Phiestina Wine Cooler 46 Bottle PH-46BD5L – Compact, Easy to use and Durable!

Are you a wine lover or a beverage lover? It doesn’t matter which you prefer the most. Because, both of these will need a best-storing equipment, like the Phiestina 46 Bottle wine cooler. This is a topmost wine cooler known for storing wines, beverages and drinks without damaging their tastes. One can now cool more bottles, than their fridge can hold, with the help of this wine cooler. We are here to give you an idea of how this stainless-steel wine cooler makes your kitchen look classy, and also, keep your drinks at a suitable temperature. Why not have something that eases your work and adds beauty to your place? After reading this detailed Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler review, one can determine this product as a prestigious good with its classy look. Anyone can get their hands on this built-in wine cooler because it comes at a reasonable price.

Some people like their drinks at moderate temperature and some prefer a chilled beer. With the Phiestina dual zone cooler, you can serve them both at a same time. Afterall, a wine needs no season; You can enjoy it in winters and summers alike. Basically, this White and Red wine cooler’s usage is an all year round worth. So, your money is invested in the right place. This complements your kitchen very well. It can also be used in your offices, hotel rooms, and especially people who would love to have a minibar can find it as a beautiful addition. A few days back, we installed the same product to test its efficiency and ensure that we have a proper idea of how it works. Truth be told,its features more or less, didn’t fail to impress us.

Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler Review (2022)

1. Built-in as well as Free-standing

Phiestina wine cooler will never look out of place. Using it as freestanding on outside, this stainless-steel fridge’s built-in feature is very appealing and can be used in a very fashionable way. So, there was this space between our kitchen cabinets, and we installed it there, (which was relatively easy, to be honest), and voila! This compact box fitted perfectly.

Glass door’s basic idea also impresses its users; it actually makes it easier to be used in all kinds of a backdrop. Basically, we mean that your furniture could be of any color and the Phiestina cooler would any day look good. You can even put this in your room as a personal cooler, and it won’t look weird. The manufacturers have been honest in their words that it can fit anywhere. This wine cooler comes in a compact size, making it comfortable for everyone to store it without much hassle.

2. Dual Zone and Reversible Door Hinge

Phiestina built-in refrigerator PH 46BD5L has this dual-zone feature, where you can actually put up different beverages in their temperature, and have a variety in just one place. Upper zone of this stainless steel wine cooler can go to a temperature as low as 40-50degree Fahrenheit, and its lower one has an upper limit that goes up to 50-60degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal cooling temperature for any wine or drink that won’t change its taste, even the slightest.

We were relieved to know this, as not all our guests like their drink to be too cold. With this Phiestina wine fridge 46 bottle, you won’t have to worry about how hot or cold your drink is. You can set the temperature as you like it. Dual-zone feature gives a versatile functioning that can be considered as an asset in this wine cooler, giving an ability to provide enough cooling for different drinks at different temperatures. We can use its reversible door hinge which will be at the left side, if you want to reverse the door opening angle.

3. Shelves

There is enough space among its two zones and stoppers at the end of shelves which won’t let your bottles to roll off and fall. We tried to put our bottles inside and well, one was quite large, it didn’t fit in very well. Luckily, this Built in wine cooler has removable and adjustable shelves, as such one can quickly increase the height of its shelves and reduce the same, as per their needs. We have placed about 35 different kinds of bottles as of now, and still, there appears to have a lot of space left inside(even with larger ones).

Even the costliest wine coolers fail to come with removable or adjustable shelves that give a huge discomfort when storing different sizes of wine bottles. But, thanks to this Phiestina 24 inch dual zone wine cooler we all can quickly and efficiently store our wine bottles irrespective of their size without a worry of damaging bottles in it. The soft led light gives a new level experience in visualizing your wine bottles.

4. Front Vent

We have always heard complaints in case of any built-in appliances, be it a cooler or an ice maker, that they tend to heat the area around furniture and later on, becomes a risk and we end up removing it. Here, manufacturer has done an excellent job in installing a front vent at the base of this red and white wine cooler, keeping in mind that the product’s overall design maintains its outer look.

Now, after a long while, whenever heat comes out, it goes out to the front and nowhere near the cabinet’s insides. People who have furniture will benefit from this factor when they install this wine cooler on it. This ensures the elimination of unnecessary and overheating of this product without compromising on its look and performance. Thus, one more feature to love absolutely.

5. Noise Level

Overall, the sleek design speaks volumes of Phiestina PH-46BD5L wine cooler. Also, a higher performance it delivers is worth buying it. Yet, it doesn’t make noise more than 45dB, which is ultimately more than satisfying for anyone. Usually, wine coolers make a lot of noise with little performance. Noise level produced by them is entirely irritating and unbearable for any individual. But, this Phiestina dual zone wine cooler does deliver fantastic performance with creating a little noise which won’t be disturbing at all. It makes you do your routine chores or conversations uninterrupted and in a peaceful manner. User-friendly instructions inside the cooler make it easier for us to operate it and to get the hang of it.

In most other wine coolers they come with a lower capacity of storing wine bottles inside them. Unlike these typical wine coolers, this freestanding wine cooler can easily store almost 46 bottles at a go. It works efficiently in keeping these higher amounts of bottles with good cool air circulation for a perennial period. Thus, impresses any buyer.


Technical Specifications of Phiestina 24 inch Wine Cooler

  • Brand : Phiestina
  • Model Name : PH-46BD5L
  • Item Dimensions : 23.4 x 33 x 22.4 inches
  • Item Weight : 102 pounds
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Installation Type : Built in
  • Number of Shelves : 6
  • Shelf Type : Glass
  • Temperature Range : Upper zone – 40-50℉; Lower zone – 50-66℉


Is Phiestina 46 bottle 24-inch Wine Cooler quiet?

Phiestina 46 bottles wine cooler isn’t completely quiet, and at the same time doesn’t make unbearable noise. A slight humming sound comes from the air ducts inside, which is ignorable.

What are the dimensions of Phiestina 46 bottle wine cooler double zone?

23.4″ x 33″ x 22.44″ (width x height x depth) are the dimensions of this Phiestina 24 in wine cooler double zone.

Does Phiestina 24″ wine cooler have a lock feature on it?

No, this Phiestina wine refrigerator does not have a lock feature on it. This is not precisely problematic unless there are small kids at your place, and you don’t want them to reach up to the cooler. Then, you can easily place the cooler at a higher range.

Does Phiestina 24 inch wine cooler come fully assembled?

Yes, this Phiestina wine chiller comes fully assembled and is very easy to install. You just need to add the handle at the end. The entire thing is packaged as a fully assembled product. You don’t have to set it up step by step; just need to plug it in and start using.


Honestly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise if we say that we highly recommend you to buy this Compressor Wine Refrigerator. We were quite happy with its outcome. Amount of storage it can hold, a dual-zone ability it has, an all-set package in which this product arrives, the warranty it assures its customers with, an adjustable and removable shelves to get extra space, a front vent feature it provides, and many more factors it offers are just a sample for us to say. We bet that you’ll get a new experience when operating it.

The price at which it comes is like a cherry on top of everything. Any budgeted person can easily afford this product without feeling least burdened. The kitchen sure has a hi-tech touch to it with this Phiestina 24-inch 46 bottle wine cooler, which helps your wine be cold and taste better. Those soft blue LED lights will impress you and your guests. All in all, this Phiestina has done a great job in making such a useful product. Check out complete Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler review and do try it for yourself, thank you.

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