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Kalamera 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Single Zone Wine Cooler – Comes with removable Shelves!



Kalamera 12 Bottle Freestanding Single Zone

Do you want the best wine cooler to store your wine? Then have a look at the best Kalamera wine cooler reviews. If You have a passion for collecting wine bottles, then the only place you can store wine bottles safely is none other than Wine cooler. It keeps wine bottles chill and protects their Taste and Smell. If you don’t store your wine bottles in wine cooler, then they lose their Flavor and Taste. Your household fridge cannot protect wine bottles because they need to store at their ideal temperatures only. For that let us check out the Kalamera 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler.

Kalamera 12 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

Wine coolers designed to keep red, white and Sparkle wines at a constant temperature. It preserves wine character and quality. Many people use wine coolers in the kitchen to supplement a standard refrigerator or mini fridge, but they can also make an excellent addition to a wet bar or party room.  A small wine cooler can let you have chilled wine for your dinner parties, or for those moments you want to sit back and sip a glass.

This exclusive Single Zone Counter Top Wine Cooler Reviews will allow you to keep twelve bottles of wine on hand. In this, you can also remove the shelves & adjust the no of bottles the unit can hold. You can also separate the shelves and store a combination of beer, soda, and wine so that everyone at your dinner party has the drink they like chilled to perfection. This Kalamera 12 Bottle Wine Chiller is a Best Countertop Wine Cooler.

Kalamera Wine Chiller Description

Kalamera is a trademark name retained by ZHONGSHAN RENHENG E-COMMERCE COMPANY LIMITED. It is very famous for the provision of alcoholic cooling apparatus and refrigerating appliances such as freezers, wine coolers, and water coolers. Kalamera maintains certain standards by presenting the latest technologies in all of their products. They develop user-friendly products like Kalamera KR-12AJP and set a new trend by satisfying lakhs of consumers.


  • Temperature Range
  • Removable Racks
  • Free Standing Design
  • Vibration and Noise Free

You can adjust temperature Range in between the 40°F to 66°F. This Kalamera 12 Bottle Freestanding Single Zone Wine Cooler was equipped with Easy-to-Use Touch Control Panel along with the LED display as you can see in the image. This control panel lets you adjust or set the temperature range that you need for your wine. That can be adjusted in between the mentioned temperature range that is, from 40 degrees F to 66 degrees F.

Slide-out stainless steel shelves can make easy to place Bottles. These are Chromed Wire Racks which gives a glistering look in the black appearance of the wine cooler. As these 3 racks are not fixed to the wine cooler, you can easily remove and adjust them as per your need and requirement. If needed you can place only 2 racks or else you can maintain the way that it actually is. 

This Kalamera 12 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator is compact and can be fixed as a freestanding unit. It is designed in such a way that you can let it stay in any of your room or kitchen. All you need to do is plug it into a a standard wall outlet. Even if you want to use for your wet bar, you can just simply place on it your counter. The same applies to the kitchen, you can place on any counter space in your kitchen.

Kalamera 12 Bottle Freestanding Single Zone Wine Cooler Refrigerator uses the Advanced cooling technology that makes the unit completely vibration free. As there is no vibration there will be no disturbance to wine sediments as well. Also, there will be no noise while this wine cooler is on work. So, you can stay with peace of mind and enjoy the drinks.

PRODUCT Features

Features Name Value
Cooling Technologies
Bottle capacity
Zone Type
Single Zone
Temperature Range
Type of Wine Storage
Red Wine
Number of Racks
Adjustable Racks
Protected Glass door
Digital Display
Interior Light
Defrost Type
Usage Type
Couter Top
Self Closing Door
Door Lock
Vent Location
Other Features
Low Energy Consumption Rubber Bushing to Absorb Vibration and Noise Internal Fan System


Specification Name Value
Model Info
Package Dimensions
23.9 x 21.7 x 17.3 inches
Item Weight
31 pounds
Colour/ Finish
Installation Type
1 year parts and labor
120 volts
Shelf Material
Stainless Steel
Reversible Door

Comparison between KR-12AJP to KR-12ASS Wine Coolers

Here is the comparison between Kalamera KR-12AJP and Kalamera KR-12ASS Wine Coolers.

Kalamera KR-12AJP
  • It has Stainless Steel Racks.
  • 3 Adjustable Shelves.
Kalamera KR-12ASS
  • It has wooden Racks.
  • 3 Non-Adjustable Shelves.
Kalamera Single Zone Wine Cooler Temperature

Kalamera 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has adjustable temperatures feature. You can adjust wine cooler temperature range using this feature. Device Temperature range is 50°F to 66°F. In this temperature range, you can store red wine. The Best Single Zone Wine Cooler Reviews for Kalamera 12 Bottle.

Placement of Kalamera Thermoelectric Free Standing Wine Cooler

Follow the below Rule while Placing your Wine Cooler.

  • Place the Kalamera 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler away from direct sunlight.
  • Locate the Device away from the Heat sources like stoves, heaters, etc.,
  • Set the device away from the Children.
  • Do not Locate your wine cooler in any location not properly insulated or heated. (like Garage).
  • Locate the device where the place has proper air circulation.
  • Your wine cooler designed for freestanding installation only. It not created for the built-in application

How to Install My Kalamera KR-12AJP Wine Cooler?

  • First of all, Remove all packaging material.
  • It covers the base and all adhesive tape containing the wine cooler accessories inside and outside.
  • Examine and remove any packing, tape or printed materials before powering on the Wine Refrigerator.

Amazon Kalamera Wine Cooler Reviews

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the low price.

    Didn’t have any reviews when I bought it so I just paid the extra cash for the Assurion insurance. I like this thing. Sleep and stylish looks excellent in my living room for my gorgeous beer collection that I needed to cellar. I don’t think you can cellar anywhere I live in SoCal, so this helped out a lot. On the lower levels of the temperature range, the fan is pretty loud. If you can manage that, then you will be OK.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this Wine Cellar

    Excellent Wine Cellar doesn’t take up much space. It’s quiet when running and seems to maintain the temperature you set it. It is only the case if you don’t have power in your area. The device will default to 66 degrees when the power turns.


  • Easy to Use Touch Control Panel
  • Quiet Thermoelectric Cooling
  • Freestanding Cooler Design
  • Chrome Wire Racks


  • It Consumes Less Energy
  • The device is Noise and Vibration Free
  • It has Adjustable Steel Shelves
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Affordable at a low price


  • It doesn’t have Reversible Door
  • It doesn’t contain Lock System

Bottom Line

Overall, Kalamera 12 Bottle Wine Cooler is the best freestanding and single zone wine cooler that comes with good features at an affordable price. Its ample bottle capacity makes it the best choice for wet bar counters or kitchen or any of your living room. After testing and analysing we found it very simple to use and is sufficient to store some rare or favorite wine collection. Also it completely free from vibrations and all in one, I recommend you this best wine cooler that is budget friendly and effective.

Liked very much this Wine Cooler. We are using it for our Red Wine to keep it at an absolute temperature. It keeps the temperature perfect. Great little wine fridge!

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