Make your day more comfortable with Best Whynter Wine Coolers of 2020

Make your day more comfortable with Best Whynter Wine Coolers of 2020

Whynter Wine Refrigerator Reviews

Wine can make you go gaga over it; it can give the feeling of euphoria and also voicing your heart out. But for any wine enthusiast storing wine is as important as drinking it. Whynter wine cooler is a must have gadget for all Wine lover kitchen.  As Traditional refrigerators normally have limited capacity and are not fit to hold multiple, enable less portability, take up huge space and do not maintain suitable temperature and humidity level best suited for wine. 

The whynter wine coolers take into consideration all these factors; they have multiple bottle holding capacity, are compact and portable and maintain desired temperature. Here is complete whynter wine cooler reviews along with ultimate buying guide, make sure to refer it before you pick one for Home Bar.

Top 10 Best Whynter Wine Cooler for Sale

Are you very passionate about wines and have you recently started your wine collection? In the matter of fact, we all know that different variety of wines are available. To conserve the taste and aroma of wine they are preserved at different temperatures. For storing the wines, we have distinct types of wine storage. Among them, wine coolers/chillers are best to store wines in our house.

The Whynter wine cooler review gives you the information regarding the top 10 best Whynter wine refrigerator which you can afford in your budget. We can store two different types of wines in the same refrigerator by the dual zone wine chiller. Single zone wine cooler for only a single kind of wine either red or white. 

Whynter BWR-1002SD 100 Bottle Wine Cooler

Whynter BWR1002SD 100-Bottle Built-in Compressor Wine Refrigerator image

Whynter WC-241DS 24 Bottle Wine Coolers

Whynter WC241DS 24-Bottle Dual Zone Thermo-electric Wine Cooler image

Bosch 10-Inch
Worksite Table Wine Cooler

Whynter WC201TD 20-Bottle Thermo-electric Wine Cooler image

The Whynter BWR-1002SD 100 Bottle Built-in Compressor Wine Refrigerator is manufactured by Whynter with measures 55″High x 23.5″Wide x 22.5″Deep and weighs 159 pounds. The capacity of this wine cooler is really high and can easily serve for in-house parties for an enormous gathering. It can store 100 standard size bottles of 750 ml or 90 bottles with display shelf. Installation type is built-in/freestanding.

  • Environment friendly refrigerant

  • Tilted shelf for open bottles with a good display shelf

  • Cylinder lock and two keys

  • Interior lighting strip with 9 energy-efficient LED soft white light bulbs

  • Built-in and freestanding installation

This Whynter 100 bottle wine fridge has environment friendly refrigerator and can be adjusted at a thermostat range between 40ºF – 65ºF / 5ºC – 18ºC. There is only one compartment and along with the horizontal shelf it has a display shelf for storing bottles at an inclination for showcasing or open bottles. It is also equipped with tempered double pane gray smoked glass for enhanced UV protection.

The height of this cooler is 55” which takes up the space vertically. The company has also provided a cylinder lock and two keys and a luxurious handle bar. This is a built-in model has a vent at the bottom.  It is equipped with 9 energy-efficient LED soft white light bulbs and internal fan-forced circulation for even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet. The wooden panes or shelves are removable as per the need of the user. The power consumption is also 0.9KWh/ 24h.





The Whynter WC-241DS 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is manufactured by Whynter with measures 20.5″ Long x 14″ Wide x 33.5″ High and weighs 42 pounds. It is equipped with Soft interior LED lighting with on/off switch as per the requirements of the user. A total number of 24 standard 750 ml wine bottles can be stored in this model.

It has two cabinets, the upper cabinet has the capacity of storing 12 bottles and the lower cabinet has the capacity to store 12 bottles as well. It has a voltage of115V /60Hz and uses a power of 100 watts / 1.4 Amps. Enabled with a vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, the wine cooler model has dual zones for different wine varietals and the thermostat is adjustable within the temperature range for both zones: Upper Zone 54ºF – 66ºF, Lower Zone 46ºF – 66ºF.

