10 Great Countertop Wine Coolers – Fits perfectly on your Kitchen/Home Counter Space!

10 Great Countertop Wine Coolers - Fits perfectly on your Kitchen/Home Counter Space!

Best Selling Countertop Wine Fridge on Market

Are you searching for the wine cooler with a small storage capacity which consumes less space? Then these best selling s Countertop wine coolers are for you only.  Yes,  The countertop wine fridge & Coolers occupies less space and enhances the look of your Kitchen decor. If you are a wine enthusiast and want to start your wine collection, then Compact Wine Coolers are here to satisfy your requirements. 

Best Countertop Wine Fridge Reviews 2020

  1. Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle wine cooler : Best Single Zone Wine Refrigerator
  2. Nutri Chef PKTEWC120 12 Bottle Wine Cooler : Best Small Wine Chiller
  3. Aicok Thermoelectric 8 Bottle Wine Cooler: Best Compact Wine Fridge
  4. Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler : Best Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator
  5. Danby DWC172BL Countertop Wine Cooler: Best Small Wine Cooler
  6. Wine Enthusiast 12 bottle Wine Cooler : Best Energy Efficiency Wine Fridge
  7. Sentern 28 Bottle Wine Cooler: Best Freestanding Wine Chiller
  8. RCA 4 bottle wine cooler: Best Beverage cooler
  9. ZENY 12 Bottle Wine Cooler: Best Quiet Wine Fridge
  10. Lhone 6 bottle wine fridgeBest Freestanding Wine Cooler

In these Best counter top wine cooler, we can store both red and white wines by their wide temperature range. There are two types of cooling system one is thermoelectric, and other is the compressor. Different wine requires different temperatures to maintain the consistency of the wine. For this specification, the wine coolers come with a broad temperature range to store both red and white wines. Most of the wine cellar countertop have the Thermoelectric cooling system.

Top 10 Best Countertop Wine Coolers for Sale 2020

Best Compact Wine Fridge

Magic Chef 6-bottle Wine Cooler

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single Zone Black Wine Cooler image

Best Small Wine Cooler

Nutri Chef PKTEWC120 Wine Cooler

NutriChef PKTEWC120 Nutrichef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator image

Best Countertop Wine Chiller

Aicok 8 Bottle Wine Cooler

TIBEK 8 Bottle Wine Cooler image

The Magic Chef 6-bottle wine cooler helps to store a small amount of your wine collection at the perfect temperature. This wine chiller adds an extra appealing to your home by the contemporary and sleek design. The easy to use digital controls helps to conserve power.

  • 6-bottle capacity

  • Thermoelectric cooling

  • Adjustable temperature control

  • 46¡Fð64¡F Temperature Range

  • Sculpted chrome shelves

 We can store both types of the wines by the temperature range of 46 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. To accommodate standard wine bottles magic chef countertop wine cooler have two sculpted chrome shelves. The reason behind the silent operation of the wine chiller is the thermoelectric cooling system. The LED lights help to illuminate the contents of the wine refrigerator.





If you are one of those people who likes to have a sip or two of chilled glass of wine on a breezy afternoon, or always wanted to build your very own private wine cellar, then this Nutrichef PKTEWC120 wine cooler refrigerator can be a great option for you. One of the top names among the entry level wine cooler models, with an outstanding performance yet so precise in size that can be fit into any standard wine cooler countertop. This 12-bottle wine cooler, is equipped with high-precision thermoelectric cooling technology, providing state-of-the-art temperature variation control, is known for keeping your favorite bottle of wine chilled and ready-to- drink anytime. 

  • Powerful Thermoelectric Cooling System

  • Touchscreen Digital Control Panel

  • INTERNAL LED control

  • Stylish blue LED interior lighting

  • Both vertical and horizontal storage

With the reinforced glass door and a super compact interior space, this Compact wine cooler features a modern and contemporary design, which will look good with any style of décor. The interior of this small ice cooler equipped with a blue LED light for providing better visual to the user along with an integrated touchscreen light and temperature control panel on the front face. Along with all the above-mentioned features, the interior of this particular wine cooler has a temperature ranges from 10 degrees to 18 degree Celsius with a self-adjusting mechanism which allows both red and white wine be conveniently chilled for a longer period of time. 

All thanks to the thermostatic cooling technology and advanced fan design, this particular model can be placed in any location in your home, as it produces no noise at all. 





This Best  8 bottle wine cooler from Aicok can be placed in the kitchen counter or in your small restaurant corner or inside your home bar set-up, wherever there is a crunch in space. The interior of this particular counter top wine cooler is consisted of 3 removable stainless-steel wire racks, where 8 different sized red wine bottles can be stored conveniently.

As a specific type of environment is required to store wine properly for longer period of time, hence this Aicok Thermoelectric 8 bottle wine fridge is known for simulating the dry moisture less environment of a natural wine cellar and allows the user to customize the internal temperature to the optimal level, with the help of the built-in LED display touch control panel.

