NutriChef PKCWC150 15 Bottle Wine Cooler – Stylish, Portable & Ultra Quiet

If you are a fan of drinking cold wine or would like to store your wine bottles or other beverages for more extended periods without worrying that these contents might damage, then the NutriChef wine cooler is the best option for you. It comes with a storing capacity of 15 wine bottles, including both white and red wine. Many factors attracted us, and we brought this wine cooler to test its efficiency in terms of these said features. Let us say we were satisfied beyond words and presented this NutriChef PKCWC150 Wine Cooler review for you.

This small wine refrigerator offers many outstanding features such as a glass door, digital control system, adjustable temperature, child safety auto-lock, digital soft-touch auto-control system, equipped with an LED light technology, compressor cooling technology, ventilation grill, and also a circulation fan, and many such features which act as a magnet for the buyers.

This white and red wine fridge chiller is a product manufactured by NutriChef that weighs about 50.48 lbs and offers you the best deal on a compact wine cooler. This NutriChef wine cellar has a simple design that can be cleaned within a few minutes with ease if anything gets spilt on it. The digitally controlled door in it that is made with transparent glass makes it easily operational and also makes it easy for you to keep the count of the wine bottles that are left, we can also assure that this product offers a very good quality that will last longer and will not be spoiled easily. It comes with a one year warranty also.

NutriChef PKCWC150 Wine Cooler Review, 2022

1. Design

One of the best features found in this NutriChef mini cooler is its fantastic design from all other wine coolers. It is one of the best-designed compact, free-standing wine cellars with a unique design and a very good storing capacity. We have observed that its design is very compatible and can be adjusted in any place, including your floors, countertop placement, or tables. It offers a free-standing design which has become one of the favorite choices of various factions today.

Glass door and the air-tight seal gives it a modern lifestyle design. It also includes contoured and well-polished wine racks for the tall bottom shelf that helps in the wine bottles’ standing with an attractive look. So if you are looking for a red and white wine chiller with a fantastic design and offers all the features required by you, this will suit all your needs like a glove.

2. Applied Science

This mini wine cooler offers modern and contemporary technological advancements which come at an affordable price range due to which it is considered one of the best wine coolers. It provides a built-in temperature cooling technology that can be adjusted to the need of the customer. Besides, it also enables the technology of child safety auto-lock; it automatically locks itself after 20 seconds of its last activity. This prevents little kids from changing the levels that have been already set earlier.

It has an LED light technology that illuminates the fridge when opened and further. Also, it has an energy-saving feature in it that makes it an energy-efficient mini wine refrigerator. The internal forced air circulation system ensures even cooling of the fridge with a stable and constant temperature of all the bottles that are kept in the fridge.

3. Capacity

In many wine coolers, we can find different holding capacities which mainly vary from 2 – 12 bottles, which is not very good if we wanted to use this cooler for a big party. But we found that NutriChef PKCWC150 15 bottle wine cooler for holding red wine and white wine has an excellent holding capacity compared to many other wine coolers, it can store about 15 wine bottles at times, be it a red wine bottle or white wine bottle, or both. Its shelves are made of wires permanently fixed in it for storing bottles, and they cannot be removed or worn out that easily.

This countertop wine cooler comes with 4 wine racks that can store 3 wine bottles each adding up to 12 bottles and one bottom standing rack that can hold 3 bottles making up to a total of 15 bottles of wine for safe storage of beverages.

4. Control panel

One more outstanding feature of this Nutrichef wine cellar is its control panel. This is considered one of the most critical elements in buying a wine cellar as it will help you regulate the temperature according to your requirement. With this feature, all the other functionalities that are enlisted in the machine can efficiently be executed. Most of the wine coolers come with a problematic control panel making it complex to operate, but this wine cooler’s control panel is a lot easier to use.

Digital soft-touch control system with soft-touch buttons helps to adjust the unit temperature either in degree Celsius or in degree Fahrenheit. Its temperature can be adjusted between 41 -64 degrees Fahrenheit that is 5 – 18 degrees Celcius with just a touch on the temperature, which is the best adjusting feature of the control panel.

5. Noise

NutriChef 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator is the right choice to be made if you are looking for a noiseless wine cellar for your room. You can use it with no disturbance. Even though it has glass doors that are sealed to be air-tight and yet on opening or closing the door, they do not make any noise. It makes a very little noise at a higher load that will not irritate the person operating the refrigerator.

Anyone who wants to buy an electronic appliance is always attracted more towards products that offer a warranty. One such attractive factor of this white and red wine cooler is its warranty. This refrigerator comes with a one-year limited coverage warranty that ensures this product can be exchanged or rectified if any technical or internal error is found in any of the cooler features.


NutriChef 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator Specifications

  • Brand : NutriChef
  • Model Number : PKCWC150
  • Capacity : 15 Bottles
  • Total Internal Fridge Volume : 44.3 liters
  • Item Weight : 49.7 pounds
  • Form Factor : Mini Fridges
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Number of Shelves : 5
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Temperature Range : 41 – 64° Fahrenheit (5 – 18°C)


Does NutriChef dual-zone mini wine cooler hold cans and bottles as well?

Yes. NutriChef dual zone wine refrigerator can hold bottles, but it is inappropriate to hold cans. It has permanent wire holdings made according to the size of wine bottles so that cans won’t fit in that space.

What are the measurements of NutriChef 15 bottle wine refrigerator, width, and height?

The measurements of this NutriChef 15 bottles wine cooler make this unit very handy and comfortable to use. Its measurements are as follows: Its width is 13.6″, and its height is 27.2″.

Do the racks come out of NutriChef PKCWC150 wine fridge?

No. Racks of the NutriChef wine chiller PKCWC150 cannot come out as they are permanently fixed in this refrigerator which cannot be removed by the user or any other person.

Final thoughts

So, as we have come to the end of this NutriChef PKCWC150 Wine Cooler review, we conclude that this wine cooler is an excellent machine for storing and chilling your wine bottles. This red and white wine refrigerator offers you all the amazing features you would look into any chiller before buying. It provides recent technologies within anybody’s pocket range. It is a safe and secure product that is long-lasting and easily programmable.

So if you are looking for a perfect wine chiller then without any doubt go and buy this NutriChef PKCWC150 wine refrigerator that will give you best results. We recommend you to grab this wine cooler without any further delay. Bring this amazing wine cooler as soon as possible and have a fantastic experience.

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