10 Top-Rated Dual Zone Wine Coolers and Fridges- Chill both red & white wines in a single unit!

Best Rated Dual Zone Wine Coolers – Chill both red & white wines in a single unit!

Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler fior Sale

Are yo a wine lover, looking for a best way to preserve their taste to enjoy it always. Then you must need a Wine Cooler for sure. But know the real issue comes in plot, shoul we choose single zone oe or dual Zone one. Dual zone wine cooler comes with two compartments that can be set to different temperatures, allowing one to achieve the right storage temperature for two types wine at a time.  Have no idea about what to choose, here is Complete Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review with Buying Guide. 

The Primary purpose of the wine cooler is to cool wine to its ideal temperature. The Ideal humidity level for wine ranges between 30-40%. Storage under a condition of controlled temperature and humidity is essential to preserve the flavor, integrity, and quality of wine which is fact. Dual zone wine coolers are also deemed to be just the right size and functionalities for those who think that a multiple zone wine refrigerator is just too much. Dual zone coolers are appropriate for mid sized collection and also for those who do not have more than 2 variant of wines to be stored.

Top 10 Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review 2020

When compared to the single zone ones, the dual zone wine coolers have many advantages. As we can store two different types of wines in the same wine cooler by setting different temperatures for each zone. For example, the dual zone wine cooler allows us to store red wine in the upper zone by the setting the desirable temperature of red wines. Make sure to refer Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review to get a perfect wine chiller for Home bar. 

Similarly, in the lower zone, we can preserve the white wine by adjusting the temperature which is preferable for the white wine.So, Check the best top 5 dual zone wine coolers and buy the best one from Amazon on considering your requirements like bottle capacity and cooling techniques at an affordable budget. Here is the list of Top 10 best wine cooler of dual zone.

Kalamera 46 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

Kalamera KRC 46DZBTGD 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding Wine refrigerator image
  • Digital LED Temperature Control
  • Built-in or Freestanding installation
  • Dual Zone Control

Koldfront Wine Cooler (TWR247ESS)

Koldfront TWR247ESS 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler image
  • Thermo-electric cooling
  • Tempered glass door; Safety lock
  • LED lighting and An LCD temperature display

Aobosi 15'' Wine Cooler Dual Zone 28 Bottle

Aobosi YC103C Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator image
  • The wine in the cooler is protected from the harmful UV rays due to the double glass door
  • The one button touch on the digital control panel

The Kalamera Built-in or Freestanding Wine Cooler is a perfect dual zone wine cooler with a bottle capacity of 46 bottles. This dual zone wine cooler can store upto 12 bottles in the upper zone and 24 bottles in lower zone. The temperature range of the upper area is 40-50°F and the lower region temperature range is  50-66°F.

  • Good Storage Capacity. It can store upto 46 bottles

  • It uses Advanced compressor technology which provides even cooling

  • Low vibration and noise

  • It can be used as free-standing as well as under counter wine cooler

It has a three-layered tempered glass door with a stainless steel frame which stabilizes the interior temperatures of wine cooler and protects the glass from fogging.  This dual zone built in wine cooler is best choice for Compact kItchen as it offer space saving and fit in it.  




  • Dual Zone Control
  • Quiet and Low Vibration
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Digital LED Temperature Control
  • Built-in or Freestanding installation
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Triple-layered glass still fogged on some models

The Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler (TWR247ESS). Is a free-standing wine cooler has two temperature zones, both which use thermoelectric cooling to ensure that up to 24 bottles of one can wine taste as the winemakers intended. The top zone has a temperature range of 54 to 66°F while the lower zone has a temperature range of 46 to 66°F. Both zones can be controlled by the centrally located touch-sensitive control panel featuring a LCD temperature display and temperature adjustment buttons for both the top and lower zones.

  • Thermoelectric cooling

  • Free-standing installation

  • Tempered glass door

  • Safety lock

  • Black cabinet

  • Stainless steel door trim

  • Control panel with LCD temperature display for both zones

The control panel also features a light button that controls the blue LED light inside the top temperature zone. The light paired with the tempered glass door give one can a clear display from which to view one can wines as they chill. Due to its black cabinet and stainless steel trim and door handle, this wine cooler is a sleek addition to any room, and the wooden shelving gives the unit a touch of classic style reminiscent of a California wine cellar.

