Kalamera 24″ Wine Refrigerator 45 Bottle Dual Zone – Quiet & Energy Efficient Wine Cooler!

Are you looking forward to buying a Kalamera 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler and worried whether it is worth buying? Or want to know why this wine cooler is considered to be the best? Well, then you are in the right place. We purchased this model for testing to try out all its operations and efficiency it delivers. Everything we observed about it has presented here in this Kalamera 45 Bottle Wine Cooler review. Kalamera is a leading compressor refrigerator manufacturing company that offers beverage coolers, wine coolers, and portable fridges. For years this brand is known to give only the best, and this 45 Bottle Wine Cooler is no less. It comes with a dual-zone ability to enhance its customers’ experience with it even more interesting.

Kalamera 24-inch wine refrigerator is a beautifully designed low noise compressor-based refrigerator. It could be placed as a freestanding or built-in unit. It has a robust structure with a black and stainless finish that blends well with other kitchen appliances and adds that missing beauty spot to the area. This wine cooler stores your wine bottles at perfect temperatures retaining their flavors and helps you get a long-lasting feeling. Dual-zone technology for different beverages can store your wine collections separately at exact temperatures. If you are a wine lover, then the Kalamera 24″ beverage refrigerator is just what you need. It has an ample number of impressive features, and we bet that you wouldn’t hesitate a moment to purchase this wine cooler.

Kalamera 45 Bottle Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Design

Kalamera wine cooler 24 inch has a very stylish look with a black and stainless-steel finish. It has dual-zone cooling and five beechwood shelves that add to aesthetic looks. There are two shelves in the upper zone, three shelves in the lower zone, and bottles can also be stored at bottom. Wooden shelves are slidable with a built-in stopper to prevent bottles from rolling off and breaking with a control panel at center.

There is a beautiful blue LED light that gives a fantastic look and offers a soft vision. This LED light does not add much heat like any other light. This light stays turned on until we turn it off. Glass door is triple-layered and is UV resistant, which blocks sunlight or outside light sources from affecting the wine stored inside. We can see-through this Kalamera’s glass door from outside and can know our wine’s status without even opening the door. This ability will increase cooling efficiency and save time.

2. Cooling Technology

This built in wine cooler‘s cooling system is compressor-based, which is identical to our kitchen refrigerators. Kalamera’s energy-efficient compressor runs until it reaches our desired set temperature and upholds that temperature steadily without any fluctuations for up to a perennial period. Interior fan for each zone is present that runs smoothly without affecting wine sediments and helps in faster cooling.

It also has a memory function that remembers the set temperature. When we switch off the power supply for a while and turn it on back, its LCD digital display shows the previously set temperature. So, when there is an unexpected power failure, we do not need to worry about setting Kalamera’s temperature back. This memory function automatically restores the before set temperature. This feature helps to retain flavors of your beverage that can be seriously affected by temperature fluctuations. Compressor technology of this wine fridge can keep the cooler’s temperature stable irrespective of the outside temperature differences.

3. Mode of Operation

This Dual Zone Wine Cooler Freestanding that can quickly and effectively store for up to 45 bottles surprisingly runs very quietly without making any noise. When we set temperature, its compressor started running quietly with a nearly inaudible sound. Its sound was only audible while we were very close to this product. There were no vibrations caused by the running interior of the fans and compressor as well.

In most of the wine coolers we have observed, we were highly annoyed by their sounds and vibrations. It was inconvenient and embarrassing as well when there were guests in our house. But this wine cooler doesn’t make an awkward noise or vibrations and will not interrupt you and your guests. We can even place this wine cooler in our living room and have conversations without any disturbances. Since it runs vibration-free, the wine sediments stay undisturbed. It will not interrupt you and your guests. For wine collectors with soft ears, this product is an ideal option.

4. Installation

This wine chiller can be installed in a freestanding position, making this product steady and best fitted into any kitchen counters. We placed this Kalamera dual zone built in wine cooler under-counter and left that upright for 2 hours before connecting to the power outlet. Then we linked this to an electrical outlet. There was no need for any alterations of our counter to fit this stainless steel wine cooler under it.

