10 Great Edgestar Wine Coolers in 2019 – Get all you need from a Single Brand!

Wine chillers have always found great use in our lives, especially if you are one of them who loves to taste the wine at special occasions. EdgeStar pursues to lead the industry in both function and quality. The EdgeStar Wine Cooler has come out to be seen as the best in everything they guarantee to accomplish. You can able to easily cool wine whenever you get a wine cooler from EdgeStar. It is not just about cooling the wine, but the models from EdgeStar come with a sleek design that just complements your home decor. If you’ve set your sights on EdgeStar for their superior value and huge selection, this best six list will help you narrow down your choices to the one that’s right for you and your wine storing needs. The EdgeStar Wine Coolers can serve you for a long time with reliable performance. Check out EdgeStar Wine Cooler reviews and also the top models review in this article. To know more about wine coolers click here.

Best EdgeStar Wine Cooler Reviews 2019

All About EdgeStar

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The EdgeStar is one of the trusted & popular wine cooler brands in the world of dedicated wine coolers. It is better known for their reliability, sleek design features, and low noise output. Whether you are shopping for a small wine cooler or a big one with many different functions, chances are EdgeStar has you covered for a reasonable price. EdgeStar leads the with superior functionality and European styling and also specializing in portability. These products cater to anyone searching for space-saving appliances or portable that offer maximum functionality for the minimal area. EdgeStar set the standard for delivering affordable and unique products with an unbeaten customer experience and service after the sale.

Important information for all enthusiastic wine lovers! If you entertain in pulling out one or more of your wines on special occasions, the EdgeStar wine cooler reviews will shine a light on a selection of the top wine coolers to complement your lifestyle. The EdgeStar range of wine chillers depicts a very distinctive appearance. With the Boasting, the unique signature design of EdgeStar Wine Coolers go beyond aesthetics and cater to feasibility too. Whether your intention is to store 30 wine bottles or over 100, your choice from a range of EdgeStar wine coolers will ensure that you can display your collection while storing it at optimal wine storage temperatures. Without further ado, here are the Six best wine coolers made by Edgestar.

Top Rated EdgeStar Wine Coolers 2019

  • EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler
  • EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler
  • 36 Bottle EdgeStar Built-in Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator
  • EdgeStar 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler
  • 166-Bottle EdgeStar Wine Cooler – Built-In Compressor

EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler


Price: $237.49

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:12 pm

If you have been in search of the reliable wine cooler, the chances are that you have bumped into EdgeStar 21 Bottle Freestanding model more. This means that you get to store their favourite wine brands and drink them later just at the perfect optimal temperature. EdgeStar Wine Dual Zone Wine Cooler is seen to be stylish among many of its competitors. Having it in a room will always complement your home decoration. Digital temperature controls should make it easy to make the changes to suit your needs. The model still features a premium door made out of stainless steel to ensure that the wine cooler stays for longer. With the auto defrost feature in EdgeStar 21 Bottle Wine Cooler, you will not have to worry about issues such as frosting on the door panels.

EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cooler Highs & Lows

  • Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling.
  • Premium stainless steel door trim with double paned tempered glass.
  • Double-Paned Tempered Glass.
  • Even Cooling.
  • Interior Lighting.
  • Scalloped Shelving.
  • Digital Controls.
  • Temperature Range.
  • Auto defrost.
  • Freestanding application.
  • Fully removable scalloped chrome shelves.

  • Some users complained about its realiability.

EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built in Wine Cooler

Price: $569.05

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:12 pm

The Edgestar Single Zone built-in Wine Cooler is inspired by you to fit seamlessly into your living room and suit your wine storage needs. This EdgeStar Slim design has a 15-inch width perfect for replacing an outdated appliance and allows you to store up to 30 bottles of your loved wine. The EdgeStar Single Zone Wine Cooler loaded with an elegant design and features this wine refrigerator is a popular choice that will perfectly blend into any home décor. While this Single Zone EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler is used as a stand-alone unit because of its good-looking all-around appearance. This EdgeStar Built in Wine Cooler’s main pulling factor is indeed its compatibility with its more storage space and functions.

