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NewAir AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Built In Dual Zone Wine Chiller – Monitor easily with its Digital Display



NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator Review 2020

Nowadays, the need for the wine cooler has been rapidly increasing as there is an increase in the number of wine lovers. Hence, it is a bit difficult for us to choose the best wine fridge. So, considering my usage experience I gave the complete Wine Cooler review about the NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler AWR-460DB based on its quality and performance. The storage capacity of this wine cooler is good, i.e., 46 bottles which chill your favorite wines at different storage temperatures. It is available both in Built-in as well as the free-standing model, and it occupies less amount of storage space. So, We can keep it anywhere in the house without worrying about the floor space.

NewAir Dual Zone AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler Overview

Based on the recent survey on wine chillers, NewAir is crowned as one of the Top 10 best-rated Best wine coolers. I have been using this NewAir Wine fridge for three years and felt very satisfied. It works very efficiently and does not create any complications to me till date. Hence, I strongly recommend you to buy this NewAir Dual zone wine Refrigerator. In this NewAir Wine Chiller review, I also clearly mentioned about various features and specifications of the NewAir Dual Zone AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler.

This distinct Dual Zone NewAir Wine Fridge entitle us to freeze 46  bottles of wine handy. It contains a stainless steel door, handle, and the glass door showcasing wooden shelves with elegant appearance. It runs on Compressor and doesn’t make any noise. NewAir wine chiller has small fans inside the cooler, dispenses the temperature evenly.

NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

The NewAir is founded in the year 2002, and certified by ETL. It has standards of Home Appliance Manufactures all over the USA. NewAir provides custom built and luxury home appliances. This Company focuses mainly on the customer happiness. The NewAir Provides Innovative Products with the best & cheap Price. This Company produces Various types of Wine chillers & Beverage Coolers with different Specifications & Features. Considering my usage experience and research on wine coolers, I just want to keep a small note on this NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler AWR-460DB Wine Cooler.

  • Firstly, always look for the product which perfectly suits well with your interior design as well as floor space. Coming to this NewAir Dual Zone wine cooler, it perfectly fits your home as it occupies very less floor space and it’s a free-standing wine cooler so you can place it anywhere in your home.
  • This wine fridge has a storage capacity of 46 bottles which is suitable for a medium-sized family.
  • NewAir AWR-460DB is a Dual Zone Wine Cooler so; you can preserve two different types of wine at various temperatures within a single wine freezer.
  • Finally, NewAir products have warranty facility i.e., one year.


  • Cooling Technologies and Zone type
  • Bottle Capacity and Type
  • Protected Glass Door & Vibration-free
  • Other Features

The NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler AWR-460DB has a compressor as a cooling system which cools your favorite wine collection. The NewAir Wine Cooler Refrigerator is a Dual Zone Type. The Upper Zone has a Temperature Range of 40°F – 50°F whereas the Lower Zone has a Temperature Range of 50°F – 66°F. As it is dual zone, this Wine Refrigerator Stores Red & White Wine.

  • This Wine Fridge has the storage capacity of 46 wine bottles.
  • Defrost Type: This Wine Chiller is a Manual Defrost Type. This Product has to operate by ourselves. This Product has Digital Temperature Display, Control Buttons.
  • Usage Type: The NewAir Built-In Wine Chiller can be used as home bar, kitchen cabinetry, or dining room buffet.

It has a reversible stainless steel dual pane Protective glass door. This door protects your wine collection, with triple layer insulation work. It is a Noise-Free wine cooler, and the temperatures are also maintained adequately due to the energy-efficient compressor cooling system. Though it makes less noise, you will experience some vibrations while running.

  • Adjustable Racks: The NewAir Wine Chiller has five wooden shelves which are adjustable.
  • Interior Light: The NewAir Wine Cooler Refrigerator has an interior LED Light which illuminates your wine collection without exposing the wine bottles to too much light.
  • Door Lock: The NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler AWR-460DB has a Door Lock facility. This Security locking door keeps your wine safe and secure.


Features Name Value
Cooling Technologies
Compressor Cooling System
Bottle capacity
46 Bottles
Zone Type
Dual Zone
Temperature Range
40°F – 50°F (upper zone) 50°F – 66°F (lower zone)
Type of Wine Storage
Red, White & Sparkling
Number of Racks
Adujstable Racks
Protected Glass door
Digital Display
Interior Light
Defrost Type
Usage Type
Indoor & Outdoor
Self Closing Door
Door Lock
Vent Location
Other Features
Built-In Free Standing Product


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
23.5 x 32.2 x 22.4 inches
Item Weight
104 pounds
Colour/ Finish
Stainless Steel
Installation Type
Free Standing
1 year limited warranty
120 volts
2 amps
Batteries Required?
Batteries included?
Reversible Door

How to Install NewAir Wine Chiller?

