Lanbo Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator, 18 Bottle and 52 Can – One best choice for all your drinks!

Are you planning on buying a cooler for your drinks? If yes, we are sure that you are confused a lot with a plethora of available options in the market. Don’t worry, here we are with the Lanbo LB36BD Wine Cooler that is renowned for giving you a never before experience in storing and cooling your drinks. This wine cooler can hold 18 bottles and 55 cans and is one of the best dual zone wine coolers. At first, when we heard about the fame and popularity of this wine cooler, we were amazed to bring it home. Without any delay, we got it home and were all set to try out all of its features it offers. To know what we experienced, check out this Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Cooler review.

The manufacturer of this wine cooler which we bought home is the Lanbo, which has been a world specialized wine and beverage coolers producer. They aim to work hard to modernize and produce high-quality goods from their end to the world. Lanbo wine and beverage coolers known for maintaining a consistent temperature and not harming the drink’s taste. Thus, no more worry regarding the changes in stored wine, as other wine coolers negatively affect the drink’s taste maturation. We are beyond glad to tell you that it satisfied us a lot after testing this Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Cooler. All the features and the quality performance it delivers makes this wine cooler, nothing less than the best.

Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Accommodation of Storage

Lanbo Wine and Beverage Refrigerator offers a suitable and sufficient storage capacity to store all your drinks you love to enjoy and refresh yourselves. From wine bottles to soda cans and water bottles, it provides you with accommodation to keep them in this wine cooler. An 18 bottle wine cooler, as known, efficiently stores 18 wine bottles and 55 soda cans.

This is a dual-zone wine cooler, and thus, different drinks, especially the wine bottles which need varied temperatures, can be stored accordingly. Therefore, one can benefit hugely from this wine cooler. There will be a stopper located in the Centre of this wine cooler, which stops bottles from rolling off and falling. The shelves in it are all made of high quality in safely storing one’s wine collection. We found out that due to the size and dimensions (23.6 * 23.4 * 33.9) of this product, it could give the luxury of space for all kinds of beverages.

2. Compressor Fan Cooling

As simple as it is, any cooler or refrigerator’s cooling mechanism is like a heart and brain. In this under counter wine cooler, cooling is done so that no single bottle or can is missed. Thus, a uniform level of cooling is ensured for all the drinks and beverages. It has a compressor fan cooling system that means that the cool waves are circulated around stored drinks to maintain perennial cooling.

Carbon filter of this wine cooler has a unique feature of cleaning any unclean air that settles inside your wine cooler and might act as a potential threat to preserving the taste of stored wine. Don’t worry about the cool air escaping into the outside environment if you frequently open your wine cooler’s door because a long-lasting cooling effect is strictly ensured to prevent any escape of cool air. Robust functioning of the cooling mechanism made us fall for this wine cooler in the first place.

3. Dual-Zone Operation

Most typical wine coolers are confined to store drinks and beverages in a single zone temperature. They restrict users from keeping different drinks that need different temperatures at the same time. But, thanks to this best dual zone wine cooler, we were able to store our drinks that need varied temperatures at a go.

Storing different drinks and beverages at their respective temperatures is now possible with this Lanbo wine cooler. This wine cooler’s left zone offers a temperature of 41 – 64° F, whereas the right zone of this product has a temperature range of 39 – 50° F. These two temperature zones do wonders to your wine collection and increase the taste of your wine coolers. The glass door panel of this wine cooler gives you a perfect vision of your drinks. It also ensures the prevention of any cool air escaping and helps maintain the uniform powerful air circulation in both zones.

4. Digital Controls

In the modern sense, technology and its advancements speak volumes. Our daily routines are dependent on technology. So, why not a wine cooler? This compressor wine cooler, too, has advanced digital control settings to operate with it. All control settings of this wine cooler can be done with just one’s finger touch. We were able to change this wine cooler’s temperature settings with our finger touch. Thus, it is now more than fun to operate your wine cooler.

As discussed earlier, this Lanbo 18 bottle and 55 cans undercounter wine cooler offers a dual compartment for preserving beverages, and you can set your desired temperatures of drinks with these digital control settings. A little knowledged person can understand how to control all the functions with user-friendly control settings.

5. Design

The Lanbo 18 bottle wine cooler has a very stylish and posh look to itself. It is a wine cooler with a lock feature too. You can place it without any support and does not need an external physical factor for its standing. Therefore, it is a freestanding wine cooler. This wine cellar is ETL certified in protecting your drinks. Its design will make it free from frosting.

This built in wine and beverage cooler can hold up – to 18 bottles of 750 ml standard Bordeaux bottles in the left zone, while on the other side, it can hold up – to 55 cans of 330 ml pop cans. We saw a total of 10 shelves in it. These shelves on the left side are removable. It means if you want to store bottles that are larger in sizes like champagne and pinot, you could remove one or two shelves from the left side and reserve your choice of bottles, but that will reduce the number of bottles you can store harmoniously.


Lanbo 24 inch Built-in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler Specifications

  • Brand : Lanbo
  • Model Name : LB36BD
  • Product Dimensions : 23.6 x 23.4 x 33.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 100.3 pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • Wattage : 90.00
  • Defrost : Frost Free
  • Lighting : LED
  • Shelf Type : Wood, Wire
  • Shelves : 10
  • Material Type : Glass, Iron, Metal


Can the basket on the beer side come out for this Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Fridge?

Yes, the Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Chiller has a basket/shelf that can be taken out as per your convenience and requirement, which makes it very user friendly. You can also keep more or fewer bottles depending on the bottle sizes.

What is the depth of Lanbo 18 Bottle built-in wine chiller with handles?

The depth of this Lanbo 18 Bottles wine cooler is above 25″ with handles. Total dimensions of it are 23.6 * 23.4 * 33.9 in length * breadth * height. Complete measurement that this product comes with is perfect for keeping it under any kitchen table or cabinet.

Can Lanbo 18 bottle wine cellar be used as an under-counter?

Yes, the Lanbo wine cellar, 18 bottles is an under cabinet wine cooler that can also be placed under the counter. This makes it a perfect kitchen and refrigerator partner. Because of its adjustable legs, this Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Cooler can be fit almost anywhere as per your preference.

Can this Lanbo 24 – inch Dual Zone wine cooler be used outdoors?

This Lanbo 24″ Dual Zone wine cooler can be used outdoors if you have electricity available in that area. It could be used outside near a pool party or a barbeque party. It needs electricity to work, and therefore if you can manage any source of electricity, you can use it outdoors.

Does this Lanbo 18 bottle Wine and Drink Centre fit under a kitchen counter?

Yes. Lanbo wine and beverage cooler combo 24 inch is one of the best undercounter wine coolers. Therefore, it can be fit under the kitchen counter. This wine cooler is made in a way that it can be adjusted and fitted anywhere according to your choice.

Final Thoughts

Lanbo 24-inch wine and beverage cooler is a fantastic product if you are trying to manage the space in your kitchen refrigerator. Its appreciable storage space can easily accommodate up to 18 bottles and 55 soda cans. Thus, you can manage your guests at any time at your house or office. The product made of quality metal and has removable shelves, whereas its handles made of sleek stainless steel. The cooler’s feet are adjustable and removable, making it easy for installation in houses or office spaces.

The safety lock and dual compartments with an extra feature of double-layered glass protection make this wine cooler the best among most such wine coolers. Hope our Lanbo 18 Bottle Wine Cooler review helped you in choosing the best. This product is a big yes from our side, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from referring it to you.