This Koldfront dual zone wine and beverage cooler has an available lock to ensure the safety of its contents and to keep one can children out of harm’s way. Both zones can be controlled by the centrally located control panel featuring a LCD temperature display and temperature adjustment buttons for both the top and lower zones Capacity: This free-standing wine cooler can chill up to 24 bottles of one can wine ensuring that they taste just as the winemakers intended Dimensions: 33.5″ H x 14″ W x 22.25″ D.




  • Thermo-electric cooling is more efficient and eliminates vibrations
  • An LCD temperature display and push-button control keep tabs on both cooling zones
  • Bathe one canr wine collection in the inviting (and efficient) glow of LED lighting
  • Keep one canr wine safe behind lock-and-key with the included safety lock


  • The fan tends to make noise while operating after certain months

The stylish 15” aobosi wine cooler allows to store good range of both whites and red wines. The wine cooler is equipped with wooden shelves which acts as a great moisture resistant. The wooden shelves helps the bottles to be protected from getting scratched. As per aobosi wine cooler reviews, it has a unique feature of child lock system which helps to lock the cooler when children are around and helps to avoid any breakage or accidents.

  • The wine cooler operates at 42dB

  • The slide of the wooden shelves is very smooth which enables smooth sliding of the shelves for removal and placing the bottles easily

  • Lock Screen Function

  • Stainless Steel Handle

  • Advanced Circulation System

The wine is specially designed in a manner which directly tends to blend with any interiors and stand out. The wooden shelves and the stainless steel combination of this aobosi 15 inch wine cooler enhances any space wherever it placed. However for large bottle capacity you can choose Aobosi 24 inch beverage and wine cooler. 




  • It is protected from the harmful UV rays due to the double glass door
  • The one button touch on the digital control panel simplifies the task of setting temperature


  • The digital panel set inside forces the user to open the door of the wine cooler to adjust the temperature

The economical size, this Phiestina Dual Zone Wine cooler is packed with features usually reserved for large, bulky wine coolers. Beautiful and durable, one can will fall in love with the easy maintenance and efficient operation. Comes with our state of the art fan-circulated air-cooling system. Cool air blows and distributes throughout the cabinet to ensure temperature uniformity in the entire cooler. A gas charged tempered safety glass door allows for easy cleaning while elegantly displaying one canr stock. The UV double layered coated glass to protect wine from both incandescent and fluorescent light sources. 

  • The wine cooler has energy efficient blue LED lights

  • The UV double layered coated glass

Designed to give one can the maximum amount of cooling storage in a minimum amount of space, it’s the out-of-the-way solution one can have been looking for. The unit has front venting system for built in or under the counter.




  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • The shelves of the wine cooler are smooth enough to slide down and is easy to clean


  • The temperature controls does not work effectively
  • The customer service is not efficient and responsive

The Avallon AWC151DZRH built-in wine cooler combines luxury and style to create a superior storage environment for one canr treasured wine collection. Its two precise, independently controlled cooling zones enable one can to keep both red and white wines at their optimal storage temperatures: 8 standard Bordeaux size bottles in the top zone and 15 bottles in the bottom zone.Smooth convenient access to one canr collection is facilitated by 14 durable roll-out shelves. These shelves glide and extend out to 95% of their depth so that one can never have to reach even for bottles in the back.

  • The collection is protected with double paned glass insulated with argon

  • The wine cooler comes equipped with 6 (six) sturdy wood shelves with stainless steel trim that smoothly roll out as far as 95 percent

  • The range of temperature can be set anywhere from 40 to 65°F and is conveniently displayed via LED display

Interior fans supplement the function of the compressor by circulating cool air throughout the compartment. Durable stainless steel construction of the frame, fittings and oversized handle are easy to clean and contributes to a clean high-end professional aesthetic. Two durable panes of Low-E glass are separated by Argon gas to provide both clarity and protection. Although one  can view collection clearly, harmful elements such as UV rays and heat are prevented from entering the cooler and compromising the integrity of the wine.




