Wine Enthusiast Wine Cooler 18 Bottle – Works as both Single & Double Zone Chiller!

We went ahead and bought ourselves the Wine Enthusiast wine cooler to test its quality performance. And you won’t believe how helpful and amazing this black pretty little fridge is. It has everything; it is compact, has a modern look, and you can drink the beverages at exactly the right temperature as you desire. In short, at the end of this Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle Wine Cooler review you will know that it was worth every penny spent on it. Along with the hi-tech touch, now our living room also has a beautiful edge to it.

It’s easy to say that in today’s time, everyone needs a wine cooler at their place. For effectively facing any unexpected gatherings, one needs a wine cooler to give them chilled beverages. Wine Enthusiast wine refrigerators can hold up to 18 bottles, which is the average amount that one usually needs, to store their beverages for any occasion of accommodation. We think that something like this can come in handy in case of traveling too. Imagine having it around on trips, say in, caravans, boats, etc. The small and compact feature of this wine chiller will keep your drinks perfectly cool and is not much of a hassle to carry. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the first impression of this product was very appealing. It’s a genuine fact when we say that this wine refrigerator has made our lives easier. The bonus factor is to have such appropriate features in the right amount of money spared. Basically, anyone can afford this luxury looking product.

Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Dual Zone

There are two sections in this Wine Enthusiast wine fridge. As such, you get two separate temperature zones, where you can put different wines and other kinds of bottles. The lower zone is larger than the upper one for holding larger bottles. Having two temperature control systems to make sure that you get to drink every wine bottle or beverage just the way you like it.

Wine Enthusiast dual-zone helps us to keep our guests happy. These dual zones are extensively used in the case of storing both white and red wines at the same time. Usually, most typical wine coolers limit themselves to store only white or red but not both at the same time. But thanks, to this wine cooler we were able to store our red and white wine at the same time. After all, what’s the point of drinking wine, if you can’t enjoy it in its best form.

2. Technology

It has a digital touchscreen control on the top front and in the middle of its body. These touch control settings help to easily change the internal temperature of both zones. There is also lighting provided for knowing the status of your wine collection.

Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle touchscreen wine cooler has an LED temperature display, which makes it easier to read the information regarding set temperature. Its user-friendly instructions can be understood by everyone, as one doesn’t need much of a guide to get a hang on this. It offers a glass door panel which protects your wine from getting damaged by any harsh changes that appear in the outside environment.

3. Installation

You can install this Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler anywhere you like, and in any way you desire. Be it free-standing, or as an under-counter wine cooler, you can put this shiny black thing at any spot.

The overall dimensions of this wine cellar are quite adjustable in small cabinet areas. One need not have to leave large buffer areas to fit this product if you go for placing it inside cabinets or under the countertops. We have placed this wine cooler at one corner of our living area, and it looks great.

4. Noise Level

In most compressors, their level of noise generated is disturbing, and people tend to avoid buying such coolers. But this Wine Enthusiast wine cellar has a very low humming sound, which is easily bearable. In the sense that, we are comfortably able to have a conversation or watch television, and the sound doesn’t come to our notice.

As many wine coolers are known to produce a huge sound level and also their vigorous vibrations which are made might damage your wine’s tannins. But this wine cooler will definitely be noise-free and does no disturbing vibrations. Thus, no ruining of your wine’s original taste. At one point, though, when the compressor was working quite actively, it gave out a strong sound and went off in the low mode instantly. So, if you don’t have any kind of highly sensitive hearing issues, go buy it at the earliest.

5. Warranty

The best thing is, this Wine Enthusiast dual zone wine cooler comes with a 1-year warranty period together with the sealed system parts having a 3-year warranty period, as per the manufacturer. So, you don’t have to worry if something goes south, the repairs will be done immediately, and your cooler will be up and running. We can assure that the customer service through Wine Enthusiast is very fast and excellent.

One can have a great assurance that this wine cooler will be durable enough. This wine cooler will easily work for a more extended periods without any worry for you.


Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Wine Enthusiast
  • Product Dimensions : 25 x 20 x 37 inches
  • Brand : LG
  • Finish Type : Metallic
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Number of Shelves : 6
  • Warranty : 1 year for Parts & Labor, 3 years for Sealed System Parts
  • Temperature : 41°F – 64°F


Can you fit in the larger diameter white wine bottles in this Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler?

Yes, one can fit the larger diameter white wine bottles in this Wine Enthusiast cooler. However, it is quite tight as the shelves cannot be adjusted as per the user needs. One can, however, easily adjust their bottles accordingly. This is not an issue.

Where is Wine Enthusiast 18-bottle touchscreen wine refrigerator made?

Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle wine refrigerator is designed in the USA. The Wine Enthusiast is a US-based company, having a 40-year experience in designing wine storage products and items, and is warranted by the same for one year.

Are shelves adjustable for soda and beer in this Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle refrigerator?

The shelves are not adjustable in general, per se. However, one can place their beer and soda with a normal diameter size quite easily. The Wine Enthusiast 18-bottle dual zone chiller has sufficient space to place bottles in terms of all kinds of beverages.

What is the temperature range of Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle cooler?

According to its manual, both zones of this Wine Enthusiast wine chiller can be set to any temperature between 41° F and 64° F. This way, one can have both an ambient room temperature and can chill the drink as low as they want it to be.

Can this Wine Enthusiast 18btl dual-zone refrigerator be put under counter?

Yes, the overall size of this Wine Enthusiast dual zone refrigerator is in such a way that it can be easily put under the counter. This works as both a free-standing and under-counter wine chiller. So, if you have enough space, definitely go for it.


We hope that our Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle wine cooler review helped you understand the product better. Well, to rule as a final verdict, we would highly recommend you to buy this Wine Enthusiast 18 bottle wine refrigerator product. As per our personal experience, we can state an honest opinion that you won’t be disappointed by the efficiency of this thing.

Go and fend for yourself this real classy and slender looking cooler. It is like having your very own miniature wine cellar with you. Just go ahead and show it off, it’s definitely within the budget and worth your time. And it is the best dual zone wine cooler that one can hope to have, after all, you can never get enough cool user-friendly gadgets. Do try at your convenience, have a good day!