installation type
Form factor
Stand alone
Material type
120 volts
Power consumption
1.3 KW.h/ 24 h
Maximum temperature difference
56 degree Fahrenheit
Temperature control range
46-66 degree Fahrenheit( lower zone) 54-66 degree Fahrenheit (upper zone)
60 Hz
Batteries included?
Batteries required

Installation instructions of Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Before you start using the wine cooler

  • Remove all the interior and exterior packing materials.
  • Check for the parts are present or not:
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 4 sliding shelves
  • Before connecting the unit to power supply, let it stay upright for at least 2 hours. This will decrease the risk of break down in cooling system from managing during the shipping. 
  • With the help of soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water clean the interior surface of wine cooler.

Installing the wine cooler

  • Place the unit on a surface such that it is sturdy enough to give support to the wine cooler when it is completely loaded. To level the position of unit, keep adjusting the frontage legs present at the base of appliance. 
  • Keep the appliance straight away from sunlight or any other heat sources like heater, stove or radiator etc. Straight away to sun rays may have an effect on acrylic coating and near to heat resources may raise the consumption of electricity. Extreme hot or cold temperature may also make the unit not function properly.
  • This wine cooler model is not be recessed or put below the counter, or built-in cabinetry and not intended to be used in closely packed area.  Even though the back of appliance produces less quantity of heat, still it need be placed in proper vent open area. 

Electrical connections

  • For safety precaution the appliance should be properly grounded. The power cable of this unit is outfitted with 3 pin plug up that chums up with 3 pin wall outlets to reduce the occurrence of electrical shock. 
  • Do not use the extension cords
  • This appliance needs 110 V voltage and electric power of 60 Hz with 3 plug pin.
  • To prevent any accidental injury the cord is needed to be secured at the back of wine refrigerator and even don’t let it to be exposed or dangling.

How to operate a wine cooler?

  • It is suggested to keep the unit at the area where the temperature is less than 75 degree Fahrenheit. The performance of wine cooler will be affected if the temperature is below or above the suggested temperature. For instance, placing the unit at extreme cold or hot temperature can cause the interior temperature to oscillate. 

    In order to reach the lower zone temperature, the best suggested ambient temperature may range from 60-65 degree Fahrenheit. 

    The temperature of wine cooler is shown at the center of appliance. Temperature may oscillate around +/_ 7 degrees at the apex to bottom. 

    The temperature may change based on the interior light on/off or on position of bottles placed that is on upper/middle or bottom. 

    Usage of display panel:

    Just by pressing the buttons you can set the temperature you wish.  Use the and symbols on control panel to adjust the temperature by 1 degree Fahrenheit, for lower zone from 46-66 degree Fahrenheit and for upper zone from 54-66 degree Fahrenheit. By clicking “light” button you can on or off the interior light. 

    Care and maintenance:

    • Unplug the device and take out all the bottles.
    • Clean the interior with warm water mixed with baking soda solution. The solution should be made with 2 tablespoon of baking soda to quart of water
    • The outside of wine cooler is cleaned with gentle detergent and lukewarm water
    • Wash the water box located at the bottom of wine cooler. 





Wine enthusiast silent 18 bottles how to replace the fan?

To replace the fan of Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

    1. Begin from backside of wine cooler
    2. Locate and unscrew the unit with fan
    3. It is at upperpart
    4. Unscrew panel
    5. Locate the circuit board
    6. Disconnect all wires from circuit board
    7. Takeout the circuit board
    8. Unscrew the fan and replace it 

It is better to contact an expert for this process so that it is done perfectly.

Does Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler unit come with the upright bottle shelf?

No, but Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler has adjustable shelves so u can place the bottle upright by adjusting them

Can this fit 18 bottles of dom Perignon, Krug, or prestige pinot noir shaped bottles?

Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler can store Dom Perignon and prestige pinot noir shaped bottles. Though, you cannot store Charles Krug in the cooler

How long is the power cord of Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler?

The power cord of Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler is around 5 feet long, and you can use an extension to the cord.

What is the size of this Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

 The size of the Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 bottle wine refrigerator 20.9* 9.9* 37.5 inches.

Bottom Line

Wine Enthusiast silent 18 bottle wine cooler review says that it has dual temperature zone one is lower zone ranging the temperature from 46-66 degrees and other is upper zone with the range of 54-66 degrees, each holding 18 bottles which makes it suitable for holding both red and white wines. It is the best compact wine cooler because you can even fit in little space so you don’t need to worry about the space. This wine cooler is within budget range and delivers the performance much equal to very expensive wine refrigerators. The wine enthusiast wine cooler is equipped with digital touch screen display to set the temperature and even it is easy to use. 

Wine enthusiast silent 18 bottle wine cooler is designed with stylish glass door that has reflective glass finish that protects the wine bottles from excess sunlight and UV rays. Unlike all other models which are crowded with gratuitous peripherals, the producer of this appliance is concerted on basics and brought out very functional and consistent device and is the perfect choice for people who need good wine and recognize the significance of storing them correctly in order to maintain its taste.

Overall, Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is quiet, energy efficient, convenient and easy to use. Furthermore, if you are looking for a environmental friendly wine cooler, then you can happily go for this Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator. 

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