  • Before Placing the Wine Cooler on the Surface, Clean the interior face of the Unit with lukewarm water and with a soft cloth.
  • Now, Place the Wine Freezer on a level surface that will be strong enough to support the unit when it is fully loaded. To level your cooler, you can adjust the front feet which are located at the bottom of the premises.
  • After the installation place, the NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler AWR-460DB Fridge away from the direct sunlight and other heat sources such as heaters stoves it may affect the unit’s acrylic coating. Extreme cold or hot ambient temperatures may also affect the performance.

NewAir 46 Bottle Dual Zone Warranty Details

This NewAir appliance is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty. This Product has a Warranty of one year from the original date of purchase. Then the manufacturer will repair or replace any parts of this appliance.

Warranty Terms:

During the first year of this Product, if any components of this appliance found to be defective due to materials or workmanship then manufacturer’s will repair or replace the Product at no charge to the original purchaser. However, The buyer is responsible for any removal or transportation costs of the Product, if needed.

In-Home Warranty Service:

The NewAir is providing Home Warranty Service to this Appliance. When you are making a warranty claim, you should have the original bill of purchase and a Date of Purchase before contacting the Manufacturer. Now, if your Appliance is eligible for the Warranty Service, then the NewAir will provide in-home Service Warranty.

NewAir 46 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler Warnings & Safety Measures

Important Precautions
  • Do not lift unit by the door handle.
  • Failure to clean the condenser can cause the unit to malfunction.
  • Never install or operate the unit inside cabinets or without proper clearances.
  • Do not block any internal fans.
  • Allow unit temperature to stabilize for 24 hours before use.
  • Keep the wine cooler away from hazardous materials or combustible/flammable substances.
  • Use only genuine supplier’s replacement parts. Imitation parts can damage the unit, affect its operation or performance, and may void the warranty.
Shock Hazard – Electrical Grounding Required
  • Never attempt to repair or perform an operation on the unit until the electricity has been disconnected.
  • Never remove the round grounding prong from the plug and never use a two-prong grounding adaptor.
  • Altering or cutting off power cord, removal of a power cord, removal of the power plug, or direct wiring can cause serious injury, fire, and loss of property and life, and will void the warranty.
  • Never use an extension cord to connect power to the unit.
  • Avoid operating this wine cooler in excessively moist or humid environments.

NewAir 46 Bottles Wine Cooler Customer Reviews

Till now, You have read my personal review. Now just have a glance at Amazon reviews.

Love it so far

Have had for a few days. First impressions: delivery was great, they would not bring into the house, but packing was excellent, no issues or damage. Out of the box great looking unit, easy to set up. Feet a bit tight to loosen up and raise the unit. Plugged in, working great, quiet seems to be keeping the proper temp. We have different size bottles so not able to get 46. But have champagne, white and reds cop mingling fine. Did a lot of research and landed on this unit as it had the best reviews of all I could find at this size. Happy with it so far.

Runs very Quietly

Have had this unit since July 2015. It runs very quietly in a room that is all hardwood floors, and noise is magnified. The original unit had a faulty electronic control unit and company replaced the unit with no charge within the first 30 days. The temperature control panel is challenging to adjust the temperatures for the different zones, but nevertheless, the unit works well. I have not tested temperatures in the two zones with a digital thermometer, but the white wines on top are noticeably colder than the red wines in the bottom zone, so for me, that is just fine. Very pleased so far. I can easily get 40+ bottles on the unit depending on the shape, but not likely to ever get in 46. Not that big of a deal for me.

Very Quiet Excellent product
Arrived in good condition. Runs very quiet and maintain the temp pretty close. Fit perfectly inside our cabinet area we had built for it. I would recommend this to everyone!


  • 46 bottle capacity
  • Digital Display
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Adjustable Wood Shelves
  • Dual Zone Compressor Cooler


  • Adjustable wooden shelves
  • Front venting
  • ETL certified
  • Dual pane protective glass
  • Security lock system
  • Triple layer insulation
  • Tempered glass door
  • Consumes less electricity


  • It has No Self-Closing Door
  • The storage Capacity is a bit less when compared to other models


Where is NewAir AWR-460DB manufactured?

The NewAir AWR-460DB is manufactured in the United States and is not available for the international market

How many bottles can be stored in each zone of NewAir AWR-460DB?

 NewAir AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Built In Dual Zone Wine Chiller can store up to 46 bottles of wine, with 4-5 bottles in each zone.

Bottom Line

NewAir AWR-460DB Wine Cooler will be an excellent choice for the one who is looking for a dual-zone wine cooler that keeps both red and white wines stable in any optimal conditions. You can use this stylish wine refrigerator as a free-standing or built-in model as per your requirement. With its price and features, this unit is impressive for most of the users. So, get this quiet and efficient dual zone wine chiller to your home at the best price.

Finally, I recommend this NewAir Dual Zone Wine Cooler AWR-460DB as I am thoroughly satisfied with this product. This 46bottle NewAir dual zone wine cooler preserves your wine collection and gives an elegant look to your home.

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