Schmecke Compressor Wine Refrigerator 18 Bottle – Perfect for long-term wine storage!

“Wine is an intellectual part of any occasion.” If you have fancied up your wine collection, but are still wrestling with its storage, consider our reliable article on the Schmecke SHMFWCC181LB wine cooler. A normal refrigerator in your kitchenette with vegetables on one side and fruits on another doesn’t feed the right temperature to wines. Proffering a bottle of wine with an enhanced aroma is the task of this best compressor wine cooler. From red to white wines, sparkling to rose wine, dry varietals to champagnes, this wine chiller takes charge of storing and cooling types. Go through the complete Schmecke 18 Bottle Wine Cooler review here to know the things we liked and dissatisfied about this unit.

As Sommeliers say, finding a refrigerator to keep your wine at a steady temperature and a kosher humidity so that the corks don’t deteriorate is momentous and required to maintain a whiff of your bottle. Schmecke 18 bottle wine fridge surpasses all needs of a wine-lover. This wine cooler is the next finest product to have in your home. It preserves your treasured bottles and stores them at recommended temperature varying from 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit. Its advanced compressor cooling system transports optimal abode for those extra special vintage collections and freezing their quirky palate and delicacy.

To dig out the real working conditions, we bought this Schmecke Wine Fridge 18 Bottle to hit at the amazing features of it, so that you can invest in this best wine cooler. We can assure you that this wine refrigerator with lock will serve all your purposes, which we have tested through our purchase.

Schmecke 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review 2023

1. Design

Schmecke 18 Bottle Compressor Freestanding wine cooler is designed to store 18 standard 750ml bottles. Its interior shelves are removable for added space with a single zone temperature. This refrigerator comes with 13.58″ W x 17.72 D x 30.31″ H. Its design adds a beauty spark to the place where it is installed, enhancing the interior. It helps easy storage of this product with its compact and stylish size.

It weighs around 43 pounds with a smooth top on a single zone wine cooler. This red wine cooler betides in a sparkling black color for your modular kitchen with freestanding installation and bears 120 volts. Its door hinges from the right side, which is made up of transparent glass material. This wine chiller is also designed in such a way to offer an automatic defrosting system. At first glance, we noticed its combination of elegant design with personalized and individualized settings.

2. Temperature and Light Settings

Environment in which bottles are stored affects the wine’s quality. Every bottle of wine contains several combinations of chemicals, which, after reacting, evolves the palate of wine with time. While trying out of this white wine cooler, its glass door’s frequent opening doesn’t affect the temperature inside. Schmecke offers a one-touch control to adjust desired wine- preserving temperature and ensuring that wine bottles are least affected by the outside heat sources.

Varying from 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is generally ideal for all your special vintages, you can fine-tune the temperature on its digital display by turning on bright LCD light and then easily lock the temperature with its lock button. Soft interior LED lighting with 0N/OFF controlling helps to have a look over your oaky and tannic wine bottles. It’s time to say adieu to harsh bulbs that debase flavor and disturb the environment. To welcome energy-efficient LED light that gently sheds light on your wine stock is now possible with this wine cooler.

3. Double Paned Glass Door

As specified earlier, this Schmecke freestanding wine cooler handles 18 standard sizes 750 ml bottles. But it’s removable racks increase the space to fit in large bottle capacity if required. Its glass door is usually more aesthetic, with quality craftsmanship of the Schmecke fits in a best home décor. These tightly sealed doors ensure uniform temperature from not escaping around every bottle in this wine cooler.

Enjoying and entertaining guests with a sturdy, two-layered glass door that blocks UV rays from damaging the temperature of wine adds four stars to your hospitality. This smoked thermo-pane glass door even locks out moisture to exaggerate the taste of every sip of your wine. Reinforced rubber gasket ensures an airtight seal and avoids fluctuation of temperature every time you open the door. And remember, with a contemporary Schmecke glass door, you can always flaunt your collection.

4. Air Supply and Insulation

High-powered performance of this Schmécké compressor wine fridge does not cause a hole in your pocket through electricity bills. Its high performance solely depends on how the cool waves in it are circulated. It has a built-in fan that circulates temperature throughout the interior of this wine cooler. Distinctive fan circulation feature operates with causing minimal sound effect, maintaining temperature invariable throughout the unit.

Compressor, condenser, and evaporator pressurize the gas, radiate heat and absorb outside heat resulting in cold air for wine bottles. If ‘going green’ is your goal, you can comfortably spend your money buying this Schmecke 18 bottle compressor wine cooler as it effectively circulates air with minimal energy consumption. Even after using it for 24 X 7, we noticed no compromise in its high performance. It also preserves your wine to age with grace through another feature of strong insulation inside its cooler.

5. Lock Factor

Keeping your wine collection away from children and others is another important concern that is thoroughly taken care of while manufacturing the Schmecke wine cooler. And thus, it comes with its exclusive lock feature. This lock ability comes in handy when you need to maintain a fast cooling without any unnecessary opening the door or from children’s reach. Thus, this makes it the best wine compressor wine cooler.

Locking the door ensures top-notch condition of wine bottles in the manner you prefer to keep them. This wine cooler has us with its lock reach in our observation, which is far away from children’s reach. Wine security is possible through a lockable door and keeping your stash safe and secure. This will eliminate worries of its users and constant guarding of the wine cooler without a break. Two keys are dispensed off for your ease. So, Stock it and Lock it.

6. Warranty

Schmecke SHMFWCC181LB 18 bottle wine cooler gives a one-year limited warranty initiating from the date of your purchase. Warranty covers the defect in materials and handiwork of this Schmecke bottle compressor freestanding wine cooler. Regarding any flawed or shoddy product within warranty period, Schmecke takes the sole onus of either repairing or replacing such inoperative product free of cost and, if failed to do so, will refund the purchasing price of the product.

Schmecke has a good history of dealing with its customers in a friendly and quick responsive manner. Hence, one can blindly go for the product without any worries about customer care service’s responsiveness. Unlike other wine cooler companies where complaints are usually given a deaf ear is dealt with great urgency in lending the perfect and customer-pleasing result. Thus, this wine refrigerator is our favorite among all other wine coolers.



  • Brand : Schmécké
  • Item model number : SHMFWCC181LB
  • Product Dimensions : 17.72 x 13.58 x 30.31 inches
  • Item Weight : 43 pounds
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Temperature Range : 41°F to 64°F
  • Defrost : Automatic
  • Door Material Type : Glass
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Manufacturer Warranty : 1 Year Limited Manufaturers Warranty

Wrapping Up

By and by, we have reached the climax stage of giving you an insight into the Schmecke 18 Bottles Wine Cooler. Wine makes every meal, an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized. Why still stick to old methods of storing and acquiring wine when you have got this best wine compressor with advanced technology? So, if you are a wine-lover and smitten to enlarge your wine collection, you can choose to buy this Schmecke 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge.

To maintain the hard and soft palate of wine’s sip, storing it at the most tectonic temperature is exceptionally important. Ergo, chill up the bottle in Schmecke to chill up your life. Let us recommend this amazing product as we have fallen for its features head over heels and are sure that you too will be as equally pleased. We aspire that this complete Schmecke 18 Bottle Wine Cooler review will help you to add flavors to the sip of your life.