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Not everyone can afford a cellar to keep the wine at its best until the perfect time arrives to open that. So, here comes the wine coolers which are economical for your regular usage. But, you are not sure what type of wine cooler do you want, then read this Review this will guide you to reach the best Wine fridge. Here i have given my personal experience with my wine cooler. Before buying the vertical countertop wine chiller, i have read the number of reviews like you. Based on those reviews i decided that the Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler is the Cheap and Best Wine Fridge for me. I have bought this wine cooler two years. It’s still working without any issue. Now i suggest you buy this Igloo Single Zone 4 Bottle Counter Top FRW041 Wine Cooler for you. Let us check out the entire Igloo Wine Cooler review to know more about 4 Bottle Wine Chiller.

Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler Review

This thermoelectric wine cooler fits four wine bottles. And this Igloo FRW041 has many features like keeping the accurate temperature and portable extra. Its freestanding feature is used to place the Igloo Wine Cooler on the floor, on a stand, etc as it weighs only 20 pounds. The 4 Bottle Vertical Single Zone Wine Cooler has four removable Rakes those are adjustable for the your convenience. After buying this Best Igloo Wine Cooler, i have shared my experience. I know that after buying this Best Wine Cooler Fridge, you also do the as i do.

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 Igloo is the popular leading ice chest manufacturer in America. The Igloo Corporation headquarters are located in unincorporated Waller County, Texas. The Igloo is originally started as a metal working shop on 1947. In 1960 Igloo combined with the Production Tooling Company, and changed the company name to Texas Tennessee Industries. And in 1971 Texas Tennessee Industries changed its name as Igloo. It Manufactures a wide range of Wine Coolers, Accessories, and Ice Makers. Check out Igloo Wine Fridge specs, features before purchase this 4 Bottle wine cooler on Amazon.

Review on Igloo FRW041 Counter Top Vertical Wine Fridge

My friend recently bought a New House. They invited me for that party. In this occasion, i want to present a gift for him. I thought Igloo Counter Top FRW041 Wine Cooler is a great housewarming gift for my friend’s new home. He is a wine lover. So, he liked this gift. Now we are celebrating our parties with tasty wine. The Countertop Wine Cooler from Igloo is one of the top rated refrigerators.

IGLOO FRW041 4-Bottle Wine Cooler, Black

Last update was on: May 22, 2019 3:33 pm
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The Igloo FRW041 Wine Fridge Features are given below.

Follow our Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler Review for getting Specification details of the Igloo Wine Refridgerator.

  • The Igloo FRW041 wine cooler has a four bottle capacity.
  • Easy and quick adjustable temperature control system.
  • The Igloo wine cooler has adjustable height with the vertical design.
  • With the white light, it gives a stylish look.
  • Optimal temperatures of the wine cooler are maintained with the two-layered glass door of the Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler.
  • Easy access and good storage.
  • This Wine Cooler has interior light give you wine bottles information without opening the door.
  • Due to the size of the wine cooler, you can place it anywhere.

  • This Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler has low capacity storage.
  • Igloo FRW041 Single Zone Wine Cooler is less efficient.

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Wine Cooler Fridge Features

This Best Wine Chiller made our wine more tasty by maintaining it in constant Temperature. I prefer you to buy this Igloo FRW041 Wine Fridge.  Let us have a look at the Igloo Wine Refrigerator Reviews in the following Section.

Cooling Technologies

The Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler Cooling Technology is Thermoelectric. This is the best Cooling Technology used for the wine cooler.

Bottle capacity

4 Bottles are the capacity for the Igloo FRW041 wine cooler. It has a small storage area.

Zone Type

The Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler is the Single wine fridge. If you can set your wine specified temperature, then it will maintain that single temperature only.

Protected Glassdoor

It has two layered protected glass door for keeping the temperature standards.

Adjustable Racks

Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler has 4 Racks. Those racks are adjustable based on your requirements.

IGLOO FRW041 4-Bottle Wine Cooler, Black

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Igloo Warranty and Customer Service

The Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler has Warranty of one year or 12 Months from the date of purchase. You may contact the Store about the Customer Service within the warranty period. The Proof of Purchase and Product model number are required for any service request.

Customer Service: For any information or any complaints regarding the Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler you can make a call, send mail and other contact information is given below.

Phone: 1-866-509-3503.

Email: customerservice@shop.igloocoolers.com.

Igloo HQ: 777, Igloo Road, Katy, Texas, United States, 77494.

Twitter: @iglooproducts.

Price history for IGLOO FRW041 4-Bottle Wine Cooler, Black
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  • $235.39 - January 8, 2019
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  • Lowest Price: $139.90 - May 16, 2019

Warnings & Safety Measures of Igloo FRW041 Wine Refridgerator

Follow the given instructions for Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler.

  • Does not use detergents, flammable fluids, Solvents and abrasives for cleaning of the Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Chiller Parts.
  • Igloo Wine Cooler is not suitable for the use of children.
  • This product contains chemicals to cause cancer and birth defects. Wash hands after handling and before using this product Consult your physician.

Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Single Zone Wine Cooler Customer Reviews

Amazon Customers have given the 135 reviews on Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler. The Amazon customer review rating on Igloo FRW041 Vertical Wine Refridgerator is 3.6 out of 5 stars. This rating is for the best products. So, the customers feel this Igloo FRW041 Wine Cooler is good. Here we provide the sample Amazon reviews for you.

Customer Review 1:

“This cooler is the best answer for our needs. It is used in our church’s sacristy to refrigerate opened bottles of alcohol-removed communion wine. The narrow size allows it to sit on the counter without cramping the workspace. I removed the wire racks, which slide out very easily, to store the bottles upright. In this manner, it holds three bottles. It is quiet and keeps the wine at just the right temperature. I would buy this again if necessary or for other purposes, and I would certainly recommend this cooler to others.”

Customer Review 2:

“This has been running nonstop at my work for over a year with no issues. The unit is quiet, and the fan is still original. It is not quite as cold as a refrigerator but keeps the temperature cold enough for food storage for days. Roomy on the inside but yet compact enough to fit on the floor in an office environment.”

Customer Review 3:

“The size is great, but mine does not get super cold. I use it at school for my lunches and it is cold enough for my small lunches and pop, but I wouldn’t keep any perishable food in it for too long.”

Igloo FRW041 Vertical Wine Fridge Rating

The Amazon Customers have given the 3.6 out of 5 stars on Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler. This rating gives the information about the Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler. The rating 5 stars are the highest rating, and 1 star is the lowest rating. Here i have given the rating for this Igloo FRW041 Vertical Wine Fridge based on my personal experience with this product.

9 Total Score
Best Compact Wine Cooler

Igloo 4 Bottle FRW041 Wine Cooler is a Best, Portable, Freestanding, Single Zone, Counter Top, Thermoelectric, Vertical, Cheapest Product. It maintains the standard Temperature and keeps wine Tasty.

  • Compact use
  • Quick adjustable temperature
  • Easy access and good storage
  • Limited Storage
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IGLOO FRW041 4 Bottle Wine Cooler Black

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