  • Space saving design

  • ETL Certified

  • Removable shelves for proper cleaning

  • The exhaust hose length is short and straight which do not block or cover air exhaust

  • Adjustable thermostat and temperature range from 46ºF to 66ºF

Due to its less width the design is space saving and has a sharp modern look with 6 stainless steel shelves with scalloped design. There is one zone divider and the handle is recessed. To evenly distribute the temperature throughout the cabinet an internal fan is provided. It is sleek and suitable for any space like office or home.





The Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Cooler has a premium quality and innovative design. This wine cooler offers 20 bottle wine storage capacity with vibration-free thermoelectric cooling. The mirrored glass door prevents UV rays that may affect the taste the wine. For precise temperature control, we have soft touch digital control panel. The Whynter free standing thermoelectric wine cooler optimal temperature is 46-65F. The warranty period of Whynter is one year.

  • Soft interior LED lighting with on/off switch

  • Black tinted mirror glass door

  • Sleek & stylish design

  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling

This Whynter singles zone wine cooler-WC-210TD helps for precise temperature control. There are five removable premium stainless steel shelves. The LED lighting with on/off switch. This best wine chiller is perfect for the vacation house, treehouse and of your home. This wine cooler is an environment-friendly.

To save your precious space in your place where the handle is recessed on the side of the door. We can put the Whynter Wine Refrigerator in any area because of its stylish looks. We can set desired temperatures by the elegant touch screen panel.





The Whynter CWC-351DD Freestanding 3.6 cu. ft. Wine Center Cigar Cooler Humidor not just cools wine but has an additional feature of cigar storage as well. This model of wine cooler is free standing and has dimensions 21″ Long x 21″ Wide x 33″ High and weighs 69.5 pounds. If the capacity is to be taken into consideration it can hold 16 standard 750ml wine bottles and the Cigar Capacity is up to 350+ cigars which is quite a good number.

  • Vibrations free thermoelectric cooling

  • Temperature control

  • A good cigar holding capacity

  • Internal fan-forced circulation

  • Thick Spanish Cedar Wood

This whynter built in wine coolerhas two compartments with individual temperature controls which are suitable for storing wine and cigars separately as desired temperatures. When it comes to temperature control it has adjustable thermostat with temperature range for both zones ranging from 46ºF – 66ºF. It is also equipped with a humidity tray and hygrometer for maintaining humidity levels inside the cooler.

The Whynter freestanding wine coolerand has removable drawers and shelves for exchanging the spaces as desired by the user. The voltage is 110V / 60Hz and the power consumption is 1.5KWh/24h which is a bit higher. The appearance of the cooler is quite attractive and has three wooden drawers made of thick Spanish cedar wood. The product is good as compared to the price. Also, the product is CFC free which means it produces low noise.





This Whynter BWR-171DS 17 Bottle Dual Zone Built Wine Refrigerator has a dual bottle zone for storing different varietals. The dimension is 23” Long x 12” Wide x 34.5” High and is 67 pounds in weight. It also has Seamless stainless steel glass door with sleek black cabinet with open-door warning system. The capacity is quite normal for small usage and it can store 17 standard 750 ml size bottles in both compartments. 

  • Powerful fancirculated compressor cooling for both upper and lower zone

  • Fahrenheit and Celsius degree optional temperature indicators are available

  • Reversible door swing

  • Soft white LED Interior Light with Function mode and Showcase mode

  • Temperature memory function

  • It has 5 removable pull out sliding shelves for storing the bottles safely

The upper compartment has a capacity of 6 bottles and the lower compartment can store 11 bottles. This whynter refrigerator model offers two options for installation Built-in installation or free-standing and also has a vent at the bottom.  

This Whynter Dual Zone Built Wine Refrigerator appears very attractive as it is sleek and has stainless seamless steel glass door with sleek black cabinet with a luxurious curved handle bar. Like few other models it is also equipped with Tempered double pane gray smoked glass for enhanced UV protection. The power consumption is also minimal that is 0.9kWh/24h.





Whynter FWC-341TS 34 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator comes in one size. This model of Whynter wine cooler has dimensions 18.25″ Long x 19″ Wide x 33″ Highand weighs 61 pounds. It has a total capacity of storing 34 standard 750ml wine bottles. It is equipped with tempered double pane gray-smoked glass for enhanced UV protection with.