  • Digital Soft touch controls and LCD readout is easy to use

  • Interior LED light

  • Thermoelectric cooling system

  • Sliding and removable shelves

  • Smart locking systems

The featured powerful thermo electric cooling system, helps the countertop wine fridge to reaches it optimum temperature fastest and maintains it effectively without making in significant noise at all. Moreover, the ultra-quiet thermoelectric cooling system does not comprise of so many moving units like a compressor does, so it is also known for saving a lot amount of both energy and money. 

Built with a solid CFC- free polyurethane foam and a smoked glass door, this particular small wine chiller is known for isolating the sunrays to reach the internal area of the cabinet, leading to a better storage of wines. This freestanding countertop wine cooler does not even required a proper installation and all; just cut the packaging open and plug it to use it.





If you are looking for an elegant looking yet efficient wine cooler with great value for price then this particular Avanti 12 bottle Vertical countertop wine cooler can be the perfect option for you. With the capacity of storing 12 bottles at a time, this Mini wine cooler is equipped with the state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling technology as well. The said thermoelectric cooling technology is known for energy efficiency and also allows this compact wine chiller running on a no noise output and without any significant vibrations, which is known for hampering the wine sediments and destroys their quality.

  • Curved Glass Door For Inside Viewing

  • Thermoelectric Cooling System

  • Noise And Vibration Free Functioning

  • Full Width Chrome Storage Racks

  • Free Standing Design

This Avanti countertop wine cooler is basically the synonyms to sophistication and elegance. The all metal exterior of this wine cooler is also consisted of a cool and curved glass door, which gives it the smart and contemporary outlook. The doors are also double panned for better insulation and it also meant to increase the efficiency of the machine itself. The freestanding design of this wine cooler makes it a perfect choice for placing in kitchen counter tops, home bars, office rooms etc.

On the other hand, the interior of this machine allows the user to vertical storage up to 4 bottles and with a storage of 8 bottles horizontally. This machine also provides extra-large space for storing extra-large wine bottles as well. The soft-touch digital control pads also help to maintain the inside temperature in its optimum level for best wine chilling.





The next one in our best countertop wine cooler is the Danby DWC172BL, which can be the perfect choice for any wine connoisseur, who want to get a hand on an efficient heavy-duty wine cooler, but on a tight financial situation. When it comes to manufacturing standard size yet efficient wine cooler, there is not many tap class manufacturers like Danby present in the market at this point of time. Danby is one of the very few manufacturers who does the job literally with the ultimate perfection. This 17 Bottle Small wine cooler is another high grade one from the manufacturer, which is equipped with the capacity of storing up to 17 wine bottles at a time. This Danby wine cooler is supposed to provide so many unique settings with a great balance between storage capacity and the highly manageable size. 

  • Free Standing For Countertop Spaces

  • Industrial Grade Stainless-steel

  • Automatic Defrost Feature

  • Additional Storage Space

  • Reversible Door

Other than the moderate storage capacity, and an excellent management of a compact storage space, this particular small wine cooler is also equipped with an auto-cycle defrost system, which allows to maintain the perfect temperature for storing wines easily and conveniently. 

Built with an all-metal exterior with a shattered resistant tampered glass door, this unit is definitely meant to last. The interior of this countertop wine cooler is consisted of two vinyl coated wire storage racks with a staggered shelf, with the internal temperature ranges from 6 degree to 14-degree Celsius, for better storage of both kind of wines.





The Wine Enthusiast 12 bottle single zone wine cooler, which supposed to be the next entry on our list as well, has an energy-efficient and vibration free thermoelectric CFC-free cooling system to be vocal about. Designed to fit 12 standard Bordeaux bottles in a controllable and the customizable temperature range of between 50°F to 66°F inside this particular compact and small wine chiller. 

  • Free Standing One

  • Industrial Grade Stainless-steel

  • Energy Efficient

The state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling system is meant for a peaceful, in terms of noise and vibration, performance yet with ultimate effectiveness. As thermoelectric cooling systems does not comprise of any moving parts like in the compressor cooling systems, this feature makes these best countertop wine refrigerator energy saving hence environment friendly as well. 

Along with all these features, this particular freestanding countertop wine cooler consisted of removable wooden trays for convenient storage of non-standard sized bottles as well. The interior cabinet of this wine cooler is made of wood with glossy finish and the door is made up of smoked glass reflective Thermopane.  With all these advantages, one of the major drawbacks with this or any wine cooler from Wine enthusiasts is that- due to state regulations these products can’t be shipped to the state of California.





If you are looking for a professional level wine cooler to use in your restaurant setup or in your fully operational basement bar, then this Sentern high quality professional grade wine cooler can be the one you need. Design to expertly preserve up to 28 wine bottles, this Sentern countertop wine cooler is known for professionally storing and chilling your wine collection like a true connoisseur. While maintaining a sleek and modern outlook, this best countertop wine refrigerator can store a diverse range of wine bottles with its 28 bottles capacity, which is undoubtedly one of the largest in case of any counter top wine cooler.

