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Are you a wine enthusiast and eager to start your wine collection? The Haier wine cooler is here to satisfy all your requirements. Wine coolers come in different storage capacities which can be easily fit in any corner of the room. As a matter of fact, various types of wine should be stored at discrete temperatures to conserve the consistency of the wine. For this purpose of storage, we have dual zone wine coolers to store both red and white wines. If you want to store only one type of wine, then single zone wine chiller is perfect for you. There is a problem with compressor-based wine refrigerator, i.e., this type of wine chiller vibrates which disturbs the flavour of the wine. As an alternative to this wine cooler, Thermoelectric wine coolers are introduced to have a vibration and silent free wine fridge.

Top 5 Haier Wine Cooler Reviews 2019

About Haier Wine Chillers

The Haier is the second largest home appliances brand in the world which was established in 1984 in Qingdao, China. Haier has 5 R&D centers. 24 industrial parks, 66 traditional companies and 143330 sales outlets. In the fields of home integration, network appliances, vast and digital integrated circuits Haier is one of the world-class company. The company produces innovative products to satisfy the customer needs. “Customers are the foundation of growth” is the concept behind the Haier company. Extensive sales network have been established across the globe.

Haier 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Haier wine cooler

Price: $150.35

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 12:50 pm

The Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge is suitable for both red and white wines. The upper zone is appropriate for the storage of red wines whereas the lower region for white wines because of its temperature range. The product is developed by the two different temperature control system with two separate LED display for our convenience. The six compartment chambers in this Haier wine cellar offers two removable chrome shelves to store two bottles on every shelf.


  • Is capable of storing both red and white wines because it is developed as Dual Zone Wine Chiller.
  • If the wine cooler is vibration free, then the consistency is maintained for the wine so that we can have the exact taste of it. For the vibration-free mechanism, Haier 12-bottle is based on Thermoelectric Cooling System.
  • The Black Cabinet and curved smokey glass door design help to enhance the look of any room or area.
  • The Haier 12 Bottle wine refrigerator is integrated with dual LED lights with the Double touchscreen control.
  • We can set the temperature ranges below 46-degree Fahrenheit to store white wines whereas to store red wines the temperature ranges between 54-66 degree Fahrenheit.
  • To maintain internal temperature consistent, the Haier has a dual panel hefty insulated glass door.
  • We can turn on the LED from outside the machine by the control panel.
  • You can store different sized bottles by removing one shelf.
  • The weight and dimensions of the wine chiller are 35.9lbs and 20.3 x 26 x 9.9 inches respectively.

Haier 18-bottle Wine Fridge

Haier wine cooler

Price: $179.98

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 12:50 pm

By the dual zone Haier wine cooler we can store both red and white wines, and they come in ready to serve. We set the temperature range to maintain the texture of wine. To enhance the look of the chiller it is integrated with painted metal shelves with soft interior LED lights. For a visible view of the your wine collection, the interior lights help for this. To maintain the full storage temperatures in both zones independent thermostats are advantageous. Whites can be set at a temperature of 46-66oF whereas reds in 54-66oF. We have user-friendly controls to make operation easy. Haier 18-bottle wine fridge uses thermoelectric cooling.


  • Nine wine racks help us to a great extent by accommodating different sized bottles.
  • We can set temperature ranging between 50-64oF.
  • The chiller comes with the black cabinet with the black trimmed, dual pane door locks to match any home appliance.
  • For providing easy grip recessed ambush handle helps to maintain the comfortable grip to open the door.
  • The weight is 41.8 pounds, and dimensions are 20.3 x 37.2 x 9.9 inches respectively.
  • The Haier 18-bottle dual zone wine fridge has some appealing looks which make everyone spellbound to it.
  • This wine cellar helps to chill your wine quickly.
  • For top and bottom compartments we have changeable settings.
  • The Haier wine cooler 18-bottle comes with one year warranty for all the manufacturing and material defects.

Haier 8 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

haier wine cooler

Price: $115.10

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 12:50 pm

The Haier 8 Bottle Wine Cooler is capable of storing 6 to 18 bottles which come in a countertop model. The Haier 8- bottle wine cooler comes with the smoked glass door which is an outrageous feature. This door also helps to prevent UV rays from entering the chiller. To keep your wine cellar at ideal temperature the Haier has the temperature range of 46-66oF. Blue LED Display and Digital Controls helps us to have a better vision on the temperature settings. If you cannot afford for expensive wine refrigerators, then you can try this Haier 8-bottle single zone wine chiller to appease you. We can place this Haier wine cellar at any corner of the room because it is more compact and does not occupy more space.


  • To intensify the interior space, we have four full-width chrome shelves.
  • The Haier countertop wine fridge design is integrated with heavy duty glass doors to protect the UV rays from entering the chiller.
  • To age and maintain the texture of wine adjustable thermostat control helps to have a requisite temperature.
  • Blue LED lights are here to know the status of the wine like whether it is on or off, settings of temperature, etc.
  • You can serve your wines ready at any time by the Haier 8-bottle wine cooler.
  • The dimensions and weight of Haier 8 Bottle wine cooler are 20.3 x 17.9 x 9.9 inches and 20 pounds respectively.
  • This Haier wine cellar is capable of storing only one type of wine either white or red wines.

Haier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar

haier 6 bottle wine cooler

Price: $79.98 

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 12:50 pm

The 6-Bottle Haier wine chiller is a minuscule and compact in which we can store only one type of wine. By the single zone wine cooler is Haier wine chiller we can store and serve a limited number of wine bottles at a time. The blue LED lights help to enhance the look of the cellar. This stainless steel cellar comes with a digital display and controls. We can store either red or white wine by setting optimal temperature using digital display. This chiller should not be exposed to UV rays because it degrades the consistency of wine. The hair six bottle wine cellar comes with adjustable shelves which are a great property for such compact and small wine chiller. To start your wine collection and to have a better experience we can use this cellar.


  • The maximum capacity of this Haier wine cooler is 6-bottles which comes with three chrome plated metal shelves.
  • The temperature ranges from the wine chiller 4-22oC temperature.
  • The red LED lights help to have a better aid when setting the temperature.
  • This chiller is so modest and compressed so that it can fit in any corner of the room.
  • Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cellar is a thermoelectric cooling system which helps for vibration and silent free operation.
  • The design is unified with the tinted double paned glass door which helps for entering the harmful UV rays from entering the cellar.

Haier 16 Bottle Wine Chiller

Haier wine cooler

Price: $229.00

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 12:50 pm

By the Haier 16 Bottle Dual-zone Wine Cellar, we can enjoy both red and white wines at a time. We can set the temperature ranging from 46-64oF by the touchscreen control. To show off your collection soft LED lights can be used by turning on. The thermoelectric cooling system helps for the quiet and vibration-free environment. To make the interior consistent and to maintain the internal temperature the double paned glass door serves it purpose. To hold the collection of your favourite beverages, you should immediately buy this wine refrigerator.


  • By this dual zone, you can store both red and white wines at the perfect temperature.
  • We can easily adjust the temperature in each zone by the electronic controls.
  • For the vibration and silent free operation, this chiller is installed with the thermoelectric cooling system.
  • The Haier 16-bottle wine cellar design is included with curved double pane insulated glass door with sideline handle.
  • In the top zone, we can store 16 standard sized wine bottles whereas in the bottom area; we can store another type of beverages including cokes, beer, etc.
  • To conserve the wine from UV rays the tinted glass door helps.


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