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Are you very fond of wines? Are you interested in starting your wine collection? Then don’t waste your time, check out these Magic Chef Wine Cooler Reviews to know which wine fridge is best for you. Among various Wine Cooler, Magic Chef develops and designs best wine chillers to satisfy every customer needs. As we all know that wines are available in wide varieties and one type of wine requires a specific temperature to maintain the consistency. Dual zone wine chillers are available to store and serve both red and white wines. If you want to store only a single type of wines, then use single zone wine fridge. Wine coolers offer different storage capacities to appease everyone. Check out these Top 5 Magic Chef Wine Cooler Review which was given to you after a long time analysis. Not only the Best Magic Chef Wine Cooler Reviews, you can also gain some more other Magic Chef Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler reviews.

Top 5 Magic Chef Wine Cooler

All About Magic Chef

Magic chef wine coolerThe Magic Chef is one of the leading company for houseware appliances which are available for a great value. The magic chef company offers tools with providing trust, value, and performance without any compromise. Talented employees in this company develop products, build brands, and they also manage wide national logistics. The magic chef US provides excellent customer service. Warranty is one of the best support given by the company. Private labels are also provided to the Magic Chef products to give the retailers the best to both worlds. Magic Chef company stands for

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Focus on improvement
  • Respect and growth in people and teams
  • Connecting with our customers.

Magic Chef 6 Bottle Wine Cooler

magic chef 6 bottle wine chiller

Price: $78.17

The Magic Chef 6 Bottle Wine Chiller is very convenient and high-quality wine cooler. The Magic Chef Thermoelectric wine cooler cooling system requires only a little space by which we can keep a small amount of wine in our hand. We can easily place this six bottle wine refrigerator in the large cupboard. We can have an extravagant look by positioning the Magic Chef on a bar or countertop. Compared to the microwave ovens the Magic Chef Fridge occupies less space. Setting temperature control by the digital temperature display is easy. You can store six bottles either red or white wines. 46-66 F is the temperature range of wine cooler six bottles Magic Chef.

Magic Chef wine chiller design is very attractive with the black finish. We can fit Magic Chef Cooler anywhere because of its box shape. Wine Cooler is installed with an inverted door handle to eliminate bulkiness. The insulated glass covered door provides a tempting view of your wine collection. The Magicchef 16 bottle countertop wine cooler has sculpted chrome shelves. The weight of this chiller is 24.4 pounds.

  • Size
  • Sharp design
  • Removable shelves
  • Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Price

  • Settings of temperature control

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Magic Chef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

magic chef wine cooler

Price: $102.80

The Magic Chef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is capable of holding 12 standard sized wines bottles. This wine fridge is also used to enhance the look of any room, i.e., wherever you place the fridge. The temperature of this Chef Wine Cooler ranges from 39-64 degree Fahrenheit. Without making a lot of noise, we can store and serve them at perfect temperatures. You have the facility to change the temperature as per your wish by the thermostat control. To highlight your collection interior lighting helps you. There are four shelves in this magic chef single zone wine cooler.

If you are collecting a few wines, then this is the best option for you. The Magic Chef Wine Cooler is integrated with sleek design including sculpted chrome shelves. When you throw the parties, everyone will admire the look of your wine cooler without opening the door.

  • Digital controls
  • Temperature display
  • Wide temperature range
  • Levelling legs

  • Slight changes in the desired temperature.
  • Internal temperature.

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Magic Chef 44 Bottle Stainless Dual Zone Wine & Beverage Cooler MCWBC77DZC

magic chef 44 bottle wine cooler

Price: $579.00

The Magic Chef 44-bottle dual zone wine refrigerator is an affordable unit. We can store two types of wines at a time by the two independently control unit. This MC Dual Zone Wine Fridge helps to maintain two different types of wine at a perfect temperature by which we can serve them ready. We can even store canned beverages in this wine chiller. The top zone can hold 16 bottles and the bottom region has space for 28 bottles. The design is integrated with black cabinet, stainless steel bar handle, and tempered glass door.

By the digital thermostat, you can set the temperature to a range of 39-61 degree Fahrenheit. We can have clear sight of the Magic Chef 44 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler settings by the digital temperature readout. Interior lights are installed in both zones. The temperature display flashes for three seconds to confirm the selected temperature.

  • Two independent zones
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Touchpad controls
  • Digital display.

  • Bit loud
  • Compressor cycles.

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Magic Chef 50 Bottle Wine Cooler

magic chef wine cooler

Price: $570.10

The Magic Chef 50 Bottle Wine Chiller is perfect storage for your wine collection to store at the perfect temperature. For attractive design, Magic Chef has the large amber glass window and interior light to show off your wine collection. Your placement options are never limited because of the striking feature reversible door. The front mounted digital display is advantageous for the temperature control. Magic Chef Dual-zone support for the storage of both red and white wines. You put the refrigerator at any place in your home because of its dazzling design which is made up of recessed handle and silver metallic finishing.