  • Removable shelves for different set ups of the panes in the cooler

  • Nominal power usage

  • Touch screen control with temperature range from 39°F to 65°F

  • Freestanding installation

  • Cylinder lock and two keys

This whynter 34 bottle wine cooler has custom wooden display shelf for showcasing and safely storing opened bottles so that the taste of wine is not affected. The temperature control is digital and touch screen and has temperature range varying from 39ºF – 65ºF and 4ºC – 18ºC. The voltage for this Best is 115V/60Hz and the power usage is nominal 85W / 1.3A. For temperature control it is equipped with powerful fan-circulated compressor for even temperature distribution. 

The design is good in terms of looks as it has stainless steel trimmed glass door with steel black cabinet. The model has soft interior LED lighting in white color with ON/OFF switch. The wine cooler is designed with a minimum of 4-6″ of clearance on all sides for freestanding installation. It is a single zone unit so there is point of varied temperature control. The product has security lock and key. The shelves are for horizontally storing the bottles while the lowest shelf is tilted, designed especially for storing open bottles.





This Whynter BWR-18SA has dimensions 22.5 deep x 12 wide x 34.5high and weighs 65 pounds. The cooler is sleek and less space taking. This model of cooler has a capacity of holding 17 standard size 750 ml wine bottles. It requires a standard 115/200 Volt electrical ground outlet. The appliance is designed in a way that the doors can be opened from both left and right side. The temperature can be set as desired by touching the UP/DOWN buttons with LED readout.

  • Sleek and attractive design with glass door and luxurious handle

  • Has a built-in set up and a vent is provided at the bottom

  • Changing LED light colors as per the temperature set by the user

  • Security lock and key provided with the appliance

  • It can be opened from both left and right side

This best 18 bottle wine cooler is equipped with the color changing LED lights for the different temperature set as per the wine type. When temperature is set according to red wine the LED color becomes red, if the temperature is set according to white wine, the LED color turns white and the same happens for sparkling wines, the color of LED changes to sparkling amber. The internal temperature is displayed by blue color. The machine is provided with a key and lock combination.

The wine cooler is sleek and has a Stainless steel trimmed glass door with a sleek black cabinet. The luxurious stainless steel L-bar handle and tempered double pane gray-smoked glass for enhanced UV protection make it more desirable product. The appliance is also equipped with a system to maintain correct level of humidity and auto defrost system.





The design is compact that it can fit in any corner in our home. Whynter 21 bottle wine cooler is capable of storing 21 average sized bottles. We can experience a high look end feel by the stainless steel designs which are an attractive concept in WC-211DZ. We can store both red and white wines in serving temperatures by the Dual Zone Temperature. It can store both wines with little temperature variation in bot zones. The lock is not provided to the chiller. By using thermoelectric cooling, we can observe less vibration and noise.

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • LCD temperature displays

  • Quiet & Vibration-Free Cooling

The 21 storage capacity is cleft with six bottles in the top zone and the 15 bottles in the bottom area. The Whynter avoids damage to the aroma of wine which is caused by the compressor vibrations by using the thermoelectric system. Whynter WC-211DZ 21 Bottle Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler is a sustainable and environmentally safer refrigerator. The stainless steel door has ergonomic towel bar handle which adds an extra look for this chiller. You can store and display your wines as you wish. As the digital controls are placed inside of the unit which makes the slight temperature variations when you adjust the temperatures.





Whynter BWR-401DS forty Bottle twin Zone engineered Wine Refrigerators – Elite Series is that the most costly model of all the wine coolers by Whynter. It weighs 107 pounds and its dimensions ar twenty two.5 deep x twenty four wide x thirty four.5 high that makes it area taking however stylish. It’s attention-getting and 2 zones for storing wine. The full capability of the bucket is forty customary 750 mil wine bottles that is split into higher zone which may hold twenty bottles and also the lower zone which will hold twenty wine bottles.

The ability consumption is additionally nominal at zero.9 KWh/24 h at a voltage of 1115V/60 h. it’s a secure possibility as a result of it’s equipped with open door and malfunction warning feature i.e. if the door is open for quite sixty seconds the alarm can build sound and associate degree alarm can sound if the temperature in one amongst the zones rises or falls outside the temperature vary.