  • The front vent sits flush, making a more seamless look with no visible screws
  • The cooling zone is kept cool using efficiently compressed and cooled air


  • The shelves tend to get moist since the material used for shelves is not resistant to moisture

Whynter WC is one of the best dual zone wine fridge which blends with any interiors easily. The wine cooler is the best solution for small space. The wine cooler can accommodate 24 bottles each having a capacity of 750 ml. The wine cooler is equipped with dual temperature so that the whites and reds can be stored properly. Having the light display in the interior of the wine cooler is a perfect stand out element in any room where it is placed.

  • The wine cooler generates minimal vibration and noise while operating

  • There is a digital control panel at the door which helps to maintain the temperature

This Thermoelectric wine cooler is not noisy as compared to other wine cooler. The wine cooler operates on thermoelectric cooling system. The wine cooler has 2 different temperature setting section where in it can maintain different temperature in each section separately.




  • Freestanding design acts as an add on feature to getting it placed easily
  • The wine cooler has a fan set up internal which helps to maintain the temperature uniformly


  • The size restriction of the wine bottles act as a barrier to fit in big bottles exceeding 750ml
  • The shelves of the rack are not smooth enough to slide out hence making cleaning difficult

The 44 Bottle Lanbo wine cooler has a built-in compressor fan cooling mechanism which promotes the circulation of cool and humid air and maintains a consistent temperature at all times. the cooler also has a double-paned tempered glass door that keeps UV rays and humidity out and further ensures that the wines are stored in the right temperature.The wine cooler has touch temperature controls, the wine cooler also has a temperature memory function that allows to choose the right temperature setting for wines in the easiest way possible.

  • The wine cooler can be used freestanding or installed built-in

  • The wine cooler has high storage capacity

To make the wine cooler more functional, it is made with elegant-looking which tends to blend with interiors.  Beech wooden shelves that are removable and adjustable. This gives one can the option to rearrange and reconfigure its laone cant, allowing one can to maximize the available storage space inside the cooler.




  • The wooden shelves act as a great resistance to moisture and looks elegant
  • The wine cooler has a built in fan and is comfortable to handle


  • The wine cooler is too noisy as compared to others

The Koldfront twr187ess is actually a quite attractive wine cooler, which consists of removable wooden shelves. The Koldfront wine cooler has a sleek design that includes an LCD display to control the temperature of the wines kept inside the cooler, whereas, there are lights present on the inside in order to give one can a clear illuminating view of the bottles kept inside. The dual zone of this wine cooler allows one can to keep 18 bottles inside the cooler.

This ultimate wine cooler is made from the material stainless steel, which adds on to the design and gloss of the wine cooler, making it more presentable. The structure of the Koldfront 18 bottle dual zone thermoelectric wine cooler is extremely sleek, and thus, one can can store it anywhere one can want.

  • Dual Zone Design

  • Stainless Steel

  • Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling

  • Temperature Ranges from 54 to 66°F while the lower zone ranges from 46 to 66°F

The temperatures for both the compartments is different and make sure that one can place the correct wine bottles in the top and bottom zones as the temperature range for the top zone is 54° F to 66° F, and that of the bottom zone is 46° F to 66°F. The wine enthusiasts can take complete advantage of the performance, installation, and design of this modern wine cooler.




  • Maintains optimum temperatures simultaneously
  • The units use energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling systems
  • LED interior lighting for display and temperature adjustment
  • Precise temperature management using digital controls
  • It can contain 18 wine bottles maximum


  • This wine cooler is too expensive
  • The water pan has to be removed from the rear of the unit

Edgestar built-in wine cooler is one of the best dual zone wine coolers with 36 bottle capacity. The impressive wine cooler design fits perfectly in standard undercounter areas and allows you to preserve upto 36 bottles of your favorite wine.

