Sinoartizan ST-66B Wine and Drink Fridge Cooler – Quiet & Environmentally Friendly!

Looking out for an efficient yet elegant wine cooler is undoubtedly a heavy task considering all the stress and confusion you have to go through that process. Relax, breathe a sigh of relief as here we are to present you with detailed information on one of the best wine coolers, the Sinoartizan ST 66B wine cooler. When we first wanted to get an ideal wine and beverage cooler, we were bombarded with various available wine chillers in the market. But after a good number of recommendations, we decided to get this Sinoartizan wine cooler. The minute we got this wine cooler home, we were all set to test and know all of its operative functions. You can know in this Sinoartizan ST-66B Wine Cooler review about the things we have experienced.

If you want stable refrigeration with adequate storage functionality, this Sinoartizan ST 66B wine and beverage chiller is ideal for you. It serves the storing, chilling, and preserving purposes of your drinks and beverages excellently. It is to be mentioned that this is a great cooler when controlling the temperature accordingly beside retaining its cooling capability. Also, it owns a well-built compressor fan cooling system with the exhaust in the front. This Sinoartizan wine cooler fridge is finely designed with a classy black look; a stainless steel curved handle makes it easier for you to open the door swiftly. The transparent glass doors enhance the appearance of this chiller much more.

Sinoartizan ST-66B Wine Cooler Review of 2023

1. Storage Capacity

Sinoartizan wine and can cooler is remarkably known for its efficient storage capacity. This wine cooler’s cooling system allows uniform cool air circulation to all the stored wine bottles and beverages. This wine and beverage cellar is essential to keep a right amount of drinks and bottles. We want to mention the movable shelves that can be quickly taken out, making some more space for large bottles to fit in.

Its 4.6 cubic feet space lets it hold for up to 18 wine bottles and 55 pop cans in total, stored in left and right zones, respectively. This feature of the wine and drink cooler makes it useful for professional, and household uses.

2. Double Varnished Firm Glass Door

The glass door composed of stainless steel appears to be pretty substantial and rigid, contributing to this 30-inch wide wine cooler’s durability. Its outer layer tinted prevents UV rays and heat from entering and damaging the drinks stored inside. As seen in most typical wine coolers, stored drinks and beverages get their contents ruined due to less quality panel doors. But, a double-layered glass door of this wine coolers will effectively protect our stored drinks from harmful UV rays.

The trimmed steel at the edges adds to the lustrous and glossy look of this freestanding wine cooler refrigerator. The Sinoartizan ST 66B wine fridge also has adjustable feet that help the fridge get adequately placed on the floor.

3. Temperature Controlling System

In this Sinoartizan ST66B wine fridge, there are two zones to store different kinds of drinks at a time at their required temperature level. This wine cooler’s left case has a temperature range of 41 to 64°F for the cooling of drinks. Whereas its right side has that of 39 to 50°F, which provides the cooling of wines and beers. Both of these sides ensure an optimum temperature for any drinks to remain chilled for a long-lasting period.

Hand in hand, the Sinoartizan Wine and Drink Fridge Cooler also consists of two mini electric fans, each in both the containers. This shows its finely processed cooling features and thermostat mechanism.

4. Design

This freestanding wine cooler is designed in a sleek black look to add to our interior spaces. The well fitted white interior LED gives an illuminated view of its inside and makes it easy for you to select and pick from your wine and beverage collection. Movable and adjustable shelves with rolling guides can be quickly taken out, making some more space for large bottles to fit in and cleaning them quicker.

A security lock on each of the doors ensures the security of your expensive wine sets. An unwanted intrusion into your preserved wine collection can be faced now. One can even protect their wine bottles and beverages from their kids too. This wine chiller has a smart digital touch control system, which eases its operation and our daily work.

5. Some Other Features

Item weight: The Sinoartizan ST 66B undercounter wine cooler can hold upto 100.3 pounds of weight altogether, which serves to be very potent for this. If used in shops, would be able to carry bottles of various weights.
Shelf type: The before mentioned movable shelves are made up of glass, wire, and wood that makes this wine and can cooler quite stern and non-fragile.
Frost-free: Despite providing superior cooling power, the refrigerator claims to be frost-free and has proven right. The drinks inside it will remain cool but won’t freeze, helping the drinks retain their quality.
Relative humidity > 65%: This property of the Undercounter wine chiller plays a significant role in thermostat settings and natural automatic moisture cycle to maintain a perennial cooling in stored drinks.


Sinoartizan 33 Bottle Wine Cooler Specs

  • Brand : 5000 MAH
  • Item model number : ST-66B
  • Product Dimensions : 25.3 x 23.4 x 33.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 100.3 pounds
  • Energy Use : 167 Kilowatt Hours
  • Capacity : 4.6 Cubic Feet
  • Installation Type : Built-in or freestanding
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • Wattage : 90 watts
  • Capacity : 33 bottles & 70 cans


Can you use this Sinoartizan ST-66B Wine Chiller on an outdoor covered patio?

We suggest using this Sinoartizan 33 Bottles and 70 Cans Wine Cooler to be operated indoors to work for longer years.

What is the warranty on this Sinoartizan 30″ wine cooler?

Once you buy this Sinoartizan 30 inch wide wine cooler, you will receive a 1-year warranty for the whole body of the beverage cooler and a 3 years warranty on its compressor from the manufacturing company. So, if you face any problem regarding the Sinoartizan Cooler within one year of purchasing it, you can fix those problems by calling up the company itself.

Final Thoughts

ST-66B Sinoartizan 30 Inch Wine Cooler serves a dual purpose of excellent cooling and has an energy-efficient property. Moreover, its glazing appearance with the finely cut stainless steel makes it a perfect fit for your 24-inch kitchen cabinet (if so, otherwise, you can keep it anywhere you think would look nice). The adjustable shelves and advanced cooling technology are the main highlights.

The polished glass doors and glazing curved handle of this refrigerator add to your place’s sleek look and gives a tinch of fancy touch to that area. The smart touch feature is a cherry on the cake for it. Lastly, we hope our Sinoartizan ST-66B Wine Cooler review, which is true in every sense, came to your help and cleared all your doubts. If you ask for our personal opinion, we suggest you give it a try. Because it is one of the best wine coolers with essential features you would get at this price range.