  • Twin compartments with individual temperature controls for all wine varietals

  • Temperature memory system

  • Tempered double pane grey smoke-dried glass for increased actinic radiation protection

  • Rest day mode is out there for non secular holidays

  • The merchandise comes with removable shelves

It is equipped with the inside light-weight makes it straightforward to look at your wine labels and enhances the show of you assortment. The sunshine key toggles between a pair of modes of operation for the inner lights: useful (default) mode and Showcase mode. If you’re in useful (default) mode, the lights can activate only if the door is open. If you’re in Show case mode, the lights are on whether or not or not the door is open.

In the Dynamic Cooling mode, the inside fan cycles on and off to flow into the within air equally even the set temperature is reached.

This can produce a continual climate within the cupboard thus you’ll store all of your wine beneath precisely the same wonderful conditions. Your wine white goods are meant with associate degree automatic data system.

Throughout off cycle, the evaporator behind the rear wall of the unit defrosts mechanically. Condensation is collected within the drain at the rear of the unit and flows through the drain hole into the drip receptacle higher than the mechanical device.





You can chill your wide variety collection of wines in Whynter 18 bottle Wine Cooler which has premium features. The refrigerator is installed with powerful compressor and with distinctive stainless steel styling. The frontal ventilation helps the WC 18 bottle as a freestanding chiller. The highlights of the design are the black cabinet and stainless steel door with L-bar handle. This door also gives protection from the UV rays. The Whynter also has a wide temperature range between 40-65 degree F. To keep the temperature more stable because of Compressor cooling system. You can change the temperature settings by just using the UP and DOWN buttons on the digital control panel at the top of the unit.

  • Security lock

  • Digital LED temperature control

  • Powerful compressor cooling

  • Luxurious stainless steel L-bar handle

We can remove six chrome shelves if we need for our convenience. To maintain the humidity in the chiller, we have a little humidity control placed on the top shelf inside the cooler. If you have children and don’t want to mess around here, Whynter provides a locking system by the key. This electronic product is affordable with its finest features. For an average consumer use, this Whynter Wine Fridge is an affordable unit.





The Whynter was founded on October 2, 2002. They believe in refining the product the way we live. In additional to that, they want to provide us exceptional products to make our life easier. They are ready to design the appliances in such a way that we can enjoy from chilly evening to hot summer night. In the matter of fact, Whynter develops the products so that they are portable and utilizes space.

The Whynter products are so flexible so that we can use when and wherever we want. They also insist in designing the product so that they have a feel good look. Whynter consistently works towards combining form and function. The Whynter is committed towards the quality of appliances so that we can rest assured.


Whynter wine cooler how to turn off?

 You can directly turn off the Whynter wine cooler, by clicking on the power option provided in the control panel of the wine cooler

How to reset error code on a Whynter wine cooler?

You can reset the error code on a Whynter wine cooler by clicking on the reset option located in the control panel

What temperature do you set on a Whynter wine cooler?

The temperature range of the Whynter wine cooler is from 68F to 78F, making it eligible to store wines and other beverages.

How much electricity does a Whynter wine cooler use?

The Whynter wine cooler consumes 130 watts of electricity, and it is even energy rated, which means it won’t consume much energy.

Can the door direction be reversed on Whynter wine cooler?

Yes, the Whynter wine cooler doors are reversible, which means you can switch the door so that it can open it from any side.

Whynter the house ware company features a big selection of bucket models with completely different and distinctive options. Except the options the looks of the wine coolers is eye catching and might attract users. Every model is provided with options that stand out and build the merchandise distinctive. The temperature modeling has been taken care of altogether the models whether or not it’s one zone bucket or double zone; it supports all the wine varietals.

Furthermore the thermostat feature is given altogether of them to take care of the desired level of humidness in order that the style of the wine is unbroken and doesn’t modification if it’s not consumed for a number of days. Few models amongst them have separate panes that artily at some angles specially designed for storing open bottles. The panes ar anyhow removable for storing bottles vertically if needed.

Whynter has lined all the client teams with its merchandise that ar priced otherwise and ar economical yet. The wine coolers ar equipped with technology that offers them actinic radiation protection and ar surroundings friendly. Provided with wood panels, chrome steel doors, luxurious handles and most of them have lock and keys. Thus, wine coolers made by Whynter ar cool and might build the atmosphere at the parties, home and offices etc. coolest.

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