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Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler Review 2022

When you are having many wine bottles that require to be chilled, the most reasonable and expedient way is to store them in fashionable Danby designer wine cooler. Danby 36 bottle freestanding wine cooler is very spacious unit that offers cooling space of 3.3 cubic feet which is intended to store 36 wine bottles on good-looking black wire shelves. The collection of your wines on shelves also appear to be pretty impressive because of blue LED lights which attractively showcases the wine bottles through the stylish door made of tempered glass which protects from UV rays.

The Danby 36 bottle wine cooler is a stunning and efficient way to keep the bottles cool. Danby 36 bottle freestanding wine cooler does not require any outlet for functioning, means that you can place this wine cooler wherever you need. The wine bottles will be always at your preferred temperature as the wine cooler range lies in between 43 degree Fahrenheit and 57 degree Fahrenheit. The chilling process in Danby freestanding wine cooler is not interfered with any incandescent bulb and the glass door is designed in such way that collection is protected from destructive ultraviolet rays. Study complete Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler Review below for in-depth knowledge on it.


  • Tempered glass door and Magnetic door gaskets
  • Impressive design
  • Thermostat dial and Temperature settings

1. Tempered glass door and Magnetic door gaskets

Tempered Glass Door: Danby built in wine cooler is designed with tempered glass door which helps in protecting the wine bottles from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Lower-level pocket styles handle which will be very convenient to use.

Magnetic Door Gaskets: This Danby Wine Refrigerator has tight fitting seals that will retain the humidity levels and cooling power. It also has clever reversible door sway that allows you to open the door from right or left hand side.

2. Impressive design

The collection of your wines in this Danby dual zone wine cooler will have relatively impressive look with blue LED lightings and which delightfully showcases all the bottles through chic tempered glass door. As you can see in the image, the Danby DWC93BLSDB 36-Bottle Free-Standing Wine Cooler is pretty cool and looks stylish in your modern home. As there is no need of outlet, you can place this freestanding wine cooler anywhere in your place.

3. Thermostat dial and Temperature settings

Externally Danby freestanding wine cooler mounted with rear wall thermostat to control the temperature in wine cooler. Based on the temperature raise/fall below/ above the cooling level soon the compressor (motor) will on/off. Danby wine cooler temperature setting lies between 4 degree centigrade and 14 degree centigrade so that bottles will always be in your preferred temperature. The chilling process is not interfered with any incandescent bulb.



  • Manufacturer : Danby
  • Item model number : DWC93BLSDB
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Form factor : Stand Alone
  • Material type : Steel
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions : 20.08 x 17.52 x 32.76 inches
  • Item Weight : 69 pounds
  • Warranty : 1 year on parts and 1 year for labor in home service



Danby’s wine cooler has a temperature range of 43F to 57F, and the wine cooler remains at room temperature, if not set.


Danby 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler by Danby has removable shelves, not sliding ones. So, you can remove the shelves individually in this wine cooler.


Danby DWC93BLSDB 36 bottle wine cooler is a single zone and standalone wine cooler which make use of thermoelectric cooling system, thus it functions quieter compared to refrigerators. This wine cooler has 5 metallic glide out shelves and 1 stagger shelf; all together impressively holds 36 wine bottles.

The interior of wine cooler has blue LED light that gives you clear picture of bottles inside, so that you can perfectly pick out the bottle you need. Easy to access the unit with reversible swing door that has right and left handle opening. With recessed pocket style it can be further easy to assist. The tampered glass door protects the wine bottles from UV rays. This wine chiller has less demand these days due to analog temperature control but overall this is quiet, has shelves, blue LED lights, comfortable handle and worth for money. Hope our Danby Wine Cooler Reviews are useful for you to choose the best unit. Thank you!

Danby DWC93BLSDB 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler image

Overall, Danby 36-Bottle Wine Cooler is the stylish free-standing unit that shows our favorite collection beautifully with its cool blue LED lights. It is not only attractive but also effective to keep our wine cool and tasty.


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