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Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Chiller – Brings Classy Look to your Kitchen or Home bar



Kalamera 24 Inch 46 Bottle Wine Cooler Review 2020

Are you a wine admirer and want to start your wine collection? Then just have a brief look at this Kalamera 24 inch 46 bottle wine cooler. The primary use of the wine cooler is to store your wines. If you are searching for the ample storage of your favorite wines, then Kalamera wine cooler 24″ 46-bottle storage is one of the best options for you. There are different types of wine refrigerators to satisfy every individual requirement. 

The dual zone wine cooler helps to accommodate both red and white wines. The single zone wine chiller contributes to reserve either red or white wine. Kalamera 24 inch 46-bottle wine cooler is one of the attractive wine coolers because of its unusual and outstanding features. The dual zone mechanism helps to store both types of wines, i.e., red and white. 

Best Kalamera 24'' Wine Refrigerator for Sale

This wine chiller comes with large storage capacity which contributes to accommodate and hold large amounts of our wine assortment. Even though Kalamera comes with compressor cooling system, we can observe a silent and vibration-free mechanism. By this type of system, we do not find any disturbance to our wines or for us.

Everyone spellbound to Kalamera 24″ 46-bottle Wine Cooler design because it comes beautifully crafted design. We can place this Built-in wine cooler wherever you want like in the home bar, entertainment area or the kitchen. The design soundless with elegant black color with gray glass filters and the stainless steel door and handle. 

Its glass door protects UV rays from the chiller. The soft LED lights help to have a better aid for our wine collection. The broad temperature range comforts to store both red and white wines. To keep the wine refrigerator clean and dry Auto Defrost mechanism assists us.

Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews

The Kalamera is one of the top 5 built-in wine coolers. Check out our latest Wine Cooler Reviews to know more about Kalamera Wine Chiller. If you are finding the wine chiller with large storage capacity, then this wine cooler is the best option for you. The kalamera 46-bottle dual-zone wine fridge are helpful to store your wines at the ideal temperature. 

Kalamera 24″ 46-bottle Wine Cooler fan helps to circulate the cold air throughout the chiller. The dual temperature zone contributes to store both types of wines, i.e., red and white wines. The upper area helps accommodate the wines at the temperature of 40-50°F and with lower zone 50-60°F. The quiet and low vibration are one of the outstanding features in this kalamera dual zone wine cooler.

kalamera 46 bottle dual zone FEATURES

The Kalamera 24 inch 46 bottle wine cooler is comes with the wide temperature range. The upper zone of the wine chiller has a temperature range of 40-50F whereas 50-66F in the lower area. There is also a Temperature Memory Function in this Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator which restores the temperature when the power is back from outage. This helps your wine not to change its taste or become bad with increasing temperature.

The design of the kalamera 24” wine refrigerator with temperature memory function is integrated with beautifully crafted elegant black and stainless steel design. The handle adds an extra look for a wine cooler.

Cooling System: The compressor cooling system helps to frost chiller quickly. The wine fridge comes with is a noise-free and vibration-free mechanism.

Dual Zone: The dual zone is one of the important features which is included in most of the wine coolers. By this kalamera 24 inch wine cooler dual zone you can store both red and white wines in the same wine cooler in the same time.

  • Auto-defrost: One of the finest features included in this kalamera 24 bottle wine cooler is Auto Defrost. This mode helps to keep the fridge clean and dry.
  • Blue LED display: Soft blue LED lights to contribute to a great extent to have an excellent vision of your wine collection.
  • Quiet and Vibration-free.

Kalamera krc-46dzb SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches
Item Weight
104.5 pounds
Stainless Steel
1 year warranty
Adjustable Racks
Protected Glass door
Digital Display
Interior Light
Defrost Type
Usage Type
Home, commercial
Self Closing Door
Door Lock
Vent Location

Kalamera 24'' Wine Refrigerator Installation Type

The installation type of wine chiller is built-in. We have to place the wine chiller in cabinetry or a place in the kitchen. As the wine cooler releases heat, it’s better if we put the fridge in the outdoor. Place Kalamera 24″ 46-bottle wine cooler where we can observe some ventilation.

Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge Warranty

The Kalamera 46 bottle dual zone built-in wine cooler is designed based on high standards. This Kalamera wine cooler comes with a warranty of one year for parts and labor. The warranty period of wine cooler is acknowledged from the date of manufacturing. If you have any problems with the wine fridge, then you can consult where you have purchased it. Replacement or repair of wine chiller is done based on the complication of wine cooler.

Warnings and Instructions

  • Do not place the wine cooler in a close cabinetry.
  • Two or more people are required to replace the wine chiller.
  • Never use sharp objects to remove frost of the wine refrigerator.
  • Always use a soft material for cleaning the wine Fridge.

About Kalamera

ZHONGSHAN RENHENG E-COMMERCE COMPANY LIMITED is trademark name for kalamera. The Kalamera is the leading company in supplying alcoholic cooling apparatus and refrigerating appliances such as wine coolers, freezers, and water coolers. Kalamera maintains certain standards by providing the latest technologies in all of their products. They develop eco-friendly products and set a new tendency by satisfying lakhs of consumers. The company manufactures the product to reduce the human manual work.





How to use Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Chiller?

The Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Chiller can be used to store wine, beer, and other medium-sized bottles, though you cannot use it to store champagne bottles.

How many bottles does the Kalamera 24″ 46 wine refrigerator hold?

The Kalamera 24″ wine chiller can hold up to 46 wine bottles of different sizes. In addition to that, you can even keep red wine and white wine at the same place.

Can you get the door of Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Chiller to hinge open from the left side instead of the right side?

Yes, you can switch the door sides of Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Chiller by changing the hinges. You can either open it from left to right or from right to left.

Does Kalamera 46-Bottle Wine Chiller have an alarm if the door is ajar?

No, the Kalamera 46- bottle wine chiller does not have an alarm, which would alert you when the door is ajar.

How long is the electric cord of Kalamera 24″ 46-Bottle Wine Cooler?

The electric cord of the Kalamera 24” wine chiller is not so long, though you can add it to any external outlet for usage.

Bottom Line

The wine coolers are the trending appliances in today’s market. I believe that the information regarding the Kalamera 24 inch 46-bottle Wine Cooler suits you. By this review, the confusion regarding the wine cooler is reduced. Thank You for referring this review.

Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator comes with a good bottle capacity that is ideal for home bar or kitchen. With its special features like temperature memory function, it stood as one of the best wine coolers in the market.

  1. we want a built in wine cooler under the kitchen cabinet.
    The warranty details say “Do not place the wine cooler in a close cabinetry.” Please explain.

    • Yes wine cooler needs some ventilation for airflow. Even it is under counter you have to leave a minimum space for airflow.

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