15 Inch BODEGA JC-85A Wine Cooler – Best fit for your home!

If a fantastic cooling and a high-quality temperature controlling system is all that you are looking for in a wine cooler, then the BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler is the one perfectly made for you. After a huge recommendation which we got during our search for the best wine cooler, we brought this wine cooler home to test all of its functionalities and let’s say we love it after referring BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler review.

Well, what we can assure you is, this 15 inch wine refrigerator is undoubtedly modish. This is an absolute space saver that can be welcomed to any corner in your kitchen, bar, or office. Besides being a highly efficient built-in wine cooler, this device is also technologically a smarter one. As we know what essential features a buyer generally looks out for a while finding a good wine fridge, we can say that the thermostat mechanism is among them. So, to indeed mention, this BODEGA JC-85A wine cooler refrigerator does possess this quality, that too even more efficiently than many other wine coolers in the market. Consisting of a smart sensor and a glossy, transparent, strong double-layered glass door, this freestanding wine refrigerator catches the eyes of many customers.

BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler Review, 2022

1. Thermostat Mechanism

Not all wine refrigerators have a potential to maintain their temperature consistently all the time. But this BODEGA 15″ Wine Cooler does its job effectively maintaining a consistent and stable cooling temperature. This under the counter wine cooler has a temperature range of 41°F to 68°F and knows how to balance it throughout. It has an advanced compressor cooling system with air circulating capability. It helps to spread cold and conditioned air all over the place inside this wine cooler.

This BODEGA 15″ 31 Bottle Wine Cooler contains very well structured suitable quality compressors in its front vent. This helps in fast cooling by getting the inside environment completely rid of heat and can absorb any shock. No matter what, your wine needs to be adequately chilled for you and your companions to enjoy a good and great wine.

2. Double Layered Glass Door and Quiet Operation

A double-layered glass door framed with finely cut stainless steel appears to be pretty substantial. This also protects your wine from an outside environment. Being transparent, it displays your beautiful wine collection that attracts your guests at home and customers, if kept in a shop or a bar. A magnet at the edge of the door of this BODEGA Wine Cellar perfectly seals it to separate the inner atmosphere from that of the outer. Thus, your wine can be maintained well in the desired temperature and humidity inside it.

As UV rays accelerate the oxidation reaction directly affecting the wine quality, so the glass is well customized accordingly to resist the UV interference keeping your wine safe and preserved. Also, the stabilized and optimum temperature level inside prevents the glass from fogging and therefore, increases the customer count of this 15 inch wine cooler under counter. Its advanced compressor technology gives a super quiet experience to work with.

3. Deodorization Property

As per our observation results, this BODEGA wine fridge JC-85A incorporated with well-fitted carbon filters. These filters help eliminate foul odors and prevent an inflow of any smell inside this wine cooler. The carbon filtration system ensures that the air inside is purified and retains an odor-free inner environment for the red and white wines to remain fresh as usual.

As already stated, this compressor wine cooler has an advanced cooling technique. This is due to the involvement of various factors, one of which is the built-in interior fans within this Wine Cooler. These interior fans help the unpurified air pass out through its compressor from the front vent and add to a fast cooling inside.

4. Holding Capacity and Item Weight

This compressor wine cooler makes room for 31 red and white wine bottles of a standard 750 ml capacity each. It means it can hold upto 20 fluid ounces altogether. This fundamental quality of this wine fridge makes it suitable to go for both professional and household uses.

This cooler’s item weight is 93.8 pounds so that you can keep different weighted wine bottles inside. The firm wooden shelves own some of the credits for it. They are made so rigid, and non-fragile, ensuring that neither the shelves would break, nor your expensive wine bottles would ever fall. Both of these factors are responsible for the adequacy of this product.

5. Adjustable Feet and Powerful Slide-out Shelves

Provided with four adjustable feet, this built in wine cooler can be adjusted as per your wish. They will also ensure that your wine cooler is placed vertically and in a stable position on the floor. Also, the feet help in balancing the weight of this wine fridge.

You can pull 6 shelves forward and push back again in the original position just by sliding back and forth easily. These well built rigid wooden shelves made from rich quality eucalyptus to hold wine bottles of different weights. And these two factors contribute to the adaptability and adjustability of this BODEGA 15 Inch wine and drink cellar.


Specifications of BODEGA 15” 31 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Brand : BODEGA
  • Item model number : JC-85A
  • Package Dimensions : 37 x 26.5 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight : 93.8 pounds
  • Capacity : 85 Liters
  • Installation Type : Built-in or Freestanding
  • Color : Stainless steel+grey
  • Wattage : 70 watts
  • Door Hinges : Right
  • Shelf Type : Wood


Can I store Champagne and other large bottles in BODEGA 15 inch undercounter wine cooler?

This BODEGA 15 inch wine cooler undercounter is a modified version with a vast space inside the top section, about 5.5 inches, where you can keep the Champagne and other large bottles easily. But note that don’t try to push the bottles inside the lower racks which, being closely placed, may damage your big fat champagne bottles severely.

Can BODEGA JC 85A wine fridge maintain a temperature for 24 hours?

Well, this BODEGA JC 85A wine cooler refrigerator is structured essentially with a powerful thermostat system, which balances the temperature inside uniformly without fluctuation for long 24 hours.

Is there room in BODEGA JC 85A 31 bottle wine cooler to store magnum (1.5 L) bottles?

This under the counter wine cooler can fit 2.75 wide and 11.8 long bottles in. But as already mentioned, there’s a space inside its top rack to keep large bottles, so if your magnum bottles fit into it, then no worries!

Can you switch sides for the handle of BODEGA 15 inch wine chiller?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t switch sides for the handle of this BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler as the installation position of this cooler’s handle is fixed.

Is this BODEGA 31 Bottles wine cooler unit stackable?

We suppose, you can keep one bottle on top of the other, but as already revealed the racks are a bit closely situated, so the bottles need to be thin or moderate in size.
There’s another way; you can also keep the bottles piled up on each other in the top shelf as they contain quite a fair amount of space.

Final Thoughts

So as we have come to the end part, by now, we guess you have also come to a final decision to buy this mini wine cooler for its impressive features. In our personal opinion, we would recommend you to have it in your kitchen. A simple, stylish grey-tinted and elegant wine cooler that as it would do an effective cooling goes hand in hand with controlling the temperature makes it very desirable. This wine cooler’s main motive is to maintain a long-lasting and perennial cooling to your wine cooler.

We hope this honest and candid BODEGA 15 Inch Wine Cooler review, presented by us, came to your help and cleared all your doubts regarding this BODEGA JC-85A Wine Chiller. So, now if you decide to buy it, we would wish you a very happy purchase!

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