KUPPET BCW-70A 28 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler – Operate easily with its Control Panel!

KUPPET BCW-70A Wine Cooler Review 2023

Kuppet wine cooler is designed for people who need 28 bottles of chilled wine all the times though being unobtrusive and space mindful. The 28 bottle wine cooler features lustrous design that can suit perfect with almost all the home décor, and always provide you with sufficient chilled wine bottles at hand whenever toy require them. This wine chiller is single zone wine refrigerator that can hold both reds and white wines at finest storing with desired temperature as well as comfortably covering them behind the tempered glass in black colored cabinet.

Kuppet BCW-70A 28 bottle wine cooler has 6 curved detachable shelves along with room at the bottom for holding larger bottles and any other items, which is sometimes unseen in smaller wine cooler models. Kuppet wine refrigerator has thermoelectric technology that means the cooling chip is energized to produce the gas that split the air into cold and hot. The cold gas remains inside the wine cooler whereas the hot gas is ejected out from the cabinet with the help of exhaust fan. Check out further Kuppet Wine Cooler Review on this page to know its features and specifications.


  • Ideal wine storage
  • Multifunctional wine cooler
  • Easy to use and super quiet
  • Excellent stability in temperature
  • Good sealing and very quiet
  • Storage capacity
  • Digital panel with flexible touch
  • Curved shelf and blue LED light

1. Ideal wine storage

Kuppet freestanding wine cooler with 28 bottles of wine storage capacity is perfect for storing and chilling the white, red wine or any other wines. This wine cooler is set with precise thermoelectric cooling system, includes LED lights, modifiable temperature control, ventilation grill and inbuilt circulation fan.

2. Multifunctional wine cooler

Kuppet thermoelectric wine cooler can also be used to stock up the other products in addition to wines such as drinks and fruits. Just one step that is replacing the metal shelf with ice bar shelves, and then you can attain improved experience with this wine chiller.

3. Easy to use and super quiet

It has highly developed thermoelectric technology and low noise, and even the compressor keeps quiet without troubling the wine sediments. To keep the wine eternally fresh, this wine cooler recycles the air. Kuppet built-in wine refrigerator is easy to use, just you need to plug in and it starts working right away.

4. Excellent stability in temperature:

The Kuppet 28 bottle wine cooler with steady temperature can able to store wine in long and short terms, and even let you customize the temperature so that one can create an ideal environment for wines ranging from 54-64 degree Fahrenheit, as a result fetching out the right characteristics and giving the full flavor to wines in long term.

5. Good sealing and very quiet

This wine cooler operates at noise less than 35 db; it doesn’t even affect the sleep of family if located in bedroom. Kuppet wine chiller is build with dual layered glass, so it can able to protect the wine from heat and light and keep the wine freshness for long period.

6. Storage capacity

Kuppet BCW-70A wine cooler review shows that it has capacity of holding 28 wine bottles with sleek and beautiful design which is suitable for any kind of parties and occasions. You can able to use this wine cooler at home, office, bar, parties and many more. Kuppet wine cooler has invisible handle which does not devastate general aesthetics, and make sure you can easily open the door all the time.

7. Digital panel with flexible touch

It is not necessary to open the door every time; just with the touch you can set the temperature. Frequently opening and closing the doors will affect the temperature of stored wines, so this wine cooler has better sealing which allow you to maintain the freshness of wines.

8. Curved shelf and blue LED light

Kuppet wine refrigerator with calm and soft light, you are able to clearly see the interior and not to disturb the snooze of wine bottles. Wines can be easily stored and removed on high quality curved shelves made of metal and just by replacing the metal shelves with ice bar shelves you can able to store fruits and other beverages of your wish.



  • Manufacturer : Kuppet
  • Item model number : BCW-70A
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Number of zone : Single zone
  • Storage capacity : 28 bottles
  • Temperature range : 54-64 degree Fahrenheit
  • material : Metal, glass
  • Rated power : 65W
  • Voltage : 220-240 volts
  • Product dimensions : 20.5 x 16.9 x 29.1 inches
  • Net weight : 48.5 lbs
  • Special feature : Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Net capacity : 70 liters



KUPPET BCW-70A 28 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler takes approximately 24 to reach the desired temperature for wine coolers.


Yes, you can even place the wine cooler in a walk-in closet, as the dimensions of the wine cooler are made in a way to fit in compact spaces. But it is preferable to place the cooler at ventilated places


Kuppet wine cooler holds 28 wine bottles with single zone and it is a space saving design with exterior digital touch controls to set the temperature based on your need. The lights inside the unit can be turned on and off as your wish and with the lights the interior seems really high end. It’s pretty quiet and comes in perfect size. A Kuppet BCW-70A 28 bottle wine cooler review says that it is small wine cooler with attractive design that can easily fit in lots of place, worth for price, its perfect and recommended wine cooler.

KUPPET BCW70A 28-Bottles Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler image

Al-inclusive, with its design and features, KUPPET BCW-70A Wine Refrigerator stood as one of the best wine coolers in the market. It operates quietly and is perfect all your reds, whites, beer, and beverages. So, get this Kuppet Built In Wine Refrigerator now on Amazon at the best price.