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The best choice of storing wines is wine coolers or wine refrigerators. To enhance the flavor of your wine the excellent choice is using the wine cooler which also increases its longevity. There are different types of wine coolers available, and they also vary with different varieties of wines. This is the reason to know each type of wine cooler to make a wise decision on which type of wine cooler or wine refrigerator to choose according to your requirement.

Types of Wine Coolers

The below article is about the types of wine coolers with which you can able to choose a specific wine cooler according to your use. Types of wine coolers are,

  • Built-in or freestanding wine coolers
  • Single zone wine coolers
  • Dual zone wine coolers
  • Thermoelectric wine cooler
  • Compressor wine cooler.
Types of Wine Coolers image
Types of Wine Coolers image

Built-in or freestanding Wine coolers

Built-in or freestanding Wine coolers image

The word freestanding means you can place this wine cooler where ever you wish except in closed space such as a cabinet. These coolers are designed in all the angles to ensure that they look good and stylish even in full view. If you want to place these coolers in closed place ensure that there is 4 inches open space behind and on both the sides in order to prevent overheating and to give enough breathing room for the heat to drive away. There is a slight variation for built-in coolers that is its heat ventilation. Instead of having a vent in the back as its standard, built-in coolers have a vent on the front. This allows these type of wine coolers to be placed in enclosed space or areas.


Single Zone Wine Coolers and Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Single Zone Wine Coolers image
Dual Zone Wine Coolers image

You should need to think about whether you want one temperature or two temperature zones. This is quite easy to differentiate single zone wine coolers/chillers from dual zone wine cooler/chillers. A single zone wine cooler/chiller has only one temperature zone that is controlled by a single adjustable thermostat. Single zone wine coolers are small in size that is small standard refrigerators. If you prefer only one type of wine then single zone wine cooler/chiller is enough.

On the other hand, the Dual Zone Wine Coolers consist of two different temperature zones. Each temperature zone has its own independent thermostat. Dual zone wine coolers/chillers are useful for the people who have a choice of wines in their collection which requires different temperatures when storing.


Compressor Wine Coolers

The first thing to know is that there are different types of Wine Coolers for people to choose from. Many of the wine coolers are almost come equipped with all the features that are in handy, but finally, we look for the cooling method of a particular wine cooler. In the majority of cases, Wine Coolers encounter into two different types that are utilizing thermoelectric cooling and which are compressor based. These two types of cooling technologies have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Compressor Wine Coolers image

Generally, compressor wine coolers use vapor compression cycle to remove excess heat from the cabinet just like air conditioner which removes heat from the home.

A compressor wine cooler is built in with four major parts: the condenser, the compressor, the evaporator, and the expansion valve. The condenser radiates heat into the environment whereas the compressor’s job is pressurizing the gas. If refrigerator hits expansion then its pressure is decreased which turns that into liquid form. To properly cool the wine, the evaporator absorbs heat from the air which results in cold air. Some of the wine coolers are equipped with fans which circulates air which helps in cooling.

The compressor wine coolers have refrigeration chambers which use a compressor to compress the refrigerant molecules electrically. In this way the temperature of particles increases. Following this, particles are suddenly released which in turn reduces the temperature of the air. Now, this cold air is sent inside with the help of interiors of cooler using a small fan. The running heat escapes from the back of the wine cooler, this is the reason to leave some space behind the wine cooler so that it can function at an optimal rate and air ventilates properly in and out. This process goes on.

Advantages of compressor wine cooler


  • Powerful operation.
  • Higher capacity.


  • Noticeably vibrates.
  • Noticeably noisy.

There are a number of reasons to choose compressor wine coolers.  Compressor wine coolers produce colder environments compared to thermoelectric wine coolers. One of the advantages of using compressor wine cooler is that it cost less for operating them compared to thermoelectric wine coolers. Everyone tries to keep their electric bill as low as possible, the thermoelectric wine cooler cooling units gets operating nonstop which tends to suck up with a large amount of electricity. Compressor wine coolers are embedded with large capacity and they are more available like built-in units.

Thermoelectric wine coolers

Thermoelectric wine coolers image

These thermoelectric wine coolers use entirely different kind of technology to keep wines at the right temperature. These are operated with two pieces of metal which are fused together with each side that made up of different materials.  On one side of joined metal gets heat and another side of the metal gets cold when the electric current is sent inside them. These wine cooler don’t have any movable parts, exterior and interior fans are used for increasing the air circulation and for ventilation.

It uses electric current to get cool inside instead of depending on the motor. Also needs back ventilation like a compressor wine cooler. It cannot be used in the areas that are extremely hot because it doesn’t have a compressor. Mild conditions suit best for this type of wine coolers. In terms of efficiency, the thermoelectric wine cooler is a moderate range.  As it uses the exterior environment to cool its interior it is better to be placed in a mild environment.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Thermoelectric Wine Coolers


  • Energy efficient.
  • Silent operation.


  • Smaller capacities.
  • Expensive operation.

As thermoelectric wine coolers have no moving parts, they operate silently without any noise in the room. Compressor wine cooler at least vibrates to a noticeable extent which is not an issue in the refrigerators that use thermoelectric principles. Thermoelectric wine coolers are to be like free-standing units with small capacities. Those people who are living as environment-friendly then thermoelectric wine coolers are a good choice. Thermoelectric wine coolers don’t use any coolant to cool down the environment thus making them a “greener” choice.

Conclusion – Different types of Wine Coolers

In the end, the decision you make in purchasing the wine cooler may depend on the size of the place you have, the number of wines you are looking for storing, and the budget. Considering all these factors select the wine cooler where you should not any trouble in storing your wines at the right temperature. Grab the latest info on Popular Wine Coolers from time to time on this portal.

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