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Kalamera KRC-46DZB Wine Cooler Review 2020

Kalamera 24” wine refrigerator delivers cooling beverages at right temperature which has dual zone with appropriate cooling temperature. The compressor equipped in Kalamera 24 wine cooler is quiet so family members or guests do not get disturbed with this, and it vibrates less, so that it won’t even disturb wine bottles. Kalamera 24 Beverage refrigerator has the capacity of storing 46 bottles, and each bottle is cribbed in its position, in which shelf is made of natural beach wood. The entire Kalamera krc-46dzb unit is magnificently designed with elegant black, and there is gray glass to stainless steel door that protects the bottles from UV rays.

Kalamera wine cooler 46 bottles interior is lit with blue LED soft lighting, so wherever you place the device in entertainment area, kitchen or home bar the display looks beautiful. The important thing with Kalamera 46 bottle wine cooler is that wherever you place it, this wine cooler will provide you with perfect cooled and flavored wine at any time you require it. To get in-depth information, check out below Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews.

Kalamera 24 Beverage Refrigerator FEATURES

Kalamera 24” wine refrigerator 46 bottle dual zone built-in wine cooler is designed with stylish appearance and is made of stainless steel door which looks beautiful when placed in any areas such as home bar, entertainment area or kitchen. 

With LCD display you can able to set the temperature to your wish degree from 40-50 degree Fahrenheit for upper zone and 50-66 degree Fahrenheit for lower zone.  This Kalamera 24″ Beverage Refrigerator is equipped with thermal meter which helps to restore the temperature back to its normal range when the power is lost, in this way the wine collection is protected from increased temperature if you forgot to lower the temperature. 

Kalamera 24” wine cooler is guarded with inbuilt hexagon bolt lock, so you only can operate the wine chiller storage space, and with these lock to appliance the kids are prevented to play with the unit or opening frequently with temperature change can affect wines.  

Shelves which are made of beech wood are strong with beautiful look and tough enough to hold the bottles, and even pliable enough to protect the wine labels from being scratched. Stoppers are placed on both sides of each shelf, such that when the shelf is pulled out half way it is being stopped and even the bottles are kept safe falling off from the shelf. 

Compressor in Kalamera 46 bottle freestanding wine refrigerator runs with low vibration and is virtually silent, so wine residue is not disturbed with delicious and crisp flavor.

Kalamera wine cooler is the best freestanding wine cooler that has 5 wooden shelves which securely holds each bottles and has capacity of storing 46 bottles of different sizes, but larger wine bottles like Champagne and Pinot cannot be stored. 

Kalamera Wine Cooler 46 Bottles SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product dimensions
22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
Item weight
104.5 pounds
Application type
Wine cooler
1 year warranty
Capacity of storage
46 bottles
Control type
Type of Cooling unit
Installation type
Free standing
Liner material
Shelf material
110 v
Storage features
Detachable shelves
Location for ventilation
Front side
Anti-vibrations technology
Lock type
Hexagon door lock
Door material
Stainless steel
UL listed

Care and maintenance of Kalamera 46 Bottle Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

Cleaning the device:

  • Unplug the appliance and then remove the wine bottles
  • Wash inside the wine cooler with baking soda solution or warm water. The solution should consist 2 tablespoons of soda to 1/4th of water
  • Clean outside with soft cloth dipped in warm water or soft detergent
  • Take out the water box located at the bottom and then clean it.

Moving the unit

  • Take out all the bottles
  • Tape down all the loose parts securely inside the appliance
  • In order to avoid the damage move the leveling legs up to bottom
  • Keep plaster to the door
  • During the transportation make sure that wine chiller is always in upright position. 

Important precautions:

  • Never try to lift the unit with door handle
  • Make sure that door is closed before installing the wine cooler into cabinet
  • Make sure that kick plate present at the front bottom is away from obstruction. Blocking the free airflow will make the unit to malfunction and ruin the warranty
  • Before start using the device allow the temperature of unit to stabilize at least for 24 hours
  • Do not ever try to block internal fans
  • Use only actual manufacturer’s replacement parts. Duplicate spare parts may damage appliance, affects its function or performance and may ruin the warranty.

Instructions for installing a Kalamera 24" Beverage Refrigerator

Before start using the wine cooler

  • take out packing of exterior and interior
  • Before connecting the unit to power source, leave it for 2 hours in upright position. In this way, the possibility of malfunction reduces.
  • Clean the inside surface with soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water
  • Place the unit on a surface that is bold enough to give support to device even when it is loaded completely
  • For the unit to be in level, keep adjusting the front legs present at bottom of the unit

Installing the door handle:

For shipping the wine cooler, the door handle is stored inside the appliance attached to the wooden shelves. For the door to install, gently pull back the door gasket as it closes the screw holes for the door handle, then attach the door handle by screwing the screws in its position given in the package of wine cooler.


Below are some common wine cooler problems and suggestions to solve.

Wine cooling is not working The device is not plugged in into different voltage. The circuit breakers fuse is blown off or tripped
Unit is not having sufficient cold May be due to The door is opened frequently Check out the temperature setting The door is not sealed properly or not closed completely May the appliance do not exact clearance
Light is not working PCB problem There may be some problem with plug Main controlling board is not working properly
Vibrations Check whether it is placed on leveled surface or not
Wine cooler is making noise Check with fan Cooler is not on level
Door not closing properly Device is not on level Seal of door may be weak Door may be not installed correctly while reversing
Error in LED display Due to low quality display
Not displaying LED Main switch board problem PCB problem Some problem with plug
Buttons are not functioning properly May be damage in temperature control panel





How many bottles does the Kalamera 46 wine refrigerator actually hold?

Kalamera KRC-46DZB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler can hold up to 46 units of wine bottle

How far do the shelves on the Kalamera 24" built to extend when pulled out?

The shelves of Kalamera KRC-46DZB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler extend up to 8 inches when pulled out, and you can even remove them, to make space for other bottles of different sizes.

Does the light turn off in Kalamera KRC-46DZB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler When the door is closed?

No, the light does not turn off in the Kalamera KRC-46DZB 46 Bottle Wine Cooler when the door is closed, as you need to operate it manually. You can switch it on/off from the control panel at the top of the wine cooler.

Bottom Line

According to the Kalamera Krc-46dzb wine cooler reviews it is in the top 5 listed built-in wine chillers. This wine cooler is the best 24 inch wine cooler which helps to store the wines at perfect temperature. It has capacity of storing 46 bottles in dual zone temperature and there is a fan that helps to circulate the cold air all over the cooler. Low vibration and quiet are the outstanding features of Kalamera 46 bottle wine cooler. Overall Kalamera 24” wine refrigerator 46 bottle dual zone built-in wine cooler is reticent, efficient, wonderfully chills the bottles and is recommended for people who are looking for great storage capacity. Hope this Kalamera 24 Inch Wine Cooler Review helped you to buy the best wine cooler for your home.

Overall, Kalamera 46 Bottle Wine Cooler is the best Thermoelectric wine refrigerator that works quietly and is vibrations-free. Temperature memory function makes this wine cooler unique from the other units. So, buy this Best Free Standing Wine Cooler at the best price on Amazon now.

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