Wine Glass Types & its Uses | Different types of Wine Glasses Chart

Types of Wine Glasses: While those suave bartenders might know their way through the bar cabinet, most of us have a really frustrating time when it comes to choosing the right wine glass. It doesn’t really matter if you plan to get sloshed, but if you want a plan for that elite party or want to go on a wine tasting experience, you need to know how to solve this rather difficult puzzle.

Worry not! We bring you some easy techniques, backed up with a dash of science to make you a pro!

Types of Wine Glasses & its Uses

Choosing the right wine glass involves a lot of physics. Most often the glasses are designed keeping the surface area in mind. The bowls of red wine glasses are usually fuller and rounder and have a larger opening so that you can dip in to detect the aroma. Below you can find the types of Wine Glasses chart.

Types of Wine Glasses image
Types of Wine Glasses image

Why does aroma matter? Well, they are responsible for producing a wide variety of flavors in the wine. For example, red wine needs a larger surface area to soften and breathe, hence the full and round bowls. Those stem wine glasses that you fill to the top are not actual wine glasses but are known as hipster cups. While there are custom wine glasses for nearly every type of wine made on earth, they usually fall under four broad categories. Let’s see Wine glass types below.

Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses image

This is one among the Wine glasses types. As indicated earlier, red wine glasses can be associated with their full and round bowl shape. They usually taste better when the opening is larger. The glass shouldn’t be filled more than one-third of the total volume to give that extra swirl and help you enjoy the bouquet of flavors emanating from the wine.

Red wine glasses can be further classified into two different types of wine glasses. 

  • Dark and robust red wines have a less tapered rim to help you swirl which will direct subtle aromas, more effectively towards your nose. These glasses are generally taller to ensure the wine directly hits the back of your mouth. Red wines like Cabernet, Bordeaux, Merlot, and Alicante fall under this category.
  • Lighter wines have a more tapered rim with the large short bowl. This way you taste the wine at the tip of your tongue, which will release the entire gamut of flavors associated with lighter wines like Pinot Noir, Schiava, Burgundy etc.

White wine glasses

White wine glasses image

Now you will see another type of Wine Glass ie., White Wine Glasses. They are differentiated by their smaller bowls U-shaped design. They usually have longer stems and shouldn’t be filled more two-thirds of the total volume.

The slimmer design preserves the floral aromas and brings out the acidity in the wine. They also tend to maintain the cooler temperature of the wine. Virgin younger wines are typically served in glasses with a slightly larger opening, to help distinguish the sweetness from the crispness of the wine. Matured wines are usually served in a more straight and tall glass to push the wine straight to the back of the mouths.


Crystal wine glass

Crystal wine glass image

Crystal or sparkling wine glass, often known as the champagne glass or champagne flute, is typically used for all sparkling wine, not just for champagne alone. The glasses are characterized by the narrow bowl and long, thin stem. This design helps in maintaining the carbonation of the drink. The narrow opening helps you to fully take in that aroma. Now we will move on to another glass type among different types of Wine glasses.


Stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses image

Stemless wine glasses are usually used for casual gatherings and backyard parties. This is also one important type among all Wine Glass types. It’s often used with wines that are affordable and are a crowd pleaser.


The Verdict – Wine Glasses Types

While we discussed many different wine glasses types for varied needs, it all boils down to one’s own personal preference. There’s no reason to think anyone will be judged by their choice of stemware. You don’t need to a professional sommelier to choose the right one.

It would be wise to choose one universal type of glass, thin glass with a large bowl and slightly narrow at the top. This kind would suit most type of wines.

Hope this short guide will help you choose the right glasses to entertain your guests.

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