9 Best Single Zone Wine Coolers that are perfect for a single wine lovers

9 Best Single Zone Wine Chillers that are perfect for a single wine lovers

Best Single Zone Wine Cooler

Hey! Are you looking for the top rated wine coolers? Then, Don’t worry check the Best 9 Single zone wine Cooler Review online. When I first started to search for buying the wine cooler, I have no idea about cooling zones. So, I enjoy both white and red wines preserving in the single zone wine fridge. There are many top rated single zoned wine coolers in the market with the latest updated technologies. Through my extensive research, I have shortlisted few best wine coolers on considering some important features like cooling technology, Temperature range, and bottle capacity. So, If you are new to preserve your wine in wine cooler and looking for the best budget wine chillers, this Wine Cooler review will be very helpful to you. Coming to the models, Here is the list of top 5 Single zoned wine cooler.

TOP 9 Best Single Zone Wine Cooler Review 2020

Ausranvik 15'' 32 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

Ausranvik AVR1532SS 32-Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler image

EdgeStar 166 Bottle Built-In Compressor Wine Cooler

EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator image

Smad 19 Bottles Wine Cooler with Touch Control

Smad JC62E 19-Bottles Wine Refrigerator image

Ausranvik 15 inch 32 bottle wine cooler in one of the best wine cooler that are available in the market. This slim design has a 15” width perfect for replacing an outdated appliance and allows you to store and display up to 32 bottles of your wine collection. Its Intelligent Temperature Regulation can always tell the real interior temperature, and the temperature control program keeps the temperature stable.

  • Intelligent Temperature Regulation

  • Removable wood shelves

  • Safety Lock

  • Large capacity

  • Interior LED light

  • Reversible stainless steel door

  • Digital touch control

Your unaware touch on the control button will not change your setting unexpectedly because of the automatic lock. Also Ausranvik 15 inch 32 bottle wine fridge comes with a safety lock feature for preventing your kids unwanted opening the wine cooler. 





The EdgeStar 166 bottle wine cooler is the best brand collection of the EdgeStar wine chillers. The temperature range of this wine cooler is 40 to 65 degrees. This Edgestar free standing wine coolers can be used as both built in as well as free-standing application. The tinted glass of this best freestanding wine cooler protects the wine cooler from UV rays.

  • Keeps your wine at the temperature you desired

  • Highly recommended for the enthusiastic wine lover

  • Solid construction with elegant design

  • Auto defrost

  • Reversible door

  • Wood-trimmed wire wine racks

  • Reasonable price

 As exposure to UV light can change the chemical makeup of your wine, it potentially affects the taste and aroma. The transparent glass door of large capacity wine cooler ensures that your wine bottles are visible and safeguards our wine from external damages. One of the unique elements of the cooling system is the controls. They should be accessible, easily understood, and provide you with accurate information on the exact temperature you are desired to set in the wine cooler.

 So, Finally, the smooth touch control and digital temperature display allow you to easily adjust and monitor the desired temperature based on your specific cooling needs. Coming to the shelf arrangement, This wide shelf layout will allow you to achieve the maximum bottle capacity i.e., 166 bottles which are extremely great. The unique feature of this large capacity wine refrigerator is it allows the even cooling strategy which cools all the bottles evenly at the desired cooling temperatures.





The Smad single zone wine cooler is an energy efficient and one of the top rated wine refrigerators. It is easy to set the temperature with the digital temperature control. The temperature can be controlled between 12° to 18° C. The recommended storage temperature for red wine is 10° C and for champagnes and white wines, the recommended storage temperature is 4 to 12° C. Too high temperatures may make the wine sour.

  • Touch control

  • LED display

  • Adjustable shelves

  • Drip tray

  • Tempered Glass door

  • Fahrenheit and Celsius switch

  • 62 litres volume

While exploring wine refrigerator reviews, this 19 Bottle  Smad single zone wine refrigerator consists of a reversible door with magnetic seal which gives you the convenience to open the door from either left or right side. There are four pieces of full wire shelves and two half wire shelves which can be adjusted to hold wine bottles of different sizes. The Smad wine cooler works quietly and is really the best single zone wine cooler.





The Whynter 28 bottle wine cooler is one of the cheapest wine coolers with all the impressive features. The price of this wine fridge is $242.41. It has LED display at the front, and the temperature controls can be easily accessible. But the only point here is the temperature can be displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. So, it is a bit confusing for the newbies who recently bought the energy efficient wine coolers.

  • Protection Cylinder locks with keys

  • Recommended for beginners

  • Enhanced Blue Light LCD with the temperature display

  • Affordable price

This whytner Wine Chiller runs using thermoelectric technology which silently runs wine cooler with low noise and vibrations, and it is an eco-friendly wine fridge with no CFCs emission. It also has an adjustable thermostat for storing the different wine varietals between 52 to 64F. Finally, I can say that this wine cooler is suitable for the newbies who are eager to own a  new wine cooler.





hOmelabs Wine Cooler is like a mini fridge for wine as it’s mini but mighty when it comes to keeping your wines at their best taste and temperature. This wine cooler can store up to 18 standard-size (750 ml) bottles of red and white wines. Its sturdy slide-out racks provide easy access to your most loved bottles. It is built with a glass door that has a magnetic door seal so you don’t lose sight of your fine wines. 

