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EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone

If you have Interest in Wine collection, then the Wine cooler is a worthwhile investment. The Sales of these appliances, which are also known as wine refrigerators or wine coolers, have been growing. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best Wine cooler. Since I’m interested in Collection of different types of wines, a Wine cooler is required to store them. I researched for best Wine coolers and finally purchased a product.  So, I want to share my experience about this wine cooler to you. EdgeStar Dual Cooling Zones Wine coolers are suitable for those who are looking for One unit to cool both the Red and White Wines. The EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler can able to cool as low as  41ºF. This Wine refrigerator holds up to 26 Bottles. So, you can also buy this Wine Cooler machine who wants to store Wines in huge number.

EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

EdgeStar Dual Zone suits your specific wine storage needs. This built-in wine cooler has an elegant design in which loaded with features. EdgeStar Wine refrigerator is a popular choice that perfectly blends into any home decor. This slim design has a 15” width and allows you to store and display up to 26 bottles of your favorite wine. With this Wine cooler fridge, you can keep your Red and White wines chilled at perfect temperatures. In this, you can store 750 ml wine bottles which are ideal for large collections. EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler has dual panel glass door with stainless steel venting grate. This glass door tinted with a black dotted design that is used to prevent UV rays coming into the wine cooler. By this, you can protect your wines while being stored in cold temperature. Check out our Wine Cooler Reviews 2019 before purchase the EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator.

This EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler has flat bar handle and blue LED lighting for an excellent presentation. This unit can fit in the kitchen, game room, wine cellar and look perfect fitting into the cabinetry. This Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator features two separate, digitally controlled zones designed specifically to keep Red and White wines at optimum temperatures. The lower zone holds 18 bottles of white wine at a temperature range between 40-54ºF while the Upper zone stores 8 bottles of red wine between 54-64ºF. The built-in wine fridge wood shelves hold maximum five bottles per shelf. The carbon filter in EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler acts as a natural barrier against odors. Hence buy best EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler through below Review of the product.

EdgeStar Company

The “Living Direct” is an online retail company, specializing in consumer appliances, indoor air quality products, and lawn and garden furniture. Living Direct company also designs and manufactures two product brands, EdgeStar and KoldFront. EdgeStar is an industry leader in the compact appliance field, developing the compact and portable appliances designed for today’s busy lifestyles. Life today can be so hectic and rushed. So, EdgeStar brought their products to the market on the belief that thoughtful, well-designed and can fit into your life to make easier. This company mainly focuses on portability and innovative use of small spaces, while keeping an emphasis on quality construction and attentive customer support.

EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler Review

EdgeStar Wine Cooler has Air Cooled Technology. This technology helps to cool the entire interior to your desired temperature by using powerful circulation fans. This fans evenly distribute cold air eliminating hot spots and uneven cooling. This EdgeStar Wine refrigerator has tinted glass which ensures that while your wine bottles are kept, the integrity of your wine is protected from the potential harm of harsh light and UV rays. The sleek stainless steel trim door, matching slide-out stainless steel trimmed shelves provide a timeless design to showcase your treasured collection. I purchased this product and using it for few years. So, I am giving the details regarding the product features, specifications, etc. Therefore buy this best Wine Cooler at the cheapest price. Down the page follow the EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Review here.


  • Cooling System and Bottle Capacity
  • Shelves and Glass Door
  • Special Features

Powerful Compressor-based Cooling System: The Powerful circulation fans works with Compressor to evenly distribute cold air throughout the Unit. So, there is no need to worry about hot spots or uneven cooling.

Bottle Storage Capacity: EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cooler holds 18 bottles at lower zone and 8 bottles at the upper zone. The standard bottle capacity is based on the ‘Typical Bordeaux’ bottle dimensions. Please note that while storing larger bottle sizes, then bottle storage capacity reduces.

Stainless Steel Wood Trimmed Shelves: The built-in shelves/ racks holds a maximum of five bottles per shelf in a staggered reverse racked manner as well to the bottom display rack. There are Four shelves in the lower section and Two shelves in the upper section.

Reversible Tinted Glassdoor: In this Unit, the Glassdoor comes Tinted with the black dotted design which is used to prevent UV rays coming into the wine cooler while storing Wines in the cooler.

  • Auto Defrost: This Unit automatically defrosts under Most Ambient conditions. However, on colder settings, some frost may build up. Also, the more humid the ambient conditions, the more frost may build up.
  • Built-in Carbon Filter: EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler has A built-in carbon filter which protects your wine by acting as a natural barrier against harmful odors that may ruin the integrity of your wines.
  • Rubber bushing: The EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler has Rubber bushing which helps to absorb the vibrations and noise coming from the Compressor.

