Newair AW-280E 28 Bottle Wine Cooler – Gives Elegant Look to your Wine Collection

Newair AW280E Wine Cooler Review 2022

A wine cooler-cellar is a very significant device for the right storage of your collection. As keeping them in a regular refrigerator would make them chill more than necessary while wavering their original taste and aroma. And, keep them in a cupboard which will be too hot to be able to preserve the wine with all its original taste. If you’re an ardent wine lover you might as well be familiar with the best device to store your wine collection. But, if you’re a beginner and have no clue of what is appropriate appliance to store your wine stock to help them age while preserving all the luscious heavenly taste, flavour, and aroma.

The wine cooler, cellar or refrigerator different names but the same function that is to provide a suitable temperature for storing and preserving wine & helps its sediment to settle properly. There is a wide spectrum available in the market of wine coolers. Every company competing to give their best innovative and unique design and features to their customers which they can choose from their own accord and convenience. To know its features, pro and cons study our complete Newair Wine Cooler Review.


  • Compact Design, Durability and Reliability
  • Compact Design, Durability and Reliability
  • LED Display & Digital Thermostat
  • Maintainable shelving system
  • Maintainable shelving system
  • Non-compressor technology and vibration free
  • Performance Level

1. Compact Design, Durability and Reliability

Newair Aw280e Wine Cooler has been provided with a swanky design which makes it look more agreeable and alluring to one’s eye. It is a freestanding design translating that it could be adjusted anywhere you want in the sitting room, kitchen, bar or even in your bed room. Moreover, is has been given a luminous black finishing with a translucent glass door to put your expensive collection at display and a large capacity design which can easily hold 28 bottles of wine of the standard size. The compact and sturdy built of the Newair Freestanding Wine Chiller promises to grant longevity to its consumers. The blue light inside the wine-cooler gives it even more modern look along with a digital thermostat which adds to its elegance.

2. Capacity and Faultless Thermoelectric Cooling Technology

Newair 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler comes with 28 bottle capacity for storing and preserving your expensive collection of wine of all kinds. The advanced thermoelectric cooling system helps to create a perfect cool temperature for storage of your wines which reduced noise level and free vibration. The vibration free feature will not let the sediments of the wine stir and will let them settle while preserving and enhancing the quality of you wine.

The temperature of the Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler can be adjusted between 54 – 66° Fahrenheit (14- 22°C) according to the type of wine you’re storing. The thermoelectric cooling technology promotes cooling inside the wine cooler while throws of the heat out from the vent. You might find it weird that a wine cooler which will help you to preserve your wine collection. Why would you be looking for its design? But it is not new for a lot of people the design matters equally as the quality of the wine cooler. As the design should be able to compliment with your home and should not look odd standing in its place.

3. LED Display & Digital Thermostat

The best Newair Wine Refrigerator by its manufacturers has engineered it with a LED display and digital thermostat which is easy to control to adjust the temperature level according to your own preference. Although, more the digital thermostat adds to its look and makes it even more classy. The digital thermostat is very easily accessible and user-friendly. Anyone with little or no knowledge of technology can also use the Newair Dual Zone Wine Cooler without any obstacles.

4. Adjustable shelving system

Best 28 Bottle Wine Cooler comes with adjustable shelving system which can be used to customize it the way the user needs it. This best Newair wine cooler comes with six chrome coated wired pull-out shelves for easy storage of all sizes of wine bottles and for easy access of the wine collection. You can even store champagne bottles after customizing the pull-out chrome shelves and any other drinks you want to store in a cool and humid free temperature with this Newair AW280E Freestanding Wine Cooler.

5. Non-compressor technology and vibration free

As the technology is advancing day by day, they are coming with new ways to update the old technology and make it better than before. Such is the reducing level of compressors as it has been replaced by thermoelectric cooling technology which works without a compressor, is quieter, and is almost vibration free providing your home an undisturbed environment. The Newair Thermoelectric Wine Cooler uses the non-compressor cooling technology which operates noiselessly and is completely vibration free meaning that you don’t have to worry about stirring the sediments of your wine collection and helps you uphold the full flavour and aroma of the wine.

6. Performance Level

The performance level of the Newair Freestanding Wine Chiller with all the impressing features especially 28 bottle capacity at this price is a real steal. It is an amazing product as such a prize and will do the deed to preserve your wines and help to enhance their taste along with making ageing successful easily. You should go for this product if you don’t have a high budget but is looking for good capacity wine-cooler. The Newair Built In Wine Cooler won’t even need much space but just only 4 inches free on all four sides.



  • Manufacturer : Newair
  • Item model number : AW-280E
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Colour : Black
  • Bottle Storage : 28-Bottle Capacity
  • Form Factor : Mini Fridges
  • Temperature Range : 54 – 66° Fahrenheit (14- 22°C)
  • Wattage : 70 watts
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Shelves : 6
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Product Dimensions : 17 x 20 x 28.75 inches
  • Item Weight : 44.2 pounds
  • Warranty : 1 year



Yes, you can remove and rearrange the Newair AW-280E 28 Bottle wine cooler’s racks, as the six shelves are slide-outs and removable.


Yes, the shelves of Newair AW-280E 28 Bottle wine cooler are removable so that you can store bottles of higher capacity in the wine cooler.


The NewAir 28 bottle wine cooler consumes 70 watts of power and is energy efficient, as you would not find much change in your electric bill after using the wine cooler.


If you are looking for a freestanding wine cooler with good capacity for both your red and white wines, then I recommend you this NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator. As it uses a thermoelectric cooling system, you won’t face any noise or vibrations from the unit. Your favorite collections will be illuminated well with the Interior cool blue LED Lighting. It too has some cons along with the pros but they will be passed on by its special features. We have reviewed this NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator after testing and analyzing for more than 80 hours. So, study the complete Newair AW280E Wine Cooler make a wise decision.

NewAir AW280E 28-Bottle Wine Cooler image

Al-inclusive, NewAir 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is the best wine cooler that keeps your wine at the ideal temperature. If you want to preserve the original taste of your red or white wine, bring this Newair wine cooler now. It suits well for you home, wet bar, kitchen, or wine cellar.


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