  • Store 18 bottles of wine

  • Ideal temperature for red & white wine (54°F - 66°F)

  • Sturdy slid out rack

  • Easy to use control

  • Quiet low vibration; thermoelectric cooling system

The control panel of homelabs 18 bottle wine cooler has an LCD indicator and digital touch temperature control to adjust your fridge to the ideal wine temperature for tasting or serving. Homelabs Thermoelectric Wine Cooler also comes with an interior light switch that you can turn on or off to check in on your wines as you please. Whether you’re a sommelier or a casual wine enthusiast, owning a wine cooler keeps your wines on display and at their best.

  hOmelabs Wine Cooler works silently and is equipped with a quiet fan and low vibration thermoelectric cooling system. This freestanding mini wine fridge that measures 14.0 x 20.1 x 25.5 inches is perfectly built for your kitchen, bar or entertainment room





The Kalamera 12 bottle wine cooler is a Countertop stainless steel wine cooler with 12 bottle storage capacity. It is absolutely suitable for the small family who drinks wine occasionally. Coming to the features, It runs with thermoelectric cooling technology with low vibrations and no noise. It has an Easy to Control Temperature Display unit.

  • The storage capacity of this wine chiller is 12 bottles which are suitable for small family

  • It is a countertop wine cooler available in black color

  • It has a reversible glass door

The wine cooler maintains the temperature between 50~66ºF. As it is a single zone wine cooler, we can store either red wine or white wine. The Digital control makes it easy for you to keep wine at the perfect temperature for maintaining proper aroma and taste. It is designed to be compact, lightweight and fits on counter top. 





Allavino single zone wine cooler offers maximum storage space so that you can store large bottles without the need to reconfigure the shelves. The digital temperature control with easy to use push button makes it easier for you to adjust the temperature settings. The temperature can varied from 41 degree Fahrenheit to 64 degree Fahrenheit. The wine cooler features built in undercounter design and easily fits into kitchen cabinetry thus providing a seamless look.

  • Built in or free standing storage

  • 56 bottle capacity

  • Digital display and controls

  • Durable metal construction

  • Energy efficient cooling system

 The cutting edge shelves are made of metal thus offering durability and more stability. There are five shelves each of which can store 9 bottles and the bottom shelf can store up to 9 bottles, thus offering a storage of up to 56 bottles. The Allavino wine cooler incorporates powerful cooling technology which is 25% more energy efficient and reduces the noise and vibration to a greater extend, thus making it suitable to be used at home.





The Avanti 166 Bottle wine cooler tops the list with extensive storage capacity. This single zone wine chiller can store upto the 166 bottles in the wine fridge very easily. As the storage capacity is great, it is perfectly suitable for the enthusiastic wine lover who offers frequent parties at home and also we can also keep this wine chiller in bars and restaurants. On moving to the details, I seriously love the way that the Avanti wine cooler is designed. 

  • It is a free-standing wine cooler

  • It uses compressor cooling technology

  • High-performance cooling system

  • Powerful fans

It is a decent wine fridge with black cabinet designed with stainless steel door handle and frame. It has a double-paned door glass that is a made of the tempered glass which allows us to have a perfect interior display of the wine chiller. The interior wooden shelves are movable and give the elegant appearance of the entire energy efficient wine coolers. 

The unique feature of this Avanti wine cooler is the internal LED lighting which we can on or off by the switch present at the bottom of the wine cooler. It also comes with the security lock, and there are no worries about the safety issues of this wine cooler. So, Finally, we can say it is a beautiful collection of the wine enthusiasts and newbies who love to store wine for a long time. If you are interested in more Avanti brands then check out here.





Soleus WK6 wine cooler has single zone that can hold up to a capacity of 38 wine bottles. It come with a reversible glass door that provide a clear view of your wine for display and know if there extra space for more storage.

  • Interior temperature display

  • 38 bottle capacity

  • Interior light

  • Compressor cooling system

  • Single zone temperature

It also have a LED display that display the temperature degree your wine cooler for the wine bottles. This stainless steel and durable wine cooler also has adjustable legs for easy portability as well as an interior light to assist with vision.






What is a single zone wine cooler?

A single-zone wine cooler is the type of wine cooler that can store only one type of wine, either red wine or white wine, and does not have different temperature settings for different types of wines

How to store different wines in a single zone wine cooler?

It isn't easy to store different types of wine in a single-zone wine cooler, though you can set an average temperature suitable for wine types

How do single zone wine coolers work?

A single zone wine cooler works similarly to that of a refrigerator, by keeping the wines chilled.A refrigerant passes on through the compressor system which produces cold air and expels hot air externally.

What is the difference between a single zone and dual-zone wine coolers?

The major difference between single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers is that the single zone wine coolers can only store a particular type of wine (Red or White) at a single temperature, while a dual-zone wine cooler can store two types of wine (Red & White), like the ones which require warmer environment and also the one which requires a chilled environment.

Hence, here is the list of Top 9 Best Single zone wine cooler with all the advanced features. Based on your storage capacity of wine bottles and budget. You can choose the best single zone wine cooler. In my opinion, If you are a newbie to buy wine cooler and occasional wine drinker then this single zone wine cooler perfectly suits your needs. So buy the best one with all the essential features you required. We Hope this best single zone wine cooler reviews will help you to choose the Top rated wine fridge for home bar. 

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