Single Zone vs Dual Zone Wine Cooler | Difference between Dual & Single Zone Wine Cooler

Before buying a Wine Cooler there will be many things or factors to consider. One such thing is Dual-zone or Single zone. Here is the guide on Dual-zone vs single zone wine cooler. Check out the complete description of each one and choose the best Wine cooler that suits your requirements.

Dual Zone vs Single Zone Wine Cooler

Why you should buy a dual zone wine cooler? The wine collection is a hobby that amounts to quite a lot of money. Storing wines at the right temperature is very important as it deeply affects the taste of the wine. If a wine is stored at room temperature, it would become sweet and thin and would give a pungent smell. Red wines have a compound called tannin in them which breaks down when red wine is stored at room temperature. It leads to inconsistency of flavors. If red wine is chilled, the tannin is boosted which gives the wine more flavor.

Dual Zone vs Single Zone Wine Cooler image
Dual Zone vs Single Zone Wine Cooler image

We need to consider certain points while purchasing a wine cooler. Some of the things to keep in mind are the location where the unit will be installed, the amount of storage space which you are willing to sacrifice, how many zones you want, for what business you want to use for home or bars and restaurants and of course the budget you have.

Temperature zones are the spaces present within a wine cooler that allow the manipulation of temperature change. There are two types of wine coolers based on zones of temperature. They are single zone wine cooler and dual zone wine cooler. Let us discuss them one by one.

Single Zone Wine Cooler

Single zone wine cooler is most commonly found in freestanding and built-in wine coolers. In Single Zone Wine Coolers, the temperature is set to the desired number. It is best suited for consumers who purchase only a certain kind of wine. You can set the temperature according to the wine of your choice in a single zone wine cooler. Besides, single zone wine cooler is easy to maintain and operate because one particular stock can be maintained easily. It is a great option to store wines in a neat fashion rather than messing up and stockpiling the storage space. It is an affordable option for people with limited budget.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Now if we take a look at best dual zone wine cooler, it provides us with two separate compartments with a thermostat which can be set to the desired temperature according to the kind of wine. It is best suited for the consumer who likes to store and collect different types of wine or sparkling beverages. We can keep the red wine in one storage space at 60 degrees and white wine in the bottom portion at 52 degrees. Dual zone wine cooler gives freedom to try out different wines. But the drawback of dual zone wine cooler is that it is not budget friendly. It is more costly than a single zone wine cooler.

Conclusion on Single Zone vs Dual Zone Wine Cooler

By jotting down the difference between a single zone vs dual zone wine cooler, you will have a clear idea which wine cooler matches your criteria. Whether you are new to wines or a veteran, you can find an exact wine cooler at a reasonable price. In my personal opinion about dual zone vs single zone wine cooler, the dual zone wine cooler takes an edge over single wine cooler as you can store both red wines and white wines at their optimal temperatures. Dual zone wine cooler is great for hosting social events. In the battle of dual zone wine cooler vs single zone, dual zone wins as it looks classy like a piece of furniture and is able to hold more bottles than single zone wine cooler.