NutriChef 18 Bottle Wine Cooler PKCWC180 – Best compact unit with essential features!

NutriChef PKCWC180 Wine Cooler is the classic choice for wine connoisseurs and regular drinkers who love to have tasty and fresh wine anytime. Wine enthusiasts would feel exuberant about NutriChef small wine cooler as it makes sure to serve fruitful and flavored wine without missing its aroma by maintaining the temperature of your wine. This NutriChef PKCWC180 Wine Cooler review presents you the features of the best wine cooler and what we like about it from our testing experience are more in number than in other wine coolers.

It satisfied us in its energy efficiency, quiet operation, humidity control, compelling design, and adjustable temperature. NutriChef Free-standing wine cooler is equipped to store 18 wine bottles; a tall bottom shelf for standing wine bottles, and an LED display option. Refrigerating wine in the fridge is preferable, but NutriChef mini wine cooler fascinates us with its convenient chrome wine racks that are strong enough to safely hold our wine bottles. This compact wine cooler can store both red and white wine bottles and maintain its temperature accordingly. NutriChef manufactured its wine cooler to serve tastier and healthier wine and keep your favorite one for longer years. It is efficient in maintaining the warmth required for the integrity of the wine.

NutriChef PKCWC180 Wine Cooler Review 2023

1. Design

NutriChef small wine fridge chiller acts as a mini-fridge with its dimension of 13.6 x 17.7 x 30.3 inches and weighs 55.16lbs. Its freestanding design perfectly suits the floor, table, or countertop placement. It is designed to store a capacity of 18 standard-sized bottles of red or white wine and a bottle top placement that facilitates standing bottles.

NutriChef wine cooler 18 bottle was made of reinforced glass doors with an air-tight seal. It calls attention to its strong contoured, polished chrome wine racks that protect wine bottles from falling and getting scratches. This NutriChef 18 bottle wine cooler was equipped with an advanced cooling system that keeps the beverages at the right temperature. You can keep your beverages at preferable temperatures with its adjustable digital touch-button control panel with a blue temperature display in selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit.

2. Storage Capacity

Compact space is efficient enough to accommodate 18 standard sized red or white wine bottles that certainly lengthen 3.0 x 11.9 inches. NutriChef countertop wine cooler contains 5 provided chrome wine racks that are spacious and convenient enough to position the wine bottles safely and efficiently sliding them up.

For maintaining guests at your house and office spaces, one must need a wine cooler that can provide enough wine drinks. And, this wine cooler comes with the best storage capacity to accommodate you wherever you need it. This mini wine refrigerator is designed to store even larger bottles standing at bottle top placement. Thus, it has a total internal fridge capacity of 50.5 liters. It is sufficient to help store and cool the beverages at the right temperature.

3. Installation Type

NutriChef wine cooler refrigerator was designed as a freestanding wine cooler. It perfectly befits on your floor, table, or countertop placements. It’s lightweight, compact freestanding design helps you place a wine cooler in the living, dining, and office room. This wine cellar’s freestanding installation type enables it to stand alone and decorate your room with its elegant look.

Being a free standing wine cooler, it dissipates heat from the vent at the back, essential for maintaining the right temperature. It is recommended to keep the NutriChef countertop white red wine fridge cellar, not under the existing counters or cabinets, unlike in built-in wine coolers. This NutriChef wine refrigerator 18 bottle is preferred to be stored in sufficient spaces to release heat and maintain the temperature effectively.

4. Control Panel

This wine fridge features a digital touch-button display as a user-friendly control panel and easy to operate. These digital controls can be seen on top of the wine cooler, allowing us to change the temperature according to our preference. You can adjust the temperature without opening the door and releasing out the cool air.

NutriChef white red wine cooler is offered with necessary touch screen technology. It allows anyone to set the cooler to a preferable temperature for your wine. The sensitive touch screen control button on glass comes with selectable Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures. The blue temperature display illuminates light to see the temperature with clarity. This wine refrigerator allows customizing the temperature and being a perfect cooler for your wine collection; it impresses with its user-friendly controlling settings.

5. Temperature Settings

NutriChef wine chiller was designed with care to serve you the tastier and fresh wine leaving the tannins, acidity, and refractive index of the wine to remain unchanged. Thanks to its adjustable temperatures that grants you to change the temperature according to your wine’s requirements.

This countertop wine cooler features adjustable temperature control of 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit equivalent to 5-18 degrees Celsius. Its cooling technology satisfies both red and white wine temperature requirements with a sufficient cooling temperature that is more than your room temperature and less than a standard fridge, ideally satisfying the integrity of their tastes. With its advanced cooling system and built-in circulation fan, the temperature that you select for your favorite red and white wines will be unfazed from their original flavors irrespective of your ambient temperature.


Technical Specifications of NutriChef Wine Cooler 18 Bottle

  • Brand : NutriChef
  • Model : PKCWC180
  • Product Dimensions : 13.6 x 17.7 x 30.3 inches
  • Item Weight : 1 pounds
  • Form Factor : Mini Fridges
  • Capacity : 1 Pounds
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Number of Shelves : 6
  • Installation Type : Freestanding


Do the wire racks of NutriChef 18 Bottles Wine Cooler slide out?

No, the wire racks of this NutriChef 18 Bottle Wine Chiller are safely designed to keep your bottles restrained from sliding out.

Can this NutriChef PKCWC180 18 bottle wine cooler be installed in a cabinet?

As this NutriChef 18 bottle PKCWC180 wine cooler comes with a freestanding design, it is unsafe to get it installed in a built-in cabinet. It is required to be placed in a sufficient area.

Can you lock the door for wine cellar NutriChef PKCWC180?

No. Unfortunately, Nutri Chef 18 bottles wine cooler doesn’t get the locking feature for locking the doors. Although, it comes with an automatic child lock.

Are there separate controls for red and white wines for NutriChef 18 bottle freestanding wine fridge?

No. There are no separate controls for red and white wines in NutriChef free standing wine cooler as it is a single-zone wine cellar.

How quiet is this NutriChef countertop wine chiller?

NutriChef counter top wine cooler is ultra-quiet with 45dB.


Hope this NutriChef PKCWC180 Wine Cooler review gave a clear understanding with a testified experience of a perfect wine chiller. We suggest NutriChef for wine connoisseurs to preserve their favorite wine for longer years. You can even rejoice with the same flavor and taste even after more extended storage periods. For regular drinkers and those who favor style, we prefer NutriChef mini 18 bottle wine cooler refrigerator in the first place. Its remarkable stylish design suits any space and adds beauty.

Its advanced cooling technology maintains temperature for both red and white wines with an ultra-quiet air circulation system. This freestanding wine cellar helps us keep the wine at a preferable temperature. It even comes with easy display options and interior LED light illumination. Its chrome racks are flexible enough to keep wine glass bottles safe without scratches or falling. If you’re looking for a multi-functional wine cooler that keeps your wine at the right temperature, you don’t need to look further than this model. It comes with a 1-year warranty, which assures you with its versatile cooking. We highly recommend this wine cooler to store all your most desired wine collections.