PRODUCT Features

Features Name Availability
Cooling Technologies
Bottle capacity
26 Bottles
Zone Type
Temperature Range
40 – 65ºF
Type of Wine Storage
Red, White, and Sparkle
Number of Racks
Adujstable Racks
Protected Glass door
Vibrations Free
Digital Display
Interior Light
Defrost Type
Auto Defrost
Usage Type
Self Closing Door
Door Lock
Vent Location
Other Features
Carbon filter, Rubber bushing


Specification Name Value
Brand Name
Model Info
Installation Type
Batteries Required?
Batteries included?
Colour/ Finish
Stainless Steel
Reversible Door
32”H x 15”W x 23 1/2”D
83 Pounds
1 years for Parts, 90 Days for labor


You can Keep your red and white wines chilled to a perfect temperature with the EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In Wine Cooler (CWR262DZ). In this Unit, the Temperature ranges in between 40 – 65ºF. The EdgeStar Wine Fridge is Dual Zone, then the lower zone has a wide temperature range of 40 – 54°F, while the upper zone has a temperature range of 54 – 65°F. Since the EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler can be able to cool as low as 41ºF which helps for chilling the sparkling wines to the optimal serving temperature. So, by using this Wine cooler you can store Red Wines, White Wines, Sparkling Wines at required temperatures.

Placement & Installation Process for EdgeStar Dual Zone CWR262DZ Wine Cooler

If you purchased the brand new EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cooler and Are you worried about the installation process? Here you can find detailed steps for the installation process:

  • It is necessary to allow adequate Ventilation space around the unit.
  • Place the Wine refrigerator at the installation location. Adjust the feet and place the unit flat on the platform depending on your installation requirements.
  • Plug in the wine cooler through the electrical outlet of the wine refrigerator which is behind the cabinet.
  • When installing the wine fridge under a counter, ensure proper service access and ventilation, allow at least 2/5” clearance at the back, 1/5” at top and 1/5” at sides.
  • The EdgeStar Wine refrigerator should be installed on a firm and level surface that will be able to support the entire weight of a fully loaded unit.
  • Align the Door handle with the screws and tighten using a Phillips head screwdriver until the handle is flush against the door frame.
  • A standard electrical supply (115V, 60 Hz), properly grounded in accordance with National Electrical Code and local codes and ordinances is required.


This product is warranted by EdgeStar. The EdgeStar Limited Warranty is given for Labor and Parts. For Labor a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase, labor will be performed free of charge at an authorized EdgeStar repair facility. For parts a period of One year from the date of original purchase, EdgeStar will supply new, rebuilt, or refurbished parts at free of charge.

Warnings & Safety Measures

  • Carefully move the refrigerator with the help of two more people. Failure to do so can result in injuries.
  • Do not use sharp instruments, rubbing alcohol, flammable fluids, or abrasive cleaners to remove tape or glue.
  • Don’t install the wine refrigerator behind a closed cabinet door.
  • The door handle screws should not be over-tighten as this may cause damage to the handle or the stainless steel door.
  • If you powered off the unit, please wait at least 5 minutes before powering it back on.
  • Never attempt to remove frost with sharp objects.
  • Store or Place the unit out of the reach of children or you may want to take additional precautions such as removing the door to prevent a child from being trapped inside the cooler.

EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Reviews of Users/ Customer

The Customers has reviewed this Wine Cooler with 3.3 Stars in Amazon. 17% of Users rated 5 Stars for this Wine Refrigerator. Have a look on some of the reviews given by Amazon. So, that you can buy the best Wine Cooler as per your requirements with the help of this Review.

Customer Review: 1 “Nice dual zone unit. Fits into our kitchen and space well.”

Customer Review: 2 “The cooler fit very well and was easy to set up. We’ve had it for several months and are very happy with its performance. The only negative is the bright blue temperature lights. I wish there was a way to dim them a little.”

Customer Review: 3 “We’ve had our wine fridge for about 6 months now & still love it. It replaced our trash compactor & fit perfectly. It looks great, & I love the dual temp zones. For the price, you can’t find anything else close.”

Customer Review: 4 “Great wine cooler to replace an old trash compactor. Fits pretty good in the space. A nice looking wine cooler.”


  • Auto Defrost
  • Built-in Carbon Filter
  • Reversible Glass Door
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • ETL Approved


  • This EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cooler maintains consistent temperatures for red, white and sparkling wines
  • This Unit has compressor-based cooling which makes it capable of chilling even in regions with a higher Ambient temperature
  • With this Built-In Wine Fridge, you can set Lower temperatures
  • EdgeStar CWR262DZ Wine Cooler can tolerate Higher ambient temperatures for Longer life
  • This Wine Refrigerator has powerful Compressor which may function well even in warmer Ambient Environments


  • This wine cooler will not satisfy those specifically looking for a unit that has Thermoelectric cooling technologies
  • EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is louder than the Wine coolers working with Thermo-electric
  • This EdgeStar Wine Fridge is Heavier than the other Thermoelectric units
  • EdgeStar Dual Zone Wine Cooler may not be Perfect for smaller spaces and living areas

Bottom Line

To chill both your red and white wines at a perfect temperature, EdgeStar 26 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler will be the best solution. The bottle capacity is not much less and not very high which will be sufficient for most of the wine lovers. Your wine will also be protected from the UV rays and with cool LED blue lighting, it ensures the excellent presentation of your wine collection. So, get this unit at the best price on Amazon and place it anywhere in kitchen or wine cellar or any living room or you can fix it into the cabinetry.

Nice dual zone unit. Can Fit in kitchen and space well. It work’s great. But produces a bit of noise when in its high cooling cycle.

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