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Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler Review 2020

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 bottle wine cooler is a single zone wine cooler with fashion chrome shelves and the unit is flexible to store and display the collection of wine with its interior lights. The size of Magic chef 6 bottle wine cooler is perfect for providing you with handful of bottles at any place and at any time. Based on its extreme small size, it is easy to carry and taken from one place to another place or moved from room to room with very less effort. 

Magic chef MCWC6B 6 bottle countertop wine cooler is equipped with thermoelectric cooling system with modifiable temperature control which helps you to store wine collection properly of your choice at best possible temperature. Magic chef wine cooler is boosted with ultra quiet cooling thermoelectric system and is convenient to fit on any countertop or can be hidden from the way to save flooring space. Magic chef compact wine cooler with beautiful black sleek exterior design and transparent view of door suits well with home décor. Study complete Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler Review on this page to know its features, pros and cons.

Magic Chef 6 Bottle Wine Cooler FEATURES

Magic chef single zone wine cooler is very compact in size and with its small size it can be easily portable from one place to another place with less effort and even saves the floor space as this wine cooler occupies very little place. So, if you want to save your counter space, then this wine cooler will be best choice.

Magic chef wine cooler has capacity of storing 6 bottles in single zone with thermoelectric cooling system with which you can set the temperature as your requirement so with this wine cooler you will have handful chilled beverages at any time and anywhere.

This Best wine and beverage cooler is beautifully designed with black sleek exterior and interior with blue Led lights which the wine collection will be looked in attractive and suits with interior home décor. It has two detachable sculpted chrome shelves.

Magic Chef Mcwc6b 6 Bottle Wine Cooler SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product dimensions
20.1 x 10.9 x 15 inches
Item weight
18.5 pounds
Appliance type
Wine chiller
1 Year Warranty
Control type
Freezer type
No freezer
Installation type
Free standing
Liner material
Number of doors
Number of temperature zones
One zone
Minimum temperature
Child Lock
46 degree Fahrenheit
Shelf material type
100 volts
Vent location
ETL listed

More Info on Magic Chef Countertop Wine Cooler

Included Parts of Magic chef MCWC6B 6-bottle wine cooler

  • Racks
  • Hinge
  • Recessed handle
  • Leveling legs
  • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature adjustable knob
  • Light
  • Light switch

Safety instructions:

  • Before using the wine cooler, carefully read all the instructions
  • Never try to clean the device with inflammable liquids.
  • Never store inflammable fluids or use gasoline in the surrounding area of wine cooler.

Installation instructions:

Before start using the appliance:

  • Remove all the interior and exterior packing
  • Clean inside of wine cooler with soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water.

Installing the wine cooler:

  • This unit is intended to be freestanding only and should be used as built-in or recessed
  • Leave about 5” space between sides of device and back, which permit proper ventilation. Adjust the legs at the bottom for the device to stand properly on level.
  • Place the wine cooler from away straight sunlight or any other heat sources. Acrylic coating will be affected with direct sunlight and placing near head sources increases the consumption of electricity.
  • Avoid placing the unit in humid areas
  • Plug in the wine cooler device into properly grounded power outlet. Under any circumstances do not remove or cut the ground prong from power outlet.
  • After plugging and before placing the bottles allow the appliance to cool down for 3-4 hours.

Care and maintenance

Cleaning the device

  • After installing the new appliance, thorough cleaning of unit is recommended
  • Before cleaning, switch off the unit and take the plug out from power outlet
  • Remove all the bottles
  • Wash inside the wine cooler with damp warm cloth dipped in warm water and baking soda solution.
  • Clean the racks with gentle detergent solution
  • For the unit to run efficiently, make sure that door gasket is clean
  • Exterior of unit should be cleaned with soft detergent and lukewarm solution
  • Dry exterior and interior of unit by wiping with dry cloth
  • Dust particles or anything may block the vent that may decrease the cooling efficiency of appliance. So if necessary vacuum the vent

Vacation time

  • Take out the unit from power outlet
  • Remove all the bottles
  • Clean the unit
  • Short vacations: if the vacations is less than 3 weeks leave the unit operating
  • Long vacations: if the wine cooler is not used for long duration then remove all the bottles and unplug the device from power cord. Clean and dry the interior of wine cooler thoroughly. In order to prevent the growth of mold or any bad odor, leave the door slightly open.

Moving the wine cooler:

  • Unplug the appliance from power outlet
  • Remove all the bottles
  • Wrap tape to all the loose parts securely inside the wine cooler
  • Tape the doors to shut

Tips to save energy

  • The wine cooler device should be placed in cool area away from direct heat sources, sunlight.
  • When the cooler is on make sure that door is closed.





How energy efficient is this Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler?

The Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler is highly energy-efficient, and one does not have to pay a large amount due to the power consumed by the wine cooler.

How do you adjust the temperature of Magic Chef 6-Bottle Wine Cooler?

You can adjust the temperature of the Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler by rotating the dial provided in the device. The dial has certain divisions, and you can set it according to your convenience.

Bottom Line

Magic chef 6 bottle wine cooler is undoubtedly a premiere quality wine cooler with capacity of storing 6 bottles. With thermoelectric wine cooler you can set the temperature as you wish and get the chilled wine bottles at any time. The compact size of Master Chef wine cooler is perfect for providing you with handful of chilled beverages at dining area and any other place. Magic Chef Countertop wine cooler has extremely small size which can easily portable to any place and moved with less effort from room to room. Overall it is sleek and well designed, this wine cooler is the best Magic Chef Thermo Electric wine cooler is dependable and highly rated and is the solid choice for the people who prefer something in size.

Overall, Magic Chef Model MCWC6B Wine Cooler is the best mini wine cooler which suits well for the one who stores rare collections of upto 6 bottles. It fits on any counter top in your kitchen or living room.

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