Give a Perfect place for your Wine with these Best Built-in Wine fridge & Beverage Coolers

Give best place for your Wine with these Perfect Built-in Wine Coolers

Best Built-in Wine Fridge 2020 Reviews

A wine cooler is must to  store and serve the wines at the perfect temperature. Different wines require different storage temperatures to maintain the consistency. The built-in wine coolers (aka Undercounter Wine cooler) help to enhance the look of the room. We can set the temperature as per our wish to preserve the texture of wine. The Dual-zone is a wine cooler helps to store both red and white wines whereas the single zone wine cooler you need to store only one type of wine. As these best built in wine coolers are designed to fit into existing counters or cabinetry because they are included with front vent location under the door which emits heat. Here are the top 10 best built-in wine coolers reviews and buying Guide just take a glance.

Top 10 Best Built-in Wine Coolers for Sale

Kalamera 15” Wine cooler KRC – 30SZB- TGD

Kalamera KRC30SZBTGD 30-Bottle Built-in or Freestanding with Stainless Steel Wine Cooler image

Kalamera 46-bottle Wine Cooler

Kalamera KRC 46DZBTGD 46-Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding Wine refrigerator image

Phiestina PH- 29BD – FBA, Dual zone wine cooler

Phiestina PH29BDFBA 15-Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler image

Kalamera 15inches wine cooler is a best wine refrigerator for hoe. It stores your wine under chilled condition.  If you need a built in wine cooler in your kitchen cabinet, then this wine cooler is for you. It is a 30 bottle wine storage chiller with a stainless steel frame and double layered tempered glass. 

  • Free standing model

  • Holds 30 bottle of wine

  • Double layered – tempered glass door

  • Temperature memory function

  • Smart digital control

  • Hexagon safety lock

This heavy glass stabilizes the temperature inside the chiller and prevents the glass from fogging.  Temperature memory function is another important feature in the cooler that restores back to the last set temperature, when the power is back. This temperature maintenance function keeps the wine collection as such without increase in temperature. There is LED control display and control panel with temperature range from 40 °F- 66 °F.

The best built in wine cooler fron Kalamera is a free stand – alone model that can be installed in your kitchen with ease. There is universal hexagon lock to guard your cooler from the kids. Similarly frequent opening will affect the quality of the wine. There are 6 wooden shelves to hold five wines per shelf and we can adjust the rack to accommodate bigger bottles.





The Kalamera 24 46-bottle wine chiller is one of the best Built-In Wine Cooler. The Kalamera circulates the cool air in the cooler to maintain the even cooling throughout the fridge.  The design is crafted with elegant black with gray glass and also protects from UV rays  This best built in dual zone wine fridge does not cause any disturbance even it is integrated with compressor cooling system. 

  • Stainless Steel and Black

  • Dual Zone Control

  • Quiet and Low Vibration

  • LED Lighting

The soft LED lights help to have a beautiful display of your wine collection. You can place this best under counter wine cooler anywhere like home bar, entertainment area or in the kitchen. The wine can have a perfect taste if it is stored and served at absolute temperature.





Phiestina is a 15 inch dual zone wine cooler that can store 29 bottles of wine.  It is a stand- alone model that can fit inside your kitchen cabinet or stand as a single piece in home décor. You can store more wine with this 15 inch tall wine cooler in your house. It sounds amazing right! If there are more wine , then it is more pleasure. You can celebrate the lovely moments with your loved ones with more wine and happiness. 

  • Built in free standing model

  • Front vent with kick plate design

  • Adjustable and removable shelves

  • Frost free compressor wine refrigerator

To keep the wine cool, there is advanced temperature control technology.  The upper zone maintains a temperature of 40 -50 °F and lower zone maintains 50 – 65 °F. you can store white and red wine separately in two zones.

This best under counter wine refrigerator is more suitable for both professional and personal use.  You can use it in bars, restaurants and home. The compressor system works like a whisper and ensures quiet performance. Energy efficient blue LED lights helps you to pick your wine bottle even at dark. Phiestina is a frost- free model , so you can be sure that your wine quality is always good.





