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Nowadays wine chiller is a trending appliance in today’s market. The wine coolers are embedded with advanced technology to satisfy every customer requirements. Among them, Cuisinart Wine Cooler serves it best for all its clients and provides it best service. The wine fridges come with different storage capacities. Even we can store one bottle to maintain the consistency. Different wine requires different storage temperatures. For this purpose also we have thermostat temperature ranges by which we can set and store wines at absolute temperatures. Countertop Wine Coolers can easily fit at any corner of the room. The design of the wine coolers helps to enhance and intensify the look of our house. To store only single type of wine i.e. either red single zone wine refrigerators are perfect. If you want to store both types of wines, then you can prefer Dual Zone Wine Fridge.

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All About Cuisinart

cuisinart wine cooler

The Cuisinart company has over 40 years of excellence. This company is not only limited to food processors. Company has extracted a variety of awards for Marketing campaigns and websites. The “My Pantry” has achieved many awards including Platinum AVA Award. As the company provides, Eco-Friendly kit it achieved Gold Summit International Award. To make every meal memorable, Cuisinart tries its level best. This Cuisinart product offers easy and exciting new techniques for healthier lunch. The company develops and designs the appliances with some core values like nobility and robustness.

Cuisinart 8 Bottle Wine CoolerCuisinart wine coolerPrice: $158.57

The Cuisinart private reserve 8-bottle wine cellar is capable of storing eight standard bottles. To maintain ideal temperature this chiller uses the thermoelectric cooling system. This Cuisinart 8 Bottle Wine Cooler has a quiet operation, i.e., without noise and vibration. You can set temperature ranging from 39-68F by the blue LED display. This Cuisinart Wine Fridge is the best chiller to store either your white, red wines or champagne. To create a precise control you can quickly adjust the cooler. For the movement of air inside the fridge, the thermoelectric system is necessary.

We can store red or white wines at the proper temperature. By the electronic touchpad, you can keep the wines at your choice of temperature. This Cuisinart Thermoelectric Cooling Wine Cooler consumes less energy and supports for a quiet and vibration-free mechanism. The Blue LED lights help to have better assistance for your wine collection. The weight of Cuisinart Wine Cellar 8 Bottle is 23.8 pounds and dimensions are 10.4 x 17.4 x 20.7 inches. The Cuisinart 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar offers you a limited 3-year warranty.


Cuisinart 16-Bottle Wine Cooler

Cuisianrt wine coolerPrice: $164.00

This Cuisinart Wine Chiller ensures for a storage of 16 bottles at an ideal temperature. We can electronically set the temperature as per our wish using the touchpad. In this Cuisinart Wine Fridge, we can set temperature ranging from 39 to 68 degree Fahrenheit. For vibration and silent free operation, this Cuisinart wine cooler is integrated with the thermoelectric cooling system. We can complement its design because an attractive stainless finish models it looks. The soft interior lighting makes to have a better aid for this chiller which comes in an on/off control. We can store either red or white wine at a perfect temperature to maintain the texture of the wine.

The Cuisinart CWC-1600 Single Zone Private Wine Cooler offers a 3-year warranty and has an excellent customer support. By the touchpad, you can set the temperature as per your wish. Some people like white wines whereas some people only like red wines so this wine chiller is best for you. Before using the Cuisinart CWC 1600 Wine cooler, read the instructions carefully. This Cuisinart Private Reserve 16-Bottle Wine Cellar has an elegant look with the modern display.


Cuisinart 12-Bottle Wine Chiller

Cuisinart 12 bottlePrice: $169.00

This Cuisinart wine cooler helps to maintain the taste and aroma of 12 bottles of wine. We can store both red and white wines at the perfect temperature. The temperature ranges from 39-68 degree Fahrenheit by which we can set the temperature as per our wish. The Cuisinart Thermoelectric Wine Cooler offers a vibration and silent free operation. To highlight the design wine chiller is integrated with dual doors with a stainless steel black finish.

The six chrome shelves can hold 750 ml bottle. The settings on the electronic touchpad are visible on the LED display. For individual thermoelectric cooling, dual fan system on each zone helps for smooth and quiet operation. We can also set the same temperature in both compartments. Three-year limited warranty is offered to Cuisinart 12 Bottle Wine Cooler. The dimensions and weight of the wine cellar are 21L x 19W x 15H in and 42.4 pounds.



Cuisinart 32-Bottle Wine Fridge

Cuisinart wine coolerPrice: $399.00

The dual thermoelectric in 32 Bottle Cuisinart Wine Cooler helps for a smooth operation and vibration-free operation. The eight chrome racks can hold 750ml bottles. It can easily attract anyone by its look even if you place it in any corner of the room. This wine chiller offers a limited 3-year warranty. We can set temperature by the adjustable thermostat between 39-68 degree Fahrenheit. You can admire your wine collection because it is visible even through wine chiller by the double-pane viewing window and interior lighting. You can turn on/ off the interior light as per your wish. To maintain a level on the floor, we have adjustable feet.

The energy consumed by this Cuisinart wine chiller is less which is a positive point to observe. This Cuisinart Wine Refrigerator fits in any room because of its stainless finish. For the precise temperature control, we have an electronic touchpad with LED display. We can preserve not only red and white wines but also Champagnes.


Cuisinart 11 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Cuisinart wine coolerPrice: $79.95

This Cuisinart CWC-900 Private Reserve Wine Cellar can store and hold upto 11 bottles. It comes with a Compressor-less thermoelectric cooling system for a vibration-free and silent operation. For ensuring ideal storage and serving temperatures Cuisinart 11-bottle Wine Refrigerator has advanced controls.e., we can have a prior adjustment to the temperature controls. The three removable chrome racks support to store wine bottles which are not standard sized. To make this Countertop wine chiller attractive with the stainless steel design. 

The Cuisinart Wine Cellar CWC-900 Private Reserve 11-bottle Countertop can be easily fit in any corner of the room and intensifies the look. We can easily adjust the temperature controls by the electronic thermostat with LED display. If you want to change from Fahrenheit to Centigrade, then you can do it instantly from the switches. Manual adjustment to temperatures is also observed in this Cuisinart 11 Bottle Wine Cooler.


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