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Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review 2019 | Best Wine Coolers

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Do you have any problems in cooling and storing of wine Every time at your Parties? Don’t worry, and I am here to assist you in choosing the best wine cooler with better Storage capacity and excellent features, i.e.,  Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler. It is One of the desirable Wine coolers with all essential features fulfilled. This wine cooler has a Storage Capacity of 149 wine bottles, and we can even store different flavors and types of wine at various temperatures as it’s a dual zone wine cooler. However, a regular Party Thrower needs a lot of wine. Hence, you can prefer this Product to preserve a significant amount of wine and enjoy its savor.

Avanti WCR683DZD-2 149 Dual Zone Wine Cooler Overview

If you have an extensive collection of wine, it will be better to move up to a larger, better quality wine cooler. Avanti offers various models of large and small collections of wine that are regarded as best quality. They have a huge range of wine coolers collection which has a storage capacity ranges from 20 bottles to larger wine fridges. Avanti Wine Chillers are also available in single and dual zone options.

Last update was on: May 21, 2019 8:13 pm

Avanti products will give you a better satisfaction and fulfillment of using their goods and becomes a right brand for you. We looked at different freestanding wine coolers of various capacities, single and dual zone temperature models to offer an excellent snapshot of Avanti and its offerings. Among these, Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone 24 Inch Wine Cooler stood one with its remarkable features and specifications. The outstanding feature of this product is the storage capacity of 149 bottles it can store two different types of wines at different temperatures, i.e.; it can preserve 74 bottles in the upper zone and 75 in the lower region. Each Zone has a Reversible Double Pane Tempered Glass Door with Stainless Steel Frame and Handle which gives the elegant and stylish finishing look.

All about Avanti

Avanti is the innovative leader in full line compact, countertop, and specialty appliances. From the dormitory room to homes where space is at a premium, they have the right product at the right price for their customers. For over 44 years, Avanti is a leader in the Consumer Appliance Industry. A total of 7,000 Retail Partners is present for this company throughout North, Central, and South America. The reputation of the company has been built by providing the quality products at a great value. The different products of Avanti company are Apartment-Sized Refrigerators, Upright and Chest Freezers, Wine Chillers, Beverage Coolers, Microwave Ovens, Gas and Electric Ranges, Laundry Products, Water Dispensers and Mini-Kitchens. Through these products, it became a leading supplier in the market by satisfying lakhs of consumers.

Avanti Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 24-Inch

Last update was on: May 21, 2019 8:13 pm
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Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Considering my usage experience and research on wine coolers, I just want to keep a small note on this Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

  • Firstly, always look for the product which perfectly suits well with your interior design as well as floor space. Coming to this Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler, it perfectly fits your home as it occupies very less floor space and it’s a free-standing wine cooler so you can place it anywhere in your home.
  • This wine fridge has a storage capacity of 149 bottles which is very great when compared to other products.
  • Avanti WCR683DZD-2 is a Dual Zone Wine Cooler so; you can preserve two different types of wine at various temperatures within a single wine freezer.
  • Finally, Avanti products have extended warranty facility after the completion of product warranty period, i.e., one year.

Specifications Of Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler are listed here. The Avant Dual Zone Wine Cooler Specifications play a vital role in buying this product. Considering this aspect, I mentioned the furthermore specifications of Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler in the below table.

Installation of Avanti Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler


Make sure you have all the following parts:

  •  6 Burgundy Bottle Shelves.
  •  7 Standard Bottle Shelves.
  •  1 Small Bottom Shelf.
  •  One Stainless Steel Handle Assembly with 2 Flat Washers, and 2 Lock Washers.
  •  1 Door Lower Hinge Bracket for Door Opening from the Right Side.

Before connecting your new Wine Chiller to the power plug, Allow it to stand straight for two hours. This process will reduce the possibility of a malfunction in the cooling system during transportation. Clean the interior surface using a soft cloth. Install the handle on the left side of the door. This equipment is designed to be free standing or recessed with a minimum clearance of ¼ inch on each side and at the back.

Price history for Avanti Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 24-Inch
Latest updates:
  • $2,818.50 - February 5, 2019
  • $2,197.00 - February 4, 2019
  • $2,818.50 - January 19, 2019
  • $1,499.00 - January 18, 2019
  • $2,818.50 - January 10, 2019
Since: January 10, 2019
  • Highest Price: $2,818.50 - January 10, 2019
  • Lowest Price: $1,499.00 - January 18, 2019

Features Of Avanti Freestanding Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Let us have a brief glance at their features.