  • Storage capacity is 36 bottles

  • Low vibration and noise

  • Temperature Range: 40-65º F for both zones

  • Auto defrost

  • LED displays show current temperature

  • Security lock

Coming to the features, the elegant French door design brings more attraction to our wine fridge, and it will entertain your guests with its appearance as well as performance.




  • Built-in or Freestanding installation
  • Auto Defrost
  • Security Lock on each door
  • LED Display
  • Elegant Design


  • Less Power Efficient

The NewAir AW-320ED 32 bottle wine cooler is the perfect storage solution for the serious wine collector. Yes, this newair dual zone wine cooler runs using the thermoelectric cooling system which preserves your wine at the perfect storage temperature. As newair 46 bottle wine cooler is a dual zone you can store white and red varietals in the same unit.

  • The storage capacity of this wine cooler is 32 bottles

  • It allows to preserve 16 bottles in one zone and 16 in another

  • It runs with thermoelectric cooling technology

  • Temperature ranges between 46 – 66 degrees F

  • The LED interior lighting gives the most attractive look to your wine cooler

  • Finally, the price of this wine cooler is $349.99

This freestanding wine cooler is compressor-free, so it operates almost silently and vibration-free, without any refrigerants or chemicals that might harm the environment. An attractive blue LED interior lighting gives the sophisticated look with digital controls and temperature adjustments. So with elegant appearance and high performance the NewAir sets a remarkable trend by satisfying lakhs of consumers.




  • Digital Display
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Cooling System


  • Bad Smell

Size is an important factor to be considered before buying a wine cooler since it will be dependent on the amount of space available in the house. The factor is considered in order to figure out the placement of the unit in the house. Dual zone coolers are bigger in size than single zone coolers.

The reason one is buying a wine cooler is so that one can store and preserve the wine at the right temperature, so if the unit which one is considering where in one cannot control the temperature levels easily, then one is wasting  time and money. The two compartments should have different temperature ranges, with each range corresponding to either storage temperature range or service temperature range. Ideally, one should be able to store the wines in temperatures as low as 46 degrees Fahrenheit to an average of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

This factor depends on the collection one has. Dual zone wine coolers are ideal for those with mid-sized collections, or those with less than a dozen bottles but plan to make their wine collection grow.

Stainless steel is a favorite among wine experts since they are more durable and more practical in aiding temperature maintenance, and they also lend a classy and polished look to the unit. Stainless steel exteriors also make the wine cooler fairly easier to clean and maintain.To keep the temperature inside undisturbed, many units have doors made of tempered glass. The wooden shelves would be good since it acts a great resistance to moisture.

A common complaint against most cooling and refrigerating units is the vibration, compounded by a whirring or humming noise that can be quite irritating if it goes on endlessly. It’s a good thing, then, that many models are now built with low vibration and equally low noise or decibel levels.

This factor is dependent on the size of the wine cooler. Bigger the size of the cooler, higher will be the price. However, lot of companies are coming up with new and reasonably priced wine coolers.


What is the best dual zone wine cooler?

 Kalamera 46 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler is the best dual zone wine cooler.

How does a dual-zone wine cooler work?

A dual-zone wine cooler has two zones, one for storing wines which require lower temperatures, and one for the wines which require warmer temperatures. It works on the principle of a vapor compression cycle.

How to use a dual-zone wine cooler?

 You can use a dual-zone wine cooler for storing both red wine and white wine, at two different temperatures. While the upper zone has lower temperatures, the lower zone has high temperatures, and you can easily handle the temperature with the help of the regulator provided

How much does a Dual Zone Wine Cooler cost?

 A dual-zone wine cooler would cost around $200 to $800, depending upon the brand and model.

The question of cooling the wine at the desired temperature be it 6 or 28, does not matter the function of the dual zone cooler should be appropriate and priority.

So, Finally, This is the list of top 10 best dual zone wine coolers with various features and using advanced technologies. Hence, Based on your requirement and the budget you can buy the best dual zone wine cooler. In my opinion buying dual zone wine cooler is always preferable as you can store two different types of wine at same wine cooler at optimum temperature. So, Hurry up and buy the best dual zone wine cooler which suits your need at Amazon with great discounts and offers.

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