Magic Chef MCWC12B 12 Bottle Wine Cooler – Works quietly & gives you peace of mind

Magic Chef MCWC12B 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review 2023

As the name of the product clearly states its significance a ‘wine cooler’ is an equipment which provides you space to stack your wine collection and other drinks which you want to keep cool. The Wine cooler is specially designed spacious equipment to store your wine, keep it cool under perfect temperature for great delicious taste with every serving.

Traditionally, the wines were stored in something named as a “Wine Cellar” (Of which you might be aware and if not, you must have seen it in movies. For example, in Home Alone-4, when the child and Prescot are manipulatively locked in the “Wine Cellar”. Ring some bells?!!) which use to take a large space but with time and advancement in technology they are being reduced and replaced by the Wine coolers, or also commonly known as Wine refrigerators. Now, without wasting any time in this Magic Chef MCWC12B 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review article, I will review its features and other info of Magic Chef MCWC12B for you which is believed to be one of the best wine coolers available in the market.

There are variety of options available in market to choose from, but are those option safe for you investing in them in another question. So, before making up your mind to invest in something make sure to get all the information around and about it. Magic Chef 12-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler is offered in only black colour and weighs around only 26.4 Pounds only and is easily portable and adjustable anywhere you want. This cooler will fit the needs of the people who are looking for a wine-cooler and are ready to invest for it.


  • Design, Durability and Reliability
  • Capacity and Temperature
  • Other Salient Features

1. Design, Durability and Reliability

The Best Magic Chef Single Zone-Wine Cooler has been given a compact design with a very anywhere easy fit size. The Magic Chef Wine cooler has been given a black, sleek, shiny- smooth finishing along with a sturdy built which increases the over all durability of the product. The high-quality plastic used in the making of the Magic Chef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler are heat resistant and keeps its interior cool for some time, even if power is out.

2. Capacity and Temperature

The 12 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler has the capacity to store 12-bottles of wine inside it without any problem and can be set up on your kitchen countertop, your living room, bar or anywhere you want it making it very convenient and reliable. In addition, it comes with a LED display control panel which allows, with an option of on/off along with to controllers for adjusting the temperature according to your need and preference. The temperature of this best Magic Chef single zone wine cooler can be varied from range of 54-66° Fahrenheit boasting the thermoelectric cooling without any vibration or noise.

3. Other Salient Features

The Wine refrigerator doesn’t make any noise, while cooling due to Thermoelectric cooling technique with three removable racks of sculpted chrome. Moreover, it comes with interior light which helps better display of the insides. The wine-cooler works according to the temperature of its surrounding, the lower the temperature will be, the more the fan will run and vice-versa if the temperature is little less warm. The best 12 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler has been given 14th rank in freestanding wine cooler all over the world.



  • Manufacturer : MAGIC CHEF
  • Model Number : MCWC12B
  • Technology : Thermoelectric
  • Color : Black
  • Bottle Capacity : 12 bottle
  • Product dimensions : 22.3 x 16.9 x 21.8 inches
  • Item Weight : 26.4 pounds

Technical Features of Best Magic Chef Wine Refrigerators

  • Soft-to-touch advanced LED lighting panel with on/Off Switch which offers the consumer its easy management of the wine-cooler.
  • Silent feature low noise of Thermoelectric cooling without making any vibration or noise and provides you optimal temp to store your collection of wines
  • 3 Removable and replaceable modelled enamel wine bottle racks which allows you to take them out and use them as you want.
  • Comes with adjustable legs to level-up and balance it properly on its place even on uneven surfaces it could be placed without any fear.
  • Complete black, sleek design with recessed handle for quick and easy to use.
  • Interior lightening for clear view and display of your wines
  • Recessed handles for quick, easy access and comfort of the consumers

Do’s and Don’ts of Magic Chef Built In Wine Cooler

  • To make the best use of your wine-cooler here are some do’ and don’ts you can follow for better and efficient use


  • Remember to keep your wine-cooler out of direct sunlight: If your cooler is not UV protected, or even it is UV protected try to always keep it out of the direct sunlight, form which the harmful UV rays can fade away all the flavours of your wines and make it tasteless. Moreover, it will also make your wine-cooler work more than necessary to keep the temp low.
  • Balance the Humidity: Keep your wine-cooler temperature that 55 Degree only because it will provide approximately seventy percent humidity inside the wine cooler. And, if you wine cooler comes with an option to control keep it between 65-70 degrees for balanced humidity level.


  • Don’t keep a freestanding cooler in a tight place: These coolers need airflow to use, if you want a cooler to fit into a cabinet, buy the in-built wine coolers available in the market.
  • Don’t move the wine bottles more than necessary: Moving the bottles unnecessarily can lead to mixing up of the slit which can completely change the taste of the wine. So, don’t move the wine bottle until they are not ready to serve and drink.

Things to keep in mind while buying a Wine-Cooler

  • Know beforehand that what kind of wine-cooler do you want to avoid any kind of confusion. As there are different kinds of wine-coolers available in the market such as single zone, double zone and many others according to your own requirement.
  • A wine refrigerator which allows you to adjust the temperature according to wines you keep in store whether white, red or any other kind of wine.
  • A wine cooler which protects your wine form UV rays, which while you carry outside your cooler for whatever reason will fade off their taste because of harmful UV rays. So, keep in mind to buy a UV protected wine cooler
  • Also, make sure that it has child locks along with other safety features to avoid any kind of mishap.
  • Buy according to the bottle capacity that you want to store inside the wine-cooler. No use of buying a small or big wine cooler which you be able to use efficiently.
  • Remember to buy the wine cooler according the space you have available in your home to fit in the wine-cooler.
  • At last, keep in mind a budget that you’re willing to spend on buying a best wine cooler



The cord of the Magic Chef MCWC12B 12 bottle wine cooler is 2.1 meter, though you can even add it to an external outlet.


Yes, you can move the racks in a certain manner to store nine bottles. The shelves of Magic Chef MCWC12B 12 Bottle Wine Cooler are removable and adjustable, and you can store bottles of any capacity based on the adjustment of the racks.


In all the Magic Chef Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler is an amazing product. And, if you weigh its pros and cons, definitely pros will more in comparison to cons. The product comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labours. If you really want to invest in a good Wine-cooler then this is your best choice in the market with all the useful features it offers.

Magic Chef MCWC12B Black Single Zone Wine Cooler image

All in one, Magic Chef MCWC12B Wine cooler is the right choice for living room or kitchen. Its Electronic control panel with LED display makes it quiet easy to access. Check out the price and buy this best wine cooler online at Amazon.