Aobosi is a 15 inch tall wine cooler with two zones for different temperature control.  It contains double layered temper glass to maintain constant temperature inside the wine cooler and keep the wine at cool condition.  The temperature of the upper zone is 41 – 54 °F and the lower zone is 54 – 68 °F. we can keep 28 standard bottles of wine in the best built in wine refrigerator. Red and white wines can be stored separately in two zones to preserve the quality and taste.

  • Dual zone wine cooler

  • Child safety – lock

  • Stainless steel door frame and handle

  • LED display and Blue interior light

  • Double layer tempered glass door

The slides are well –finished and slides out quickly to pick your favorite bottle of wine easily. It contains a very powerful compressor that can provide more stable temperature with low noise of 42 dB.  There is advanced circulation system to circulate the cooler air throughout the cellar to achieve the cooling effect.  

This best undercounter wine cooler has 3D air cooling cycle system maintains a constant temperature for a natural and stable environment for wines. It contains digital control panel for adjusting the temperature and automatic lock for safety. The program interrupted due to a power cut can be restored as soon as the temperature regains.





Ausranvik is a 15 inch tall under counter wine cooler that can hold 32 standard size wine bottles of 750 ml capacity. Wine cooler has a single zone to keep the wine bottles in a constant temperature.  The wooden racks are easy to slide out , so we can remove the racks to accommodate larger bottles. 

  • Reversible door

  • Free- standing model

  • Digital touch control and temperature display

  • Beech wood racks

  • Interior circulation fan

The stainless steel door is reversible and you can change the orientation according to the available space. The legs are adjustable and increase the convenience to fix the door. There is digital touch control panel to maintain accurate temperature. Available temperature range is 40 – 66 °F. It also has automatic lock to prevent the changes in the temperature. 

 This small built in wine coolers design is an attractive feature here.  It is designed to save energy and provide excellent cooling at room temperature. The compressor keeps the temperature constant and is very quiet. We can use it either as a freestanding unit or an under counter unit. The door is made of stainless steel and the shelves are made with wood. The shelves are easily removable to provide more space for larger wine bottles.  Being a single zone model, we have to keep an ambient temperature that suits all types of wine.





Avallon AWX151SZRH is a small built in wine cooler that can store as many as 23 standard bottles of your favorite white and red wines. Since best built in dual zone wine cooler, you can store the wines at serving and cooling temperatures. There is a tight hinged door, which is very suitable for under counter installation. 

  • Five strong Wooden shelves

  • Staggered bottle storage for 23 bottles

  • Dual temperature zone with control panel

  • Lockable double pane front door

  • It is only 15 inches wide

The installation of the Avvalon Under counter wine cooler is as easy as breeze. This is a stand- alone unit that has all the features expected for a perfect wine cooler at home, small café and offices.

The door is made up of double- paned Low- E glass, with Argon gas in between to insulate and preserver the collection. There are five strong wood shelves with stainless steel trim to roll out smoothly. For internal air circulation, you have fans to prevent hotspots and uneven cooling.  The two temperature zones available in this unit are upper zone of 54 – 65 °F and the lower zone of 40- 54 °F. To prevent frequent opening of your kids and maintain perfect temperature for your wine, there is a lock – key system.





EdgeStar CWR181SZ is a small 12 inch built in wine cooler that can store 18 bottles of wine. This is a single zone wine cooler with temperature range of  40 – 65 °F. There are digital temperature controls with Blue LED display. You can increase or decrease the temperature for cooling or storing the wines.

  • Tinted glass

  • Elegant design

  • Digital temperature controls

  • Shelf bottle arrangement

  • Built in wine cooler with hazzle free installation

  • The door is reversible

 The door is reversible to enable it to fit in narrow corners of the kitchen with ease of access.  EdgeStar is only 12 inches wide which means it is ultra slim and space- efficient.

This best undercounter wine cooler door is protected with black dot matrix on the glass. The cabinet is black with stainless steel trims on the door. A carbon filter is included to filter the gas inside the cooler. It is frost free with advanced compressor. Theg compressor provides even cooling by dragging out the heat from inside. There will be no hot spots or uneven cooling in this wine refrigerator as there are powerful circulation fans to distribute cool air. This is one of the best built in wine chiller available in the market.





hOmelabs 18 bottles wine cooler was created to celebrate all the occasions of life with a glass of wine at a perfect condition.  This is a best wine cellar for your kitchen, living room or for get-together. It can hold 18 standard 750 ml bottle of wine. There are five solid polished chrome racks to hold the wine. The door is made with stylish glass and magnetic seal. The racks slide out easily and your favorite wine is got without much tension. This is a single zone 15 inch built in wine cooler that can maintain a temperature range of 54 – 66 °F.  This is an ideal temperature for both red and white wines.

