Ivation 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator – Ideal for long-term wine storage!

If you are such a wine enthusiast that you never run out of wine at home, then it must be tremendous pressure to store those wine bottles safely in a place where they would remain chilled as well. Refrigerators may not be the right choice here as you cannot store more than a few bottles in them. Consider having a wine cooler at your house in such cases. A wine cooler like the Ivation 34 Bottle IVFWCC341LB Wine Cooler, which stores as many as 34 bottles of wine, is something to ponder with extreme seriousness. Especially if you think you have a huge admiration for a specific type of wine, then this Ivation 34 Bottle Wine Cooler review is precisely what you need to check.

This wine cooler looks classy and can add sparkle to your space. Its elegant and smart finish would leave your guests in awe. This Ivation wine cooler can cool multiple wine bottles concurrently, and you would be delivering your guests glasses filled with chilled wine in no time. This wine cooler also performs quite silently and is efficient as well. Plus, it does not look out of place and rather cooperates in making a good impression in the minds of your guests and relatives. We were eager to test this product out for all our readers, and now finally, we are here with detailed review.

Ivation 34 Bottle Wine Cooler Review of 2022

1. Single-Zone Cooling

If you are a crazy fan of any particular wine and you cannot think of any other wine no matter how hard you struggle, then a single zone wine cooler suits you the best. Ivation 34 bottle single zone wine cooler brags a single zone cooling operation, which means this wine cooler has a single temperature control throughout this cooling machine.

The storage space in this cooler is inclusive. Therefore, one temperature prevails in this entire Ivation 34 bottle free standing wine cooler, which furthermore gives your wine bottles a uniform temperature to make them taste even better. Thus, this wine cooler makes the best out of other wine coolers.

2. Chilling Function

Accurate and on point chilling of wine is necessary to preserve them in the right way and bring out the best flavor and scent. This Ivation IVFWCC341LB wine cooler comes with a compressor cooling system and digital controls, which act together to maintain your cooler’s temperature rightly.

You can set the temperature between 41 to 64 Fahrenheit in this Ivation wine refrigerator with its touch control. This wine cooler takes into account almost all kinds of wines to be chilled. Besides, this wine cooler takes pride in its tempered glass, double-paned, or thermopane doors, which protect your wines from harmful Ultraviolet rays. There is also a circulation fan, which helps in circulating the air inside this cooler equally around every bottle, and therefore, the compressor has to face much less pressure of cooling.

3. Shelves and Racks

When it comes to storing multiple bottles of wine in Ivation 34 bottle wine cellar, what matters most is the size of those bottles and the flexibility of those wine shelves. No one wants to mess it up while they have wine bottles of unusual shape or larger body and the wine shelves are of fixed height and width.

Quit worrying about all those unnecessary concerns because the 7 shelves and racks of this Ivation 34-bottle wine cooler are all generously attached to their cavity so that they can be removed whenever wanted or required. These stainless steel shelves can be pulled out and pushed in quickly, along with the option of removing some of them completely to accommodate larger bottles.

4. Safety Lock

If you are considering the idea of having a wine cellar in your house to store your precious collection of wines, then it can be assumed easily that you must have planned on securing your wine cellars as well. You probably do not want your little kids to get their hands on your wine collection quickly. Another reason behind this is, it is the best single zone wine cooler available out there in markets.

It has a high-security inbuilt safety lock, which keeps the control panels of this wine cellar guarded against unwanted invasion. You can keep control of whom you want to have access to this wine cellar, all thanks to this high-technology Ivation freestanding wine cooler.

5. LED Lighting

Now, if there are many wine bottles in your Ivation wine cellar, it would undoubtedly get difficult for you to choose from them if there is no light available in its interior. You cannot go searching for the right bottle forever with no proper light feature. That is precisely why this wine cooler with lock has soft LED lighting in its interior, pale blue.

While buying a wine cooler for your home, you must remember to not opt for one which has harsh and acute lighting on the inside of its cavity, as harsh lights tend to increase the temperature of the space, which may seem to be standing in the way of preserving your wines. Also, too much brightness from them might fade the labels of your wine bottles.

6. Concealed Pull Design

Pull knobs, or traditional handles are now so out of school. You should not be paying for something which you know has a better substitute. For the same reasons, there is no visible handle in an Ivation large wine cooler. It has a concealed pull design which catches eyes easily for it’s attractive and slim look.

Besides, it does not stick out, so it takes less space and reduces the chances of getting hit by anything. Not only it looks contemporary but also it is pretty straightforward when it comes to functioning. If you want to fill in some charm in the air, you should go for this Ivation 34 bottles wine cooler.

7. Retainer Bar

For a wine lover, it is not uncommon to have extra wine bottles in stock despite already having enough bottles to store. This can be perplexing enough, especially if you have no space left in your refrigerator or wine cooler. Stop brooding over your extra bottles as you can easily store all your assets in this compressor wine chiller, which also has a retainer bar at its bottom.

This retainer bar is designed to hold more bottles effortlessly as it has that deep cavity, which can make room for large wine bottles and multiple regular-sized wine bottles.

8. RoHS Standard

You would be relieved to know that this Ivation 34 bottles wine refrigerator is RoHS compliant. Many electronic appliances promise to be safe for home usage but fail to stand up to the RoHS standards. You will also be provided with a 1-year limited warranty.

But if you read the product details, warranty, and reviews of this Ivation compressor wine cooler thoroughly, you would realize that this wine cooler is perfectly safe for your house as it passed every RoHS test and proved to be running low on harmful substances like Cadmium, Lead, etc. Thus, it is entirely safe to use this wine cooler at your homes, offices, or any other place.



  • Brand : Ivation
  • Item model number : IVFWCC341LB
  • Product Dimensions : 17.3 x 18.7 x 33.1 inches
  • Item Weight : 56 pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Wattage : 90.00
  • Door Material Type : Glass
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Shelves : 7
  • Manufacturer Warranty : 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty


Can Ivation IVFWCC341LB 34 bottle wine cooler be placed under the cabinet?

Yes, you can place this Ivation IVFWCC341LB 34 bottle wine cooler under a cabinet. But make sure your cabinet has a minimum clearance of 34 inches as this cooler has 33.1 inches of height.

How long does Ivation 34 Bottles Wine Cooler take to cool down?

Ivation 34 bottles of wine cooler do not take more than a couple of hours to cool down your wine bottles to your desired temperature.

Do the racks slide out on rails for Ivation 34 bottle wine chiller?

When you open the door of this Ivation freestanding 34 bottle wine chiller, its racks slide out a bit for about 3 inches to let you choose from those bottles. But if you need to take a closer look, you would have to take those racks out with your hands.


If you take our opinion, the Ivation 34 bottles of wine cellar have proved to be an efficient and worthy kitchen appliance to go for. It is compact, weighing 56 pounds with 17.3×18.7×33.1 inches of dimension, just perfect for a cozy home bar. Ivation IVFWCC341LWSS wine cooler also has a substantial, sturdy body built of stainless steel, which is made to run long.

It is compatible with 120 volts of voltage and has a wattage of 90 watts. Keep this wine cellar in your kitchen and allow your wines to get gracefully old. Ivation wine cooler 34 bottle also keeps UV rays far away from your wine bottles. It saves them from being affected by any external elements that may cause those vintage wines to lose their natural aroma and flavor. Operating this Ivation wine fridge has not brought any dissatisfaction in us, and we assure you of the same. Hope this detailed Ivation 34 Bottle Wine Cooler review helps you in making the good choice.

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