Cooling Technologies

The Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler runs on the compressor, and it evenly dispenses the temperature throughout the chiller and keeps our wine fresh and cool.

Bottle Capacity

The storage capacity of the wine cooler is 149 bottles which are great.

Zone Type

The Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wine Cooler is a Dual-zone wine cooler with stainless steel handle and a protected glass door giving a smooth appearance to the users.

Temperature Range

The temperature ranges between 47 to 65 F where we can store the different flavors of red, white and sparkling wines and enjoy the pleasant taste.

Display Features

Finally, On moving into the display features of Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler.It has a Wine Indicator Lights designed to accommodate the durability of Wine Bottles, and Cool LED Interior Perimeter Display Lighting with ON/OFF Switch to Showcase Wine.

It also has the Digital temperature control which can regulate the temperature accurately and gives excellent ambiance to your kitchen.

Avanti Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 24-Inch

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Last update was on: May 21, 2019 8:13 pm


Place your Wine Cooler on a floor which is robust enough to support it when it is completely loaded. To level your Wine Chiller, adjust the front legs at the bottom of the Wine Chiller. Locate the Wine Chiller away from sunlight and sources of heat like a stove, heater.

Direct sunlight may affect the inner coating, and heat sources may increase electrical consumption. Extreme cold temperatures may also cause the unit not to perform correctly. Avoid locating the unit in moist areas. Plug the Wine Chiller into a properly installed-grounded wall socket. Any queries concerning power or grounding should be directed toward a certified electrician or an authorized Avanti Wine Cooler Products service center. Check latest Wine Chiller reviews along with a specification for Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler.

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Lowest price Product: Avanti Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Wide Dual Zone Wine Cooler, 24-Inch - $0.00
  • The storage capacity of this wine cooler is outstanding; it stores upto 149 bottles.
  • Avanti WCR683DZD-2 is a dual zone wine cooler which stores two different types of wines, i.e., 74 bottles in the upper zone and 75 in the lower region.
  • It has Soft Touch Electronic Control & Display Panel for Monitoring Temperatures of Each Zone.
  • Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler has Reversible Double Pane Tempered Glass Door which protects the wine from external factors.
  • The additional feature of this product includes the LED Interior Perimeter Display Lighting with ON/OFF Switch to Showcase Wine.

  • It does not provide with a self-closing door.
  • A bit noisy one as it runs on the compressor.


The company gives one year warranty for this product. If any damages occur to the inner fan and cooling node, it will replace the unit. Hence, you need not have to worry about this Avanti WCR683DZD-2 Dual Zone Wine Cooler as it provides the extended warranty too.

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler Customer Reviews

Till now, Based on my personal experience I have drafted this review. Now, Let us have a glance at the customer reviews on Amazon too.

Great wine cooler for money

Color: Black/Stainless Steel

Shipped promptly and was set up inside the house. The unit has no rollers under it just leveling feet. The compressor and fan are relatively quiet when they come on. Shelves accommodate various size bottles including chardonnay, pinot noir, and thick glass bottles. Did not get any issues with the fit being so tight that it scraped the labels off. It is rare that I was able to get ten bottles on a shelf, so capacity was more like 130 bottles than 160. Finally, a significant and noteworthy unit at a great price. Hence, I would recommend it.

Great wine cooler no white glove delivery

Color: Black/Stainless Steel

I had a Lethe cellar So, I wanted a smaller unit in our kitchen. I had it built in with space around it for airflow. The unit has two temp zones and is reasonably quiet. However, the “white glove” delivery as advertised did not occur, as a trucking company just dropped it off, and didn’t take the box and shipping materials. Just be aware of this.  However, it is excellent!. Hence, I suggest it.

Great wine cooler

color: Black/Stainless Steel
I have had this model since July 2012 and purchased from Amazon. However, Delivery was excellent, but more importantly, the unit keeps the wine at the correct temperature. Therefore, I have no complaints and recommend this model to anyone looking for a wine chiller in the 150 bottle range. I didn’t have problems like some of the other reviews so; I can only speak from my experience.
9.3 Total Score
Value for Money

So, Finally, As an enthusiastic wine lover, I am very much satisfied with this product. I am sure this Avanti WCR683DZD-2 149 Dual Zone Wine Cooler will become your favorite too, and you never regret about buying this product.

  • Outstanding Storage Capacity
  • Dual Zone Wine Chiller
  • LED Interior Perimeter Display Lighting
  • A bit Nosiy
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