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Koldfront TWR247ESS Wine Cooler Review 2020

After a long hectic day, who would mind a glass or two of perfectly chilled wine? I know, I wouldn’t mind for sure. I know people who would drink wine even with their meals. But do you know what will keep your wine perfectly chilled, while preserving all its flavours and aroma and enhancing its overall taste. A wine cooler is the perfect accessory for keeping your wine safe and sound with all its settled particles and with its actual essence. In the market you will find variety of wine cooler options from freestanding wine coolers to inbuilt wine cooler and even both freestanding and inbuilt coolers are available in market in a wide range.

You can choose from single-dual zone wine coolers, from what I have heard there are even triple and quadruple zone coolers for storing and preserving different drink at different temperatures. Koldfront TWR247ESS 24 Bottle is a dual-zone freestanding wine cooler available in the market offering very impressing features and competing with other best wine coolers available in the market. In this article, I will give Koldfront TWR247ESS Wine Cooler Review with all its advantages and drawbacks.

Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler FEATURES

  • Compact Design, Durability and Reliability
  • Capacity and Faultless Thermoelectric Cooling Technology
  • LED Display & Digital Thermostat
  • Maintainable shelving system
  • Performance Level

Koldfront Wine Cooler 24 Bottle has been provided a very compact and is very sturdily built design which could easily fit anywhere. The large-24 capacity design for preserving your wine collection without compromising on their taste and enhancing their taste quality by making aging successful. The glass door has been given an outline by stainless steel and the sleek black finishing of the wine cooler-cellar makes it look even more elegant and attractive siting in your house. The use of high-quality material in making of the wine cooler promises a long durability and you can completely trust the product to preserve your wine collection for both short and long period of time.

The Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – TWR247ESS has been given capacity to hold 24 wine bottles of standard size i.e. 750 ml. To store larger size bottle, the shelves need to be removed according to the size and number.  The Koldfront Wine Cooler uses thermoelectric wine cooling technology which quietly works wonders in cooling your wine and is vibration free. It is a dual-zone wine cooler meaning the temperature can be divided into two zones. Your both red wines and white wines can be stored at different temperature in just one wine-cooler.

Koldfront TWR247ESS Freestanding Wine Cooler the LED display panel to control the temperatures in the both the zones. The temperature can be adjusted between 46 Degrees to 66 Degrees. The digital thermostat is user-friendly and can be used by anyone in your house, even a child. However, it has been provided a safety child lock by the engineers to protect your expensive wine collection be destroyed at their hands. Moreover, an interior blue lighting which overall puts your wine collection at display allowing you to see them while they get chilled in the wine-cooler.

Koldfront TWR247ESS Wine Cooler has been equipped with removable and replaceable wooden shelves which can hold 3-bottle each of a standard bottle-size of 750 ml. The larger bottles can be accommodated by removing a shelf and it will also reduce the capacity of the total no of bottles. You can even save bottles of champagne and chardonnay, by customizing the wine-cooler.  

The Best Koldfront 24 Bottle Wine Cooler is an amazing product at this price. The dual-zone wine cooler not only allows you to save your wine but all kinds of one at the different temperatures which are ideal for them. The performance level of the product has been good so far and the most users of the product are happy with product, it quality, features and operation in preserving the taste and quality of their wines.

Koldfront 24 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimension
21.8 x 14 x 33.2 inches
Product Weight
48 pounds
Black and Stainless Steel
Door Swing
46 °F- 66 °F
Internal Capacity
Construction Material
115 Volts
100 watts
Noise Level
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year for parts, and 90 Days for Labour
Door Lock
Child Lock
Bottle Capacity
24-Bottle Capacity
Bottle Size
750 mL


  • Compact and sleek stainless-steel design
  • Dual Zone wine cooler
  • Freestanding design
  • LCD panel display for temperature
  • 24 Bottle capacity
  • LED interior lighting


  • Classy and sleek design
  • Thermoelectric cooling Technology
  • Child Lock
  • LCD control panel display for adjusting temp
  • Large Capacity holder design


  • No Humidity controller
  • Irreversible Door hinges
  • Not energy efficient

Bottom Line

Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone is a modern looking wine cooler that will compliment with any kind of house making it look more beautiful and elegant. The product had been given a standard quality, durability and is also reliable. The price at which it offered is quite reasonable as it is a dual-zone wine-cooler refrigerator to store your both red wines and white wines. It has been given removable wooden shelves, allowing its users to customize their storage space according to your own preference. The interior blue LED light allows you to see you wines getting chill and even helps you to display your wine collection to others. The product has been given 4.5 stars on the Amazon and 9th rank among freestanding dual-wine cooler. I hope our Koldfront Wine Cooler Reviews helps you to decide your wine-cooler race. I wish you good luck.


How to choose the right wine cooler for my use?

As technology is advancing, everyday comes new models of wine coolers with more impressing and improved qualities and features. It could be quite confusing for people, especially for them have just have found their new passion and love for wines. I think you should keep in mind four most important things i.e. size, type, zone and cooling technology.


How many bottles do have to store? Depending on the number you have reached you can buy wine cooler-refrigerator according to that as many options are available such as 12 bottle wine coolers, 18 bottle wine-coolers and so on according to the size of your wine collection.


There are two types of design available of a wine cooler-refrigerator, built-in wine coolers which can be adjusted into a cabinet and has a ventilation system up in the front instead of the back. While, on the other side freestanding wine coolers can be put anywhere you want such as in your living room, kitchen countertop, bar, office or any other room you want to keep it.


There is single-zone wine coolers which have all the same temperature of the whole cooler to preserve your precious wine with all its essence and sediments. While, Dual-zone wine coolers are whose temperature can be divided into two for saving both your collection of red wines and white wine. However, even triple zone and quadruple zone wine coolers have been launched in the market to preserve your different drinks at their ideally temperature but those are still very expensive though.

Cooling Technology

The compressor technology is the one used in the simple refrigerators which uses a fan to promote cooling and can be noisy and vibrating at times. Over period of time thermoelectric wine cooling has taken over which without a compressor promotes cooling by depositing all the heat on the one side and is noise reduced & vibration free. Thermoelectric wine cooling is the best and more user-friendly option, while you can still go for a compressor wine cooler if you have a reason to.

I hope this helps you in picking and deciding the right kinda wine cooler for you! Best Wishes.

What is the ideal temperature of saving different kinds of wine?

2 Between 55degrees to 57 degrees.

If you are looking for the best dual zone wine cooler with special features, then Koldfront TWR247ESS 24 Bottle Wine Cooler is the right choice. It has Tempered glass door, safety lock and even operates quietly. Overall, it is the best option for your red and white wine collection.

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