Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone 24-Inch Wine Cooler – Lets you store 140+ wine bottles!

Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review 2023

Are you facing the problems while cooling and storing of wine Every time at your Parties? Don’t worry, and we are here to help you choose the best wine cooler with better Storage capacity and excellent features, i.e., Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler. It is one of the desirable Wine coolers with all essential features fulfilled.

With a large Storage Capacity of 149 wine bottles, and we can even store different flavors and types of wine at various temperatures as it’s a dual zone wine cooler. However, a regular Party Thrower needs a lot of wine. Hence, you can prefer this Best Wine Chiller to preserve a significant amount of wine and enjoy its savor.

Avanti 149 Bottle Wine Cooler for Sale

If you have an extensive collection of wine, it will be better to move up to a larger, better quality wine chiller, isn’t it? Avanti offers various models of large and small collections of wine that are regarded as the best quality. A huge range of wine coolers collection with a storage capacity ranges from 20 bottles to larger wine fridges. Avanti will give you better satisfaction and fulfillment of using their goods and becomes a right brand for you. We looked at different freestanding wine coolers of various capacities, single and dual zone temperature models to offer Avanti’s excellent snapshot and offerings.

Avanti 149 Wine Bottles Dual Zone Cooler stood one with its remarkable features and specifications. The outstanding feature of this product is the storage capacity of 149 bottles. It can store two different types of wines at different temperatures, i.e., it can preserve 74 bottles in the upper zone and 75 in the lower region. Each Zone has a Reversible Double PaneTempered Glass Door with Stainless Steel Frame and Handle which gives the elegant and stylish finishing look.


  • Cooling Technologies and Bottle Capacity
  • Zone Type and Temperature Range
  • Display Features

1. Cooling Technologies and Bottle Capacity

The Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Freestanding Wine Cooler runs on the compressor, and it evenly dispenses the temperature throughout the chiller and keeps our wine fresh and cool. The storage capacity of this Best Dual Zone wine cooler is 149 great bottles. As this Avanti Wine Cooler is a dual-zone, you can store 74 Wine Bottles in Upper Zone and 75 Wine Bottles in Lower Zone. You can store both red and white wines in this unit at different zones and different temperatures.

2. Temperature Range

The Avanti 24-inch Dual-zone wine cooler with stainless steel handle and a protected glass door giving a smooth appearance to the users. The temperature ranges between 47 to 65 F where we can store the different flavors of red, white and sparkling wines and enjoy the pleasant taste. Furthermore, it comes with Cool LED Lighting to display your wine collection beautifully.

3. Display Features

Finally, On moving into the display of the Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler, it has a Wine Indicator Lights. It is designed to accommodate the durability of Wine Bottles and Cool LED Interior Perimeter Display Lighting with ON/OFF Switch to Showcase Wine.

It also has Digital temperature control, regulating the temperature accurately, and gives excellent ambiance to your kitchen.



  • Manufacturer : EDI NW – Kitchen
  • Item model number : WCR683DZD-2
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Colour : Black, Stainless Steel
  • Voltage : 110 Volts
  • Product Dimensions : 23.5 x 28.8 x 71 inches
  • Item Weight : 254 pounds
  • Warranty : One year



Yes, the Avanti WCR683DZD-2 wide dual zone 24- inch wine cooler has the “lock” feature.


Yes, the doors of Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone 24-Inch Wine Cooler are reversible, and you can switch if from right to left and vice- versa by screwing the hinges.


Overall, Avanti WCR683DZD-2 is the best dual zone wine cooler with a large bottle capacity. Two different temperature settings of this model let you preserve the wine in a better way. It is attractive and won’t make much noise compared to other dual zone wine coolers on the market. If you want to store the wider bottle, you can remove the shelves and make room for them. So, all together, it is the perfect Avanti wine cooler with dual-zone design.

Avanti WCR683DZD 2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler image

So, Finally, As an enthusiastic wine lover, I am very much satisfied with this product. I am sure this Avanti WCR683DZD-2 149 Dual Zone Wine Cooler will become your favorite too, and you never regret about buying this product.