Kalamera 12 in. Built-in 18 Bottle Wine Cooler – Cost-effective, Quiet & Classy!

If you are an ardent wine collector or a casual wine drinker, you must be tired of looking out for a cost-effective storage solution to your wine collection. To lessen your stress on checking out those multiple options for a wine cooler, we are here with our real and genuine experience with the Kalamera 18-Bottle built-in Wine Cooler. We bought this wine cooler to test its actual working conditions and also to understand its efficiency. Upon analyzing, we came up with this detailed Kalamera 12″ Wine Cooler review which gives our views, likes and dislikes of it.

This Kalamera wine cooler can be installed either built-in under a counter or freestanding. Its advanced compressor cooling system keeps all of your wine stacks at the right temperature ranging from 40-660F. This wine cellar comes in an elegant and slim look with a 12-inch dimension, fits best in your modular and furnished kitchen. It’s easy-touch control settings and a protective glass door are the highlights of this wine cellar. The technology used in its cooling mechanism has so much potential that helps this beverage fridge work very effectively.

Kalamera 12″ Wine Cooler Review 2022 (Key Features)

1. Built-in Structure and Design

Kalamera KRC 18SZB wine cooler has the best suggested and the suitable dimension of W12″ x H34.1″ x D22.4″. It is well built to accommodate a capacity of holding 18 standard Bordeaux bottles. It is manufactured with a built-in under-the-counter installation. Thus, one can install this wine cellar anywhere they wish to flaunt their favorite wine collection.

Its sleek body can complement any place where it is installed, be it your home or office. There are six beech wooden shelves with sliding racks, making it easy for you to pick and drop your bottles. With no accommodation problem, you can fit in three bottles on each shelf, which makes it a total of 18 standard size bottles. Apart from storing standard-size bottles, these shelves have the ability to adjust for extra space by removing them. We had fit our larger champagne bottles by removing these shelves. There is also additional space available above the lowest rack for storing even larger bottles.

2.Single Touch Temperature Control

Similar to our one-touch use in our smartphones, this Kalamera 18 bottle wine cooler offers single-touch control to adjust its temperature levels. One can store their wines and beverages in their desired temperature levels ranging from 40-660F. These temperature settings are very user-friendly to alter according to our needs.

With a single temperature zone, you can adjust its cooling system best suited for your drinks. Varying from red wines to white ones, you will be happy to tang up all the flavors. Another loved feature for you that we found is its temperature memory function. If you have set a particular temperature, but a sudden power cut is seen, this wine cooler will automatically set your previous set temperature once the power is back. So no more worry about putting your desired temperature levels frequently.

3. Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door

Kalamera 12″ wine refrigerator gives us a frost-free Stainless Steel Door. Also, there is a handle with a double-layered tempered glass window to display your wine bottles for your guests elegantly. This glass door’s specialty prevents UV layers from disrupting the temperature and taste of your wine.

Kalamera 12 inch Wine Cooler gives alternate door hinges that permit you to choose your perfect side. This trait will be helpful for people who are left-handed. The best-loved home setting needs not to be compromised while fitting in. Another quality of this door is it can be reversed. All you have to do is unscrew and remove both the upper and lower hinges of this door. Choose your preferred side and install the lower door hinge first and then the upper one. Then, tighten all the holes carefully to get an exact fitting. And that’s it! This process of reversing its door is very easy going and fun for us when we tried it.

4. Advanced Cooling Technology

We have observed an annoying noise in many standard wine coolers during their operation. And, we are sure that you too have experienced this headache. Relax, this Kalamera 12″ built-in wine cooler 18-bottle capacity gives you a never before experience with its advanced cooling and operating technology.

This wine cooler is integrated with a high-quality fan and an exemplary noise reduction system for making this wine cellar work reticently. Most other wine coolers, which work with thermoelectric technology, take more time. But Kalamera 12” wine refrigerator comes with an advanced technological compressor for maintaining a rapid cooling mechanism. The fan will ensure that the cool and cold air will be conditioned uniformly around stored bottles in this cooler.

5. Blue LED with Digital Display

Eye-catching blue LED light with ON/OFF button displays the temperature to set even in the dark. The interior lighting is also flashed in such a manner that helps you glance at your favorite wine bottles when the door of Kalamera KRC-18SZB-TGD wine cellar is closed.