  • Smart, easy to use digital control settings

  • Advanced cooling technology with quiet operation & minimized vibration

  • Double-layer glass door made of tempered glass outer layer for better insulation

  • Exterior and interior is made up of rust proof, smooth iron

Equipped with a state-of-the-art LCD digital touch screen display on the front panel, which allows the user to maintain the interior temperature in a range from 5 degree to 8 degree Celsius (41 to 46-degree F) with just a touch of a button. The interior of the machine is meant to trap the cool air inside and stabilize the internal temperature for a longer period of time with the featured double paned glass door. However, the compressor cooling system is designed to be noise free and non-disruptive, in order to maintain its normal functioning.

Built with rust-free, durable and strong smooth iron surface both internally and externally, the interior of this countertop wine cooler is comprising of smooth glide molded chrome finish wire racks for safe and secure storage of all your wine bottles with ultimate convenient. The equipped interior in-built LED lighting promotes better viewing inside the wine chiller, giving it a cool look all the way.





If you are looking for a very small capacity wine cooler for your personal use, which will not take a lot of space and can be placed anywhere, space is scarce then this RCA 4 bottle wine cooler can be the perfect choice for your need.

  • 4 Bottle Capacity Wine Storage

  • Double Layer Glass Door

  • In-built Dim Blue Led Light

Equipped with a double layer glass door, to prevent any natural light and heat from making any changes in the internal temperature. With adjustable temperature control, this particular countertop wine cooler also comes with adjustable chrome finish stainless steel wire rack for storing both standard and slightly bigger sized wine bottle with equal ease and convenience. 

The interior is also equipped with a dim blue LED light for better viewing inside the wine cooler and it also gives a very sleek and modern outlook to the device on a whole.





The next one in our above-mentioned list is the Zeny countertop wine cooler, with a capacity of storing 12 bottles of wine, making it the third entry of 12 bottle wine storage in this article. This countertop wine fridge is not only meant for only red or white wine, but it is also suitable for storing beverages like beer and Champagne as well. This Zeny Compact wine cooler enables its user to store wines for both shorter and longer period of time, by creating and maintaining the optimum temperature suitable for wine maturation. With the controllable and customizable temperature ranges from 10 to 18-degree Celsius, bringing out the best flavor of your wine for a longer period of time.

  • Engineered INDUSTRIAL GRADE Thermoplastic ABS

  • Holds up 12 standard SIZED wine bottles

  • LED display

  • Adjustable thermostat for ideal temperature control

  • built-in circulation fan and ventilation grill

Featured an advanced thermoelectric wine cooling system, this Mini wine cooler possesses a noise less and vibration less performance despite of being efficient in what it is meant to do. Comprises of a double layer glass door, this particular wine cooler is able to cutoff natural light and heat to maintain the optimum temperature inside the device. 

Other than the basic efficient cooling features, this countertop wine Chiller also comprises of a digital touch screen control panel for easy and convenient control over the inside temperate. The interior of the machine is also equipped with 5 sliding stainless steel selves for convenient storage of the wine bottles.





The last but definitely not the least one in the list of best countertop wine coolers of the LHONE mini wine cooler fridge, chiefly meant for personal usage. This Lhone 6 bottle wine fridge can be a perfect choice for those who want to keep their own private wine collection for occasional use or to flaunt it on the counter of the minibar. 

  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling feature

  • Electronic touchpad for led temperature controlling and displaying for easy and hassle-free usage

  • Glass see-though door with in the built LED for better visibility

  • Vibration and noise output are lowest as possible

Equipped with an efficient thermoelectric cooling, this Lhone countertop wine Fridge maintains the interior temperature ranges between, 12 degree to 18 degree C, which is theoretically considered as the perfect temperature to store wines for a longer period of time. 

Other than this, as this thermostatic cooling feature possess a significantly low amount of noise and vibration, it reduces the chances of oxidation of the liquid as well, thus keeping the beverages safe for the longest time possible. The exterior of this 6 bottle wine cooler is equipped with a soft touch LED control panel with an LCD screen, which displays the temperature and also helps to adjust the internal temperature and control the in-built LED light as well.






How to change the temperature on the Countertop Wine Cooler?
  • Before changing the temperature choose between fahrenheit and celsius. 
  • Locate the triangular shaped buttons with ‘+’ and ‘-’ symbols on it
  • Using the buttons you can control the temperature of Countertop Wine Cooler
What is the best Countertop Wine Cooler?

Magic Chef 6-bottle Wine Refrigerator is the best countertop wine coolers.

How much does a countertop wine cooler cost?

A countertop wine cooler would cost you around $150, but the cost solely depends upon the brand and the model of the wine cooler. Some may cost upto$300

How energy efficient is a countertop wine cooler?

Countertop wine coolers consume less energy, and one would find these wine coolers highly efficient.

Thank you for considering this Top 10 Best Countertop wine coolers reviews. I assume this is a helpful study. Countertop wine coolers do not occupy more space and can easily fit in any room. You can store the small amount of your wine collection in this best countertop wine refrigerator. These wine chillers are available for a low cost where everyone can afford this type of refrigerators and can enjoy your favorite red or white wine.

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