  • Polished chrome slide out racks

  • Holds 18 bottle of wine

  • LCD Temperature indicator and controls

  • Thermoelectric cooling system

The wine cooler contains LED light for interior decoration and helps you to pick your wine even at dark.  Temperature controls are easy to set and maintain with the touch of the panel. The cooler measures 14 x 20x 25.5 inches and fits into most kitchen cabinet easily.





Sipmore SWC – 44 SZ is a 24 inch taller wine cooler that can store 44 wine bottles at a time. This is a single zone freestanding wine cooler with stainless steel frame and handles. If you need more space then you can remove some shelves and keep larger bottles. This stylish sipmore beverage refrigerator perfect to keep in any part of the house and to throw parties. It is the perfect choice of the wine lovers, who are passionate in wine collection. LED stage spotlight with 180 ° overturn brightens the show case to identify the perfect bottle for the occasion.

  • 44- multi- sized wine cooler

  • Integrated stainless steel design

  • 180° over turn LED lights

  • Smart temperature control

  • Custom panels

 The touch panel is excellent to use with sound and light. High- quality compressor is used to provide quick cooling effect and less noise. Smart temperature control system is energy efficient with digital touch screen to save energy. It produces less vibration and noise as compared to other brands. It is a frost free wine cooler with wooden shelves and custom panels with noise level below 43 dB. This is a stand – alone high- efficiency smooth top model.





Vinotemp is a built in wine and beverage cooler to store 19 standard bottles of wine and 58 cans of beverage. The doors are having stainless steel trim for holding the inner temperature for longer time. The powerful inner central cool air circulation is possible with the fans.  Beverages are stored and cooled in the flat shelves that can store bottles and cans. 

  • Dual zone built in wine and beverage cooler

  • Metal wine racks

  • Touch screen control panel

  • Available in different bottle capacities

  • Can be used as a best outdoor refrigerator and freezer

Soda can be kept at perfect temperature for your party in this beverage section without disturbing your wine collection. Metal racks are an added attractive feature for this model. There are many varieties of metal racks like floor wine racks, stackable metal wine racks to fit easily inside your wine cooler.  There is a feet attached to the wine cooler which is detachable.

The touch screen control panel allows you to adjust the temperature of the storage and cooling unit.  Left zone temperature range is 36 to 43 °F and right zone temperature range is 40 to 72 °F. Vinotemp is a free standing model with dimension of 23.4 “ x 22.44” x 32.28 “.






What is a built-in wine cooler?

A built-in wine cooler is a type of wine cooler designed to fit into existing cabinets and work without any problems. You can easily fit the wine cooler anywhere

How to install a built-in wine cooler?

Steps to install a built-in wine cooler

  1. Locate a perfect place to install
  2. Check the power source 
  3. Make sure the cooler fits in the place leaving some room to ventilation
  4. Try to install a plastic or metal tray and then place the cooler over it so that there is enough ventilation
  5. Once the wine cooler is leveled wait for few hours before plugging in
  6. Plugin the wine cooler and set a perfect temperature and use.
What is the best wine cooler built-in cabinet?

Kalamera 15” Wine cooler KRC – 30SZB- TGD is the best wine cooler built-in cabinet.

How to achieve a built-in wine cooler effect with a non-built-in fridge?

It isn't easy to make a built-in wine cooler, from a non- built-in fridge. It is advised to buy a built-in wine cooler, instead of building one, as it is risky and also requires special equipment

How to turn a freestanding wine cooler into a built-in wine cooler?

There are no such methods to convert a freestanding wine cooler into a built-in one. While a built-in wine cooler can be fit into cabinets, a freestanding wine cooler cannot be placed in such spaces, as it does not have vents in the front like built-in coolers have

What is the difference between freestanding and built-in wine coolers?

A freestanding wine cooler is designed in a manner, so as to stand alone in a place, while a built-in wine cooler is designed in a manner to fit into any existing cabinets.

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