How does Wine Cooler Work? – Guide on How to use Wine Cooler

Here is the guide regarding How does a wine cooler workDuring the summer, everybody wants their wine or drinks to be cool. But it is not possible everywhere especially, outdoors. Many people have a thought in their mind as to why I should buy a wine cooler. Wine Cooler is equipment which is used for chilling or cooling of wine. It is of various types like small table top units or refrigerator style units.

How does a Wine Cooler Work?

Let us now understand how does a wine cooler work. There are basically two types of wine coolers depending on the mode of operation and the technology involved in it. They are a compressor and thermoelectric. A compressor wine cooler uses the same principle as the refrigerator in your home. A liquid refrigerant circulates and produces cold air inside the refrigerator and expels the hot air. It has an advantage that it can reach to very cold temperature as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best suited for chilling wines and also keeps food and beverages at safe storage temperatures. But there is one disadvantage of the compressor is that it produces a lot of noise as there are a lot of moving parts.

How does a Wine Cooler Work image
How does a Wine Cooler Work image

Now coming to a thermoelectric cooler, we see that it uses the principle of Peltier effect. It is an effect whereby heat is given out or absorbed when an electric current passes across a junction between two materials. The core cooling device is also known as the heat pump which is small in size and has no moving parts. It has semiconductor wires embedded between the two ceramic plates. The heat pump operates silently and produces very low noise. Also, thermoelectric coolers are environmentally safer than compressor wine coolers as they do not produce any harmful gases that deplete the ozone layer. Although there are many merits of thermoelectric wine cooler there are some limitations too. First of all, they don’t get as cold as a compressor. Secondly, they don’t work when it’s too hot or too cold.

Things to consider while buying Wine Cooler

Before purchasing a wine cooler we should keep some factors in mind or refer to any Wine Cooler guide. After getting knowledge on how do Wine Coolers work, refer the below points.

Things to consider while buying Wine Cooler image
  • Uniformity of temperature: Temperature is an important factor while choosing a wine cooler. Wine can degrade when stored in a spot with wide temperature ranges.
  • Shelving: Some wine coolers have shelves with narrow slots. These limit the capacity and allow bottles to slide about and bump into each other. Some wine coolers have removable shelves to create storage compartments for larger bottles.
  • Noise factor: Nobody wants to get disturbed while watching their favorite TV show just because of a noisy cooler.
  • Other features: Digital temperature controlled wine cooler can be accessed without opening the door that helps in keeping the temperature even more consistent. Coolers having a different set of red wine and white wine are more user- friendly. Models having water bins for humidifying so that corks and labels don’t dry out. Integrated locks, tinted glass doors to protect your wine from ultraviolet light.

How to use Wine Cooler?

After purchasing a wine cooler along with how does a Wine Cooler work it is equally important to know how to use a wine cooler also. Some points to keep in mind while operating the wine cooler are:

How to use Wine Cooler image
  • Keep the wine within 45 to 65 degree Fahrenheit and avoid hot storage spaces. If the temperature goes beyond 75 degrees the color of the wine changes.
  • Wine should not be exposed to light and ultraviolet rays that greatly affect the proper maturation of wines. This is the reason that wine bottles are dark in color.
  • Humidity level should be between 50% to 80%. If the storage is too dry, it can dry out the corks and labels. The cork shrinks, air gets into the bottle and wine gets spoiled.
  • You should place the bottles on their sides to keep the cork moist and prevent it from drying out.
  • You should avoid shaking the bottle. Shaking wine bottles can damage the wine and disturb the sedimentation process. The wine aging is affected which results in a gritty wine.

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