Though the manufacturer provides a stainless steel door handle, it is not necessary for using its door. Its glass door has a possibility of opening from either side. Overall installation process was unsophisticated. Package in which this wine cooler delivers is entirely complete. It doesn’t need much hefty tasks to further set this wine cooler. All you have to do is set up a place for this cooler to be placed and plug it in the socket. That’s it!

5. Safety Lock

It is best to avoid unnecessary opening of this wine cooler to prevent interruptions in the cooling process. But, this is impossible for people with kids who may often open their wine cooler. Those who are suffering from this issue can now breathe in happily as this Kalamera 45 Bottle Dual Zone 24″ Built-in Wine Cooler comes with a lock feature. The lock feature will be an optimistic way to safeguard your wine from ineligible wine drinkers.

This lock feature of this wine refrigerator can protect your wine from damaging or from unwanted hands. Usually, those typical wine coolers cannot save your wine from unwanted hands or unnecessary frequent opening of the fridge that slows down the cooling process and consumes more energy. Thanks to this best dual zone wine cooler, one can even save energy consumption as well. Its manufacturer provides two hexagon-shaped keys to lock this wine refrigerator.


Kalamera 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Specifications

  • Brand : Kalamera
  • Package Dimensions : 38.5 x 29.1 x 28.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 133.7 pounds
  • Color : Metallic
  • Shelf Type : Wood
  • Number of Shelves : 5
  • Temperature Range : 40°F-50°F for Upper zone. 50°F-66°F for Lower zone
  • Bottles Capacity : 45
  • Light : Blue interior LED light


What side is the plug on for kalamera 24″ 45 bottle wine cooler?

A regular plug comes out on the right side lower corner when viewed from front side and comes out on left side when viewed from back of the Kalamera 45 Bottle wine fridge.

Kalamera 24-inch beverage refrigerator how many bottles?

Kalamera 24 in wine cooler is said to store 45 bottles, but it can hold only 30 to 36 standard-sized wine bottles. There are five wooden shelves, and each shelf can be occupied with 8 bottles of 750ml, and we can also keep 5 bottles at the bottom. It can also store large-sized bottles.

Can you get Kalamera 24 inch Wine Cooler door to hinge open from the left side instead of the right side?

Yes, in this Kalamera 24 inch wine chiller, we can choose the door swinging side. Kalamera’s door can be hinged to the right side or left side with only changing and tightening screws to hinges. Door is hinged to the top and bottom and can be opened wider than 90 degrees.

How far does the shelves on Kalamera 24″ wine cooler extend when pulled out?

Kalamera 24 wine cooler undercounter has a total of five natural beechwood shelves. The shelves are slidable with grooves and a stopper. They are removable and can be extended up to 8 inches when pulled out. If we want to remove a bottle, we have to pull out the wooden shelf completely.

What is the depth of a kalamera 45 bottle wine refrigerator without a handle?

It’s depth is 22.4 inches and 33 inches in height without a handle. Kalamera 24″ wine refrigerator 45 bottle dual zone can also be used without handle if preferred. While installation, always consider the clearance for air circulation.


Kalamera 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Chiller enables both built-in and freestanding positions to possess great functional and aesthetic features. It is pretty easy to install and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Its looks are so pleasing and tempts you to own one without any hesitation. This exquisite looking wine cooler that complements your interiors will make anyone captured towards it. All the features it offers and in the elegance it comes will be mistaken by anyone as an expensive wine cooler. But this wine cooler comes at an easily affordable price range by anyone.

Kalamera 24″ beverage cooler can store large bottles well. Its performance is pleasurable and can be a long-lasting one. If you are looking for a mid-sized wine cooler with the best features at a reasonable price, then this is the one for you. We would highly recommend this product to those who are in search of an efficient one. Hope our Kalamera 45 Bottle Wine Cooler review is helpful for you in choosing the right one.