We can quickly adjust the cooling settings for our wine because of its digital temperature control. Sculpted chrome shelves make a more storage for your wines. The 50 bottle Magic Chef Freestanding makes you spellbound to it. You can have an extreme view your wine collection through the tempered glass door.

  • Freestanding installation.
  • Auto Defrost
  • Digital Control
  • Tempered smoked glass
  • Sculpted chrome shelves.

  • Noisy sometimes

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Magic Chef 28 Bottle Wine Chiller

28 bottle magic chef

Price: 282.43

You can have an organized look of your wine collection by the Magic Chef 28 Bottle Wine Chiller. Although the design is contemporary, you can find a convenience of the central location. You can also cool the wine to its perfect temperature by the electronic control panel. The magic chef operates quietly without causing any disturbances and distractions. You can place this attractive unit anywhere in your house or bar counter for easy access. We can set 28 bottles in the six number of shelves.

Exterior Digital Thermostat with Blue LED display helps for an easy vision of our collection. The weight of the MCWC28B Magic Chef 28 Bottle Wine Cooler weighs about 41.9 pounds. The Single Zone, 28 bottle magic chef, is a stylish piece with quiet cooling features. The temperature range of this wine fridge ranges from 50-66F. This product comes with one year warranty. The refrigerator can automatically defrost to maintain the temperature. If you are a wine connoisseur, you must have this wine chiller in your house. 

  • LED display
  • Quiet operation.
  • Dazzling design
  • Auto defrost.

  • Cannot reach to lowest temperatures
  • Sometimes the fan is noisy.

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Magic Chef 45 Bottle Wine Cooler

magic chef 45 bottleBy this Magic Chef 45 Bottle Wine Chiller, you can store to a maximum period of one year. You can serve your wines at a perfect temperature by the electric temperature control. For a small budget, you can have proper wine storage. The design of Magic Chef is made up of Black cabinet with stainless steel door and with a stainless steel bar handle. The temperature range is 46-59 degree Fahrenheit. We can set temperature control knob to warmest to coldest, i.e., (1-7). Magic Chef recommends setting 2 for red and setting 6 for whites. The interior light helps to have a better aid of wines in this chiller.

The Magic Chef free standing wine fridge has the mechanical thermostat. This Magic Chef Wine Cooler works great which comes for the great value. Four pull out scalloped wire racks are included in the wine fridge for more convenience to the user. This wine cooler comes with instruction manuals to know in detail about what and when to do.

  • Free Standing
  • Temperature Range
  • Four pull out scalloped shelves
  • Interior light

  • Customer support for the only compressor

Magic Chef 16 Bottle Wine Chiller

magic chef 16 bottleThe Magic Chef 16 bottle wine cooler helps you to store your precious wine. Proper maintenance is required for the better wine storage. We can easily store our wine collection at the right temperature. Controlled Thermostat helps to set the temperatures as our wish, and digital temperatures are easy to use. The Magic Chef freestanding chrome shelves aid for a smooth organization of bottles. We can have an easy viewing of our wines by the interior lights.

In the Magic Chef, the upper zone can hold up to 16 bottles whereas the remaining 28 bottles in the lower zone. We can adjust the auto defrost to automatical mode or cycle mode. If you encounter with any manufacturer defects, there are one-year parts warranty. This wine chiller consumes less power and has an efficient heat dissipation. To reduce noise and vibration thermoelectric fan cooling system is advantageous. The weight of the Magic Chef wine cooler is 33.2 lbs.

  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Freestanding.

  • Can be noisy sometimes.
  • Compressor functionality may raise some issues.

Magic Chef Wine Cooler 8 Bottle

magic chef wine coolerThe Magic Chef 8 Bottle Countertop Wine Refrigerator is perfect for small storage wine lovers. The Magic Chef Countertop does not require a large space so you can always have enough wine to store and to through a party. We can easily use and operate this chiller by the LCD Digital controls. The Magicchef wine fridge looks impressive because of its red finish and stainless steel look design. The magic chef thermoelectric cooling helps the chiller from noise free. You can quickly select your desired wine bottle because of the interior light.

By purchasing this chiller, you can have good value for your price. The Magicchef presents shelves which are adjustable which we cannot observe in his small type wine coolers. You can store and chill your wine collection where temperature ranges from 44 to 66-degree Fahrenheit. As this Magic Chef wine fridge runs quietly, you will never be distracted. The Magic Chef freestanding countertop 8-bottle wine cooler is here to save your time with free image hosting.

  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Charming design.
  • Quiet operation.

  • Build Quality.
  • Inaccurate Temperature.

Check out the Amazon for latest prices of these wine coolers because prices may vary sometimes.

Thank You for viewing my review about Magic Chef wine cooler. You can gain a detailed knowledge about the top 5 magic chef wine chillers from this review. Every individual has different taste of wines, so you have to check the details of the wine fridge which is suitable for you.