EdgeStar Built-in Wine Cooler Highs & Lows
  • Elegant Design: Sleek stainless steel trim door with traditional slide-out wood trimmed shelves.
  • Reversible Door with Easy Used Digital Controls.
  • Stylish Tinted Glass with Shelf Bottle Arrangement facility.
  • Built-In or Freestanding Capable Single Zone wine cooler with superior Air Cooled Technology.
  • Safety Lock.
  • Large Storage Capacity: This EdgeStar Wine Cooler is capable to store 30 Standard Wine Capacity.

  • It only has Single temperature zone.

EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Wine Cooler


Price: $899.00

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:12 pm

EdgeStar 36 Built-in Wine Cooler is a Best wine cooler with dual temperature Zone. The Stainless steel model with lockable French doors will give an Elegant look for home decor. The Quality compressor ensures constant temperatures in both sections. You can set Dual Temperature range of 40ºF – 65º F in two zones with easy-touch digital controls. The built-in the top door frame will give a stylish look for this EdgeStar dual zone Wine cooler. Air-filter, blue LED lighting, levelling legs are the other features of this mid-sized cellar. 12 stainless steel slide-out wooden shelves can hold 36 standard size bottles. Let us have a look at the features of the EdgeStar Wine Cooler in the following sections.

EdgeStar Built-in Wine Cooler Highs & Lows
  • Large Capacity: 36 standard wine bottles of 750ml.
  • Freestanding or Undercounter application
  • Dual temperature zones with range 40ºF – 65º F for both zones.
  • Digital temperature control w/ blue LED displays
  • Separate Door lock on each door
  • French door layout w/ blue LED displays
  • Elegant Black cabinet with stainless steel trim wood shelves
  • The Interior light was designed for aesthetic appeal because it makes the fried look great.

  • Shelves only pull-out to around 4″.
  • A bit noisy

EdgeStar 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 121 Bottle Wine Cooler

Price: $1,089.00

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:12 pm

The party planners and avid wine collectors all understand the need to keep a large selection of wines on hand at all times. Keeping a larger collection of wine bottles may require the installation of a wine cellar, but space is often a constraining factor. EdgeStar 121 Bottle Wine Cooler is One great solution for this. Edgestar 121 bottle Wine, Cooler-CWR1211SZ, is large enough to hold a vast collection of wines. While the name implies, this EdgeStar built in wine cooler offers a sleek design so this can be used as a freestanding wine cooler as well. The compressor drove unit allows it to offer a vast range of temperature settings. The temperature compressor is assisted by fans to eliminate the temperature variations often seen in smaller single zone units.

EdgeStar Built-in Wine Cooler Highs & Lows
  • Temperature range 41°F-65°F.
  • Digital temperature controls LED display.
  • Slide-out, wood-trimmed wire shelves.
  • Auto defrost.
  • The Internal fan circulates air to evenly.
  • Replaceable built-in carbon filter.
  • Security lock; Built In and Freestanding Capabilities
  • Tinted glass door.
  • Reversible double-paned tempered glass door.
  • Flat faced stainless steel handle.

  • Some of the customers complained that EdgeStar Wine Cooler compressor is reasonably quiet, but the circulation fans are a bit noisy.


166-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Compressor Wine Cooler


Price: $1,289.00

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:12 pm

The 166-Bottle EdgeStar Built-in Wine cooler has a compressor-based cooling system. EdgeStar 166- Bottle Built-In Compressor Wine Cooler has a range of 40°F- 65°F. The 14 full-size wood-trimmed wire shelves slide out for convenient access to your wine bottles. This EdgeStar Built in Wine cooler has a security lock, blue LED lighting, a digital temperature display,  a carbon air filter, a black-dotted door for UV protection, and a black cabinet.

EdgeStar Built-in Wine Cooler Highs & Lows
  • A Temperature range: 40°F- 65°F.
  • LED display control panel and Internal LED lighting.
  • Dimensions of this Built-in Wine Cooler: 69 1/2″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D.
  • Has a Flat bar door handles and Safety lock.
  • For built-in or freestanding application.
  • Single temperature zone.
  • Tinted glass door for UV protection

  • We can’t Store red wine and White Wines at ideal drinking temperatures since it is a Single Zone Wine Cooler.


Have you decided to take your wine drinking experience to the next level and want to invest in an EdgeStar Wine Chiller? Either way, I hope these Wine Cooler Reviews should help you to make a right decision as to whether these wine coolers are right for you.