Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 Wine Cooler – Perfect solution for your favourite wine collection!

Storing a large assortment of wines as well as retaining their original taste is not an easy task. It is essential to keep them in a cool place and preserve their quality. Wine coolers are the most economical and convenient way to cool several wine bottles at a single time. It merely means that when you are willing to store various kinds of wines, then the Danby 36 bottle freestanding wine cooler is the best choice to pick that maintains the rich taste of your wine collection. Dive into this detailed Danby 36 bottle wine cooler review to know whether it fits your requirement or not.

Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 Wine Cooler is a perfect and complete solution for storing your favorite red and white wines. The modern features and versatile storage, and stylish design give this model an edge over other available wine cellars. Danby wine cellar offers almost everything required for proper storage of wines. It has an excellent capacity to store 36 bottles of wine suitable for accommodating a fantastic party at your house and a meeting at your office. However, it is not the end of these amazing features. There are many more specifications this wine cooler offers. We were awestruck to see this wine cooler’s functioning when we bought it for the sake of testing and we bet that you too will be just as amazed as us.

Danby 36 bottle Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Design

We found that Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is furnished with a superior design and structure that will make you not hesitate to place it in your beautiful home. Its sleek body has an ability to blend into any interior space. This wine cooler that can store both white & red wine bottles comes with a tempered smoked glass door and durable black wire shelves. It has attractive and impressive shelving units with beautiful LED interior lighting. Also, it features a trendy recessed pocket-style handle and a reversible door swing for a great experience while enjoying with your closed ones.

It is a free standing wine cooler that can be installed at any place, including kitchens, dining rooms, bar areas, and more. The interior and exterior parts of this wine fridge beautifully showcase your wine bottles stored in this Danby DWC036A1BSSDB-6 wine refrigerator. Its high-quality structure protects wine bottles from outer moisture and heat. Danby wine fridge 36 bottles is entirely suitable for red and white wines that require a proper range of temperature. Thus, its design is a major plus point of this wine cellar.

2. Shelves

Shelves are an essential component of a wine cooler. A significant reason behind this is the number of shelves denoting a wine cooler’s capacity to store drinks and beverages. Also, shelves should have a potential to bear the weight of numerous wine bottles that are being held. We carefully observed this trait and found that this Danby single zone wine fridge furnishes a good quantity of shelves made of high-quality materials. It gives an advantage to a person to store up to 36 bottles, including champagne and beer.

This Danby wine refrigerator has 5 durable black wire shelves. These shelves allow you to place your favorite wines. Their durability aspect provides stability to wine bottles, and they don’t slip from them. This aspect protects them from breakage, and you can store them without any worry. Also, their adjustability nature to store various larger bottles is another highlight. You can buy this fridge if you are looking for strong shelves. Therefore, in this factor, Danby wine cellar occupies its unique position among competitors in this product category.

3. Temperature

A wine refrigerator is of no use unless it sustains the right temperature and provides an equal amount of cooling to every product stored inside it. This Danby 36 bottle standing wine cooler DWC036A1BSSDB-6 focuses on this factor and gives you a facility to set the required temperature you wish. In simple words, you can change its temperature according to your needs. You can easily alter cooling by increasing or decreasing it whenever you desire. In case you store a large number of wine bottles, then you can increase set temperature cooling.

You can custom set its freezing conditions by changing the temperature in your bar fridge between a range of 43°F and 57°F (6°C and 14°C). It gives a perfect temperature to red and white wines. One can, without any worry, store their wine collection for more extended periods. Thus, it is a crucial factor that this wine cellar fulfils and performs well compared to other wine coolers.

4. Storage Capacity

To store a unique assortment of red and white wines, it is essential to buy a freestanding wine chiller with a massive storage capacity that can hold various types of bottles. If a wine cellar doesn’t have space to stock a decent quantity, it is not value for the money device. But this is not the problem with Danby 3.5 Cu. Ft wine refrigerator. It is a 93.4 liters red wine cooler that stores up to 36 bottles of your favorite wines.

This mini wine cooler offers 3.3 cubic feet of cooling space designed to store maximum bottles at a time. The entire cooling space is visible through its tempered-glass door and helps you know the amount of space available after holding a specific capacity. We find this amount acceptable and enough for preserving a decent quantity of wine bottles for any expected or unexpected gatherings. Hence, this trait has impressed us even more.

5. Applied Science

In this contemporary world, technology is playing a visible role, and electronic appliances have greater effects. People are showing keen interest in objects that follow the latest technological features. Traditional wine coolers don’t use the latest advancements, hence unable to accomplish customers’ expectations. Maybe that is the reason why this freestanding wine cooler is popular among typical wine coolers.

It makes use of blue LED interior lighting that impressively showcases wine bottles through an elegant tempered-glass door. There is no incandescent bulb that usually interferes with the chilling process and fades off bottle labels. This wine cooler ensures even cooling and doesn’t affect your wine’s quality. Further, its glass door has an impressive design that can protect your incredible wine collection from harmful ultraviolet rays and moisture from outside. It also makes use of a reversible door swing that allows you to open this beverage fridge from any of the sides, i.e., left or right-hand side. LED lights are energy-efficient and consume less power as compared to other wine coolers.



  • Brand : Danby
  • Model Name : DWC036A1BSSDB-6
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 19.7 x 17.5 x 33.2 inches
  • Capacity : 3.3 Cubic Feet
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Shelves : 5
  • Color : Black/Grey
  • Voltage : 115 volts
  • Installation Type : Freestanding


Can I run Danby wine fridge 36 bottle empty?

Yes, it is possible to run this Danby wine cooler empty. It is not mandatory to fill all 36 bottles at a time, and you can keep a few bottles as per your needs.

Will champagne bottles fit without removing shelves of Danby 36 bottle freestanding wine fridge?

Yes, champagne bottles easily fit into this Danby wine fridge. There is no need to remove shelves while storing them in a wine cooler. It is easy to hold bottles of any size in this wine refrigerator.

Are the Danby 36-bottle freestanding wine cooler shelves adjustable to accommodate larger bottles?

Yes, this Danby 36-bottle wine cooler shelves are adjustable. You have to remove them, if required, to accommodate larger bottles. In case you need to store a few of them, you can maintain the number of shelves accordingly.

How many temperature controls are there for Danby DWC036A1BSSDB wine cooler?

There is only one thermostat unit or temperature control in the Danby 3.6 cu ft wine cellar.

Are the shelves removable for Danby 36 bottles wine cooler?

Yes, this Danby free standing wine refrigerator’s shelves are removable. It allows an individual to store larger bottles without any problem. From red wine bottles to beer bottles, it will enable you to hold bottles of any size.

Final Thoughts

Danby wine chiller is a compact wine cooler that efficiently stores one’s favorite wine collection for preserving its original quality for a perennial period. This wine cooler can easily store up to 36 bottles, with an appreciable storage capacity to accommodate any occasion. It is a great wine cooler to purchase that furnishes everything that a wine lover can expect. Perfect and stable temperature levels for maintaining cold air conditioned around, makes it a good option for everyone who wants to have a wine refrigerator at their houses.

The Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cellar is an appliance in which an individual can stock a collection of 36 bottles of their extraordinary wines, beer, and champagne. We highly recommend this product to you. Hope you find this Danby 36 bottle Wine Cooler review helpful as it is true to its best and clarifies most of your concerns.