Koolatron WC08 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler – Compact yet expedient for different bottles!

Being a wine lover either to have a sip of it regularly or occasionally, we are sure you might need a wine chiller to preserve your wine for a more extended period. And for that purpose the Koolatron is a manufacturing company specialized in producing a wide range of wine refrigerators. Its recent edition, the Koolatron 8 bottle wine cellar has been custom-made and is known to be the best small-sized wine cooler in the market. For knowing all of its unique features, we bought this wine cooler to test its efficiency. And we were impressed by all of its operations. However, there are some drawbacks which we found inequitable and you can check them in the below Koolatron WC08 Wine Cooler review.

Koolatron Urban Series WC08 wine cooler is a freestanding or countertop wine cooler that has 8 bottle storage capacity. With removable metal racks, we can also stock large and irregular shaped bottles. This cooler has a metallic black finish and stainless steel trimmed glass door that gives it a very appealing appearance. This Koolatron thermoelectric wine cooler has a single cooling zone and takes up less space in your spaces. Storing your wine inside refrigerators will affect your wine as they have a much colder temperature. Instead, you can store your wine in this wine cooler at a perfect temperature to preserve their original taste. If you are an environmentalist, then it is the best choice. Because it works based on thermoelectric cooling technology which is considered to be an environment-friendly technology.

Koolatron WC08 Wine Cooler Review, 2023

1. Design

We placed this Koolatron small wine cooler over our kitchen counter with 5 inches clearance on sides and back. This model can also be established as a freestanding or tabletop unit. We liked its adjustable legs feature that makes leveling adjustments easy. This cooler has four stainless steel wire racks. Each wire rack is curved slightly to hold two bottles in a horizontal position. We removed one wire rack to fit a large Champagne bottle.

This cooler can also hold irregularly shaped or big wine bottles. There is an airtight door seal to prevent leakage of cool air from the cooler. While choosing a spot for this Koolatron remember that the door is hinged to the right side and cannot be reversed.

2. Eco-Friendly Cooling Technology

Koolatron WC08 works using Peltier effect based thermoelectric cooling technology. In contrast with compressor-based wine coolers, this Koolatron wine cooler WC08 has no harmful CFC fluids that emit greenhouse gases. Thus, this advancement makes it environmentally friendly, and they are easy to dispose and recycle.

Koolatron countertop wine cooler comes with a chilly air circulating fan for uniform distribution of cold and conditioned air around the stored drinks. The temperature range for this single zone wine cooler is 46°F to 66°F, which is an ideal temperature range for storing both red and white wine bottles in it. For efficient cooling, this Koolatron must be placed away from stoves, vents, and radiators. This model cannot be placed under-counter or used as built-in as it produces hot air during operation.

3. Digital Controls

For any wine cooler or refrigerator, controls are significant, and we would always prefer those with easy and simple controls. In that sense, this Koolatron WC08 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler provides you with its exclusive digital touch screen temperature controls. As controls are present outside, we can easily set our desired temperatures for our wines without opening its door.

In addition to temperature controls, there is also an LCD for temperature display. We had set our Koolatron’s temperature to 50 F with temperature increase and decrease buttons, and that LCD displayed the set temperature of Koolatron. We can also convert temperature units from Centigrade to Fahrenheit or vice versa. This wine cooler gives us easy access to controls. Therefore one can feel this wine cooler very easy to operate.

4. Energy-Efficiency

While talking about any electronic device, its energy consumption for its operation is a primary factor one considers. Especially in the case of wine chillers, people are anxious about their energy consumption. This is because many wine coolers available in the market take a lot of energy to get their functionalities done.

But, this free standing wine cooler consumes a minimal amount of electricity to operate. Koolatron urban series 8 bottle wine cellar consumed only less electricity, even at its highest function in our observation. Usually, most compressors keep switching on and off to maintain their coolers’ temperature, which requires more power. Whereas, this Koolatron’s cooling system keeps running continuously, which limits power usage. They also do not need to pump refrigerants, and they only use solid-state pumps which make this energy-efficient. However, during hot weather, this cooler might consume a bit more electricity. To minimize energy consumption and increase efficiency, we suggest installing it in an air-conditioned or cooler place. This energy-efficient cooler is also beneficial for your pockets.

5. Storing Capacity

For relishing your wine whenever you need or to effectively serve your wine collection for your guests, it solely depends on your wine chiller’s capacity to hold bottles. Wine coolers are available in different sizes, and storing capabilities and picking the right one is vital. This Koolatron wine fridge is a must-buy to hold a sufficient amount of wine drinks and beverages to give you adequate storage.

People who favor short and sweet storage of their wine collection can benefit from this small wine fridge. From sufficient storage ranging from 6-8 bottles, this is the best choice to compact your wine collection. Koolatron wine chiller has 4 shelves, and each can hold up to 2 bottles horizontally. Generally, this 8 bottle capacity of the Koolatron represents standard Bordeaux 750ml wine bottles. In case of storing large bottles like Champagne, one can adjust its removable shelves.


Specifications of Koolatron 8 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Brand : Koolatron
  • Item model number : WC08
  • Product Dimensions : 21.5 x 12 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight : 19.44 pounds
  • Capacity : 23 Liters
  • Shelves : 4 Removable Wire Shelves
  • Temperature Range : 8°C to 18°C
  • Installation Type : Freestanding / Counter top
  • Defrost : Manual Defrost
  • Door Hinges : Right


What is the height of Koolatron WC08 freestanding wine cellar?

Dimensions of Koolatron WC08 free-standing wine cooler are 21.5 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 19 inches in height, weighing around 19.5 pounds.

Is it ok to put Koolatron 8 bottles wine chiller on a carpeted floor?

No. Koolatron WC08 8 Bottle Wine Cooler or any other wine coolers or refrigerators should not be put on carpets. Placing them on carpets has a risk of overheating, and they need ventilation for airflow. The best place for keeping your wine cooler is a hardwood floor, plastic, granite, or other rigid and flat surfaces. If you have no other choice, then use an appliance mat under your cooler.

Can this Koolatron countertop wine cellar WC08 be used for a built-in fridge?

Koolatron countertop wine cellar WC08 is suitable for placing as freestanding or countertop wine coolers. This wine cooler requires five inches of clearance on the sides and back for airflow. Therefore, installing Koolatron as a built-in unit will not cool your wine inside.

What is the temperature range of this Koolatron WC08 countertop wine cooler?

The temperature range of Koolatron WC08 8 bottle wine fridge is between 46-66 F.


Koolatron Urban Series 8 bottle Wine Fridge is the best budget wine cooler with 90 days manufacturer warranty. This model has impressive features and an elegant design. The installation is straightforward and can be used as Freestanding or countertop units. Koolatron’s thermoelectric cooling system is ETL certified for saving energy and is easy to maintain.

This wine chiller’s looks are very cool and classy, making it a nice decor for any home bar or kitchen. Its exceptional cooling to preserve the original taste of different wines and beverages is very much appreciated. Rather than buying a compressor-based wine cooler, this Koolatron WC08 is affordable and environmentally friendly. If you are a starter in your wine collection, this small-sized wine refrigerator is the right choice. We highly recommend this for a never before experience. Hope our Koolatron WC08 Wine Cooler review assisted you in picking the right one.