MOOSOO 15” Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Fits anywhere in your house perfectly!

While hosting a party with fine dining dishes, there would be a constant wine passing requirement around the table! How would it be if the wines were not chilled to the optimal temperature? That would be a total let down. Crowded refrigerators can add to the woes of finding space to stack your precious wine bottles. To mitigate your worries, we have brought in the Moosoo 15-inch Built-in Wine cooler. All its features, design, pros, and cons were put to the test by us. By the end of this article, our detailed MOOSOO 15 Inch Wine Cooler review would make you decisive on this wine cooler.

MOOSOO 15 Inch Freestanding Wine Cooler has a whopping storage capacity of 30 bottles. This capacity would prove very beneficial to a large family or a commercial place. It is a freestanding wine cooler which is suitable for a kitchen countertop or a home bar. MOOSOO 30 Bottles wine cooler refrigerator utilizes a compressor technology for a speedy cooling. This compressor cooling technology focuses on saving energy too. We got a wine-aperture kit along with 1 corkscrew and 2 wine stoppers. Handy indeed! We managed to have a temperature range between 5-18°C for cooling our favorite wine bottles.

MOOSOO 15 Inch Wine Cooler Review 2023 (Features)

1. Commendable Capacity

MOOSOO wine cooler has an astounding capacity to store 30 bottles at a go. This would excite wine lovers, and it did certainly excite us! Bottles of standard 750ml volume were easily stored without any hassle. It does prove the phrase – “Smallest volume achieves the highest capacity”. This wine chiller is extensively used to store red wines.

Many standard wine coolers are confined to store a little number of wine bottles, and even if they do manage to give greater storing capacity, they fail to provide a quality cooling system. The design in which this wine cooler comes is sleek and stylish complementing the spaces where it is installed. Customized kitchen countertops can easily accommodate this MOOSOO 30 bottle wine cooler. Its compact and small size aided in moving it around. This wine chiller is made of stainless steel to give it durability and long life.

2. Smart Control Panel and Memory Function

Who wouldn’t want to have smart technology associated with their devices these days? We certainly wanted our wine cooler to give us smart usage and control. And, this quick cooling wine fridge didn’t let us down. We were not let down, as well. The control panel in it is used to set a constant temperature which is smart enabled.

MOOSOO wine fridge has a wide range of controls to switch between two temperature modes. The range can be maintained between 5-18°C and humidity is controlled at about 70%. We used up and down arrows in its touch screen to change temperatures as required. A digital display gave us the current temperature reading. Suffering from power failure? Worried that you might have to set the optimal temperature again? No worries! We were in for a surprise when this MOOSOO MG30A Wine Cooler automatically reimposed the set temperature after power was restored.

3. Design

MOOSOO Constant Temperature Wine Cooler had an elegant design much to our appreciation. It sports a double-layered tempered glass door which aids in keeping the bottles at a perfect temperature. This glass door also saves your wine from harmful UV rays. Even the external disturbances were not permitted to make any changes in the temperature. What more? The glass door is detachable. This could help in effortless cleaning and at our ease.

For holding the wine bottles and drinks, there are wooden shelves in this MOOSOO 15-inch wide 30-bottle wine cooler. In case of storing larger bottles, one can remove these shelves for an easy adjustment. Cleaning the entire cooler after shelf removal was trouble-free for us. Shelves can be rolled out to remove the bottles required. We were not forced to pull them out completely before taking out bottles. The wood material is used to prevent scratching bottles inside during long time storage. An added feature was the presence of LED lighting. This enabled a better view of the stash and preserved wine bottles from harsh rays of other bulbs. LED-lighting was blue and made it a soothing and serene atmosphere inside this cooler.

4. Temperature Sensor and Quiet Functioning

The temperature sensor used by this cooler was a precisive one. It has a front vent technology. Whenever outside temperature changes are observed, its set temperature modifies accordingly. Evaporator used in this MOOSOO 30 bottle wine cellar is made of pure copper, which is beneficial for long material and cooler’s service life.

The heating film used in our wine cooler imitates the ancient wine cooling system. Got your excitement levels high right? Ancient cooling preserves the aroma and rich flavor of your favorite wine collection. Our cooler doesn’t fall behind as it uses this same technology. Your wines are safe, healthy, and sumptuous for long. Another added attribute is the quiet working of this machine. The quiet wine cooler never disturbed us at night or annoyed us when having any conversations.

5. Added Features

Some of the added features available makes it a very charming buy for anyone. We were impressed with the availability of a child safety lock. Keeping toddlers or kids away from devices at home could be a tumultuous task for moms. MOOSOO M Wine Cooler MG30A comes with a lock to give peace of mind to family members. Line up your bottles, lock them and take a peaceful sip of your succulent wines.

Ever wanted a wine cooler with adjustable height? MOOSOO wine chiller is just for you. It has an adjustable cup with a range of 5cm in height. No more hunting for places at home or repeated shifting of cooler to match the table’s height. This best dual zone wine cooler could be placed easily without adjusting any support for it. Plug it in, and it’s good to go.



  • Brand : MOOSOO
  • Model Info : MG30A
  • Product Dimensions : 14.97 x 23.04 x 33.35 inches
  • Item model number : MG30A
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage : 115 volts_of_alternating_current
  • Wattage : 81 watts
  • Door Material Type : Glass
  • Shelf Type : Wood
  • Shelves : 6


What is the exact size of this MOOSOO MG30A constant temperature wine cooler?

This MOOSOO MG30A cooler’s exact size in inches is 14.9723.0433.35 with a 30-bottle capacity. This size helps in making it a perfect fit for a kitchen countertop or commercial usage.

What is the cooling type of the MOOSOO 30 bottle stainless steel wine cellar, is it compressor cooling?

Yes. MOOSOO 30 bottle stainless steel wine cellar uses compressor air cooling technology. This is used to maintain a constant temperature and ensures a quick cooling.

What’s the temperature range for this MOOSOO built-in wine cooler?

The temperature range for this MOOSOO built-in wine cooler is between 5-18°C. Humidity is controlled at 70%. This temperature range maintains the ancient wine storage method.

Does this MOOSOO M 15 inch wine cooler have wheels?

There are no wheels beneath this MOOSOO M 15 inch wine cooler. Though no wheels, movement should be easy considering its freestanding installation type.

Is the door reversible for MOOSOO 15″ 30 bottle wine cooler?

No. The door on the MOOSOO 15″ 30 bottle wine cooler is not reversible. The handle is on the left side of its door. However, its door is detachable, but not reversible. Detachable door of this wine cooler aides in cleaning the cooler easily.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, this MOOSOO 15″ Wine cooler will be the best buy considering its cutting-edge design and technology. Its large capacity of 30 bottles made it sufficient for a large family or commercial usage. The compressor cooling system will maintain a sustained temperature ideal to preserve your wine’s flavor and aroma. Long-lasting freshness maintained with the help of a detachable door and double-paned glass. Locking system creates a safety net from bottles being broken or stolen. The stainless-steel finish gives it a chic look.

A one-time expenditure will make you satisfied for long with its working. Make sure to read the manual before installation in case of any unusual sounds on immediate mounting of this device. If you are looking for a wine cooler with excellent technology and smart features, this is the one for you. Go for it after reading this detailed article. We hope you are content with our in-depth analysis & MOOSOO 15 Inch Wine Cooler review.