We experienced that the digital display of this Built in wine cooler works entirely up to the mark. And it ameliorates the setting of our desired temperature ranging from 40-66 degrees F within a fraction of seconds. The energy-efficient blue LED lighting with LCD easily fine-tunes the temperature and sheds gently on tannic wine bottles. Therefore we can assure you that the labels on your wine bottles are safe from fading with harsh lighting.

6. Installed Carbon Filter and Warranty

Another compelling feature that we found functional about this Kalamera 12 in. built-in 18 bottle wine cooler is its installed carbon filter that offers a natural and constant ventilation system to avoid foul odor in this wine fridge. Usually, the built-in refrigerators are closed maximum time, subsequently picking up the stagnant air’s stinky smell. But this wine cooler avoids this situation from its carbon filters.

This freestanding wine provides a full 1-year limited warranty. The manufacturing defects with parts and craftsmanship of its material are guaranteed for 1 year from the original purchase date. Its also gives you friendly and super responsive customer care service. The company will respond to your satisfaction with remanufacturing or refurbishing the defective part.

7. Safe and Secure

This 18 bottle single zone built-in wine cooler by Kalamera comes with a strong and secure lock system. There is a built-in universal hexagon bolt lock that guards your wine collection against any intrusion. Its lock gave an outstanding performance when we tried it.

This exclusive locking feature benefits you in multiple ways, like preventing your kids from accessing your wine bottles, maintaining your customized setting. It can also help avoid anyone to open its glass door frequently, disturbing the internal temperature. And above all, it gives you peace of mind so as not to raid your wine racks. We assure you that you can freely rely on these Kalamera Bolt Locks. Thus, your precious wine collection is safe and secure.


Specifications of Kalamera KRC 18SZB Wine Cooler

  • Brand : Kalamera
  • Model Name : KRC-18SZB-TGD
  • Product Dimensions : 22.4 x 11.6 x 33.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 63.9 pounds
  • Shelf Type : Wood
  • Installation Type : Built-in or Freestanding
  • Number of Shelves : 6
  • Capacity : 18 Bottles
  • Size : 12″


Are the racks adjustable in height for Kalamera 12″ wine cooler 18-bottle built-in?

The racks are not adjustable in height for Kalamera 12″ wine chiller, but racks can be removed to fit in the larger-sized wine bottles. The wooden shelves are inserted in a rail and are easily detachable to make room for bigger bottles.

Are the shelves flat or curved for Kalamera KRC-18SZB wine cooler?

The beechwood shelves are flat with two stoppers installed on both sides of each shelf for the Kalamera KRC-18SZB 12 bottle wine cooler. This is done to avoid bottles from falling off the rack. There are 6 sliding shelves, each having a place to hold on six standard size bottles.

How long does Kalamera wine refrigerator 18 bottles take to cool down to 40 degrees?

Kalamera 18 bottle wine refrigerator have an advanced cooling system, so it only takes a couple of minutes to cool down with the door closed and bottles inside. Approximately it will take 60-90 minutes to give your wine the perfect temperature.

Can the handle be removed for this Kalamera 12-inch 18-bottle wine cooler?

Yes, the handle can be removed for Kalamera KRC-18SZB-TGD wine cooler. The handle comes separately so you can screw up the holes tightly. The door is also reversible, giving you an option to choose your right side to fit in the door.

Final Thoughts

This wine cooler is very portable to use. Also, the process of cleaning and moving this wine fridge around is convenient. is very portable, and cleaning and moving the wine fridge is very easy and handy. This Kalamera 12″ wine fridge is substantial for you to store your wine vintages in the perfect environment before pouring them on your special occasion.

There is another icing cake advantage of buying this 12″ built in wine refrigerator Kalamera model. This is part of the Kalamera’s under-counter series. This means you enjoy the same premium and added plus features available in bigger capacity models in this product line. So, if you are struggling to get the best wine fridge without burning a hole in your pocket, give it a thought to purchase this 18-bottle single-zone built-in wine cooler by Kalamera. We hope our Kalamera 12″ Wine Cooler review is detailed enough to clarify all your hesitations. We highly recommend this wine cooler for the efficient preservation of your drinks and beverages. Have a happy purchase!

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