Colzer 24 inch Wine Refrigerator – Not just wines, it holds your beverages too!

Colzer 24 Inch Wine Cooler Review: There’s always a time where we wish to pour ourselves a glass of wine and binge our favorite show, but the refrigerator is packed with vegetables leaving no space to cool the wine and cans. Situations like these make you consider buying a cooler. For this purpose, the Colzer Wine Cooler comes to rescue.

Its ability to provide storing the wine and cans by maintaining them cooler gives you a totally different and new experience. The design in which this Cooler comes is also very attractive, making people gawk at it. We have tested this cooler for you to make an informed decision going ahead for buying it as we will provide you with a complete guide to the Colzer Beverage and Wine Cooler.

We assure you that this Colzer 18 bottle wine cooler comes in a compact body giving you ability to store this product at any place in your room. The efficiency of this product will upgrade your parties and binge-watching nights to a next level. This compact 24-inch wine cooler can cool up to 18 bottles and 57 cans separately in the Dual-Zones. ETL Certification assures safe and secure functioning of the product to store every beverage in the house.

Colzer 24 Inch Wine Cooler Review of 2022

1. Aesthetic Design

We have examined many coolers, but the Colzer Wine Chiller holds a competitive yet straightforward approach to what it offers. Colzer has put in the effort to give us artistic technology. We enjoy an aesthetically compact machine, crafted within a sleek Matte Black finish.

The design helps to install it in a way that does not use a lot of space and cause hindrance to people. These dual-zone Colzer wine fridge doors are easy and smooth without giving out a thud while shutting. Blue LED lights fitted in the cooler to create a pleasing and encompassing ambiance for the user.

2. Adjustable Feet and Freestanding

Colzer Freestanding Under Counter Wine Chiller has adjustable feet that allow placing it horizontally. For any other standard wine coolers, they exhibit rigidity while placing them in a room or apartment. This inability to easily set this cooler is the biggest drawback as the amount of discomfort being faced is enormous.

It is so far the best innovation when concerned with the wine coolers. This product can be installed in both ways. There is no need to leave space for heat dissipation when this Cooler is built-in under the counter at your house. But also, this Cooler catches the eye when kept freestanding in your home or office.

3. Control Panel

There is an identical digital control panel built-in on both sides of this Colzer wine and can cooler. It contains all controls for LED lights, temperature control, and power button. The control panel provides options for setting various functions this 24″ cooler feature can perform.

This control panel offers easy accessibility to the operations that are to be done in accordance with our requirements. The on-going trends in technological advancements are seen in this control panel in the digital form. Thus, it can be termed as a contemporary control panel.

4. Perennial Cooling

In Colzer Beverage and Wine Cooler, cold air is distributed evenly via high-efficiency compressor and circulation fans. The cooler maintains an ideal temperature as per its surroundings. It ensures adjusting to the outside temperature and maintains the same humidity of every bottle or can.

It is not an easy task to maintain uniform cooling among the wine cans. This best 18 bottle wine fridge does this task effortlessly by providing sufficient coolness in these wine cans for a more extended period by its perennial cooling nature. Unlike many other ceiling fans, this freestanding wine cooler doesn’t consume more energy, which is just 110v, for maintaining a uniform and more prolonged cooling.

5. Advanced Temperature Control System

This best dual zone wine cooler equipped with high-end cutting technology. It passes standards of the ETL. Thereby proving its efficacy from the quality of air in it and also its electrical system.

The temperature of Dual-Zones can be controlled independently. If you choose to chill in the wine cooler zone, it will not cause any change to the beverage cooler zone and vice versa. Left side of this Cooler (beverage zone) offers a temperature range of 35.6℉-50℉, while the right (wine Cooler zone) allows a range of 41℉-64.4℉. According to your preference, adjust the temperature that ensures you pour yourself a fine glass of beverage or wine and relish your drink.

6. Warranty Service and Door Type

Colzer 120 Liters wine cooler fridge that enables storing 18 bottles of Beverages comes with a 1-month free trial and a 1-year free warranty. Colzer provides lifelong technical consultation and customer service. They will assist you with any technical difficulty you face after the delivery.

Thus, customers who bring this Colzer 24 Inch Beverage Wine Cooler for their homes are always happy. You can rest assure regarding the service lifespan of this wine cooler. There are two non-reversible doors made up of fiberglass with a 3 layer of protection from radiation. This again tells the quality and durability of this product.


Colzer 24 Inch Beverage Wine Cooler Technical Specifications

  • Brand : COLZER
  • Model Name : CZB36SS1
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 23.42 x 22.64 x 34.25 inches
  • Capacity : 120 Liters
  • Shelf Type : Wood and Stainless steel
  • Shelves : 12
  • Installation Type : Built in or free standing
  • Voltage : 110 volts
  • Color : Black


Can we use Colzer 18 bottle 24-inch wine cooler outdoors?

Colzer 18 bottle free standing wine cellar is advised to use indoors to enjoy favorable temperatures.

Can the temperature be controlled for Colzer 24″ wine fridge?

Yes, the Colzer 24 in wine fridge allows you to control the temperature. You can control the left and right zone independently on it.

Does Colzer 18 bottle wine refrigerator unit have adjustable feet?

Yes, the 18 bottle Colzer wine fridge does have adjustable feet. You can adjust its feet in a way to place this product horizontally.

How big is this Colzer 120L wine beverage cooler?

Dimensions of the Colzer 120L wine chiller are 23.42 x 22.64 x 34.25 inches(L x W x H).

Is the door reversible for Colzer 24″ 18 bottle wine refrigerator?

No, the doors are not reversible for the Colzer 18 bottle stainless steel wine cooler.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of our review on the Colzer 24 inch wine and beverage cooler. It’s an excellent addition to your home, office, etc., where you can have easy access to your drinks. We believe it will act as a catalyst for a party or meeting. This Cooler is impressive and adds an aesthetic feeling while keeping your drinks and beverages cool.

Lastly, we would like to advise you to buy any product after an extensive research process. Ensure that you check through multiple channels before making the final decision. We hope this Colzer 24 Inch Wine Cooler review clarifies all your queries and helps you in the decision-making process as it’s true to its words.

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