Avanti Wine Cooler 6 Bottle EWC6C1B – Perfect Choice for any Counter Space!

One can always find the need for a wine cooler for storing their wine assortment to enjoy the sip of wine anytime. It is a must accessory of a wine consumer’s house or office. To keep your wine chilled and fresh every time, we bring for you all this Avanti 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler. If you live in a hot region, you would be settling less with the taste of the wine, but this cooler serves its purpose completely. It is outlined with all the necessary qualities to make it the best out of any cooler. After testing it thoroughly, we are very much pleased to have brought this wine cooler in the first place among several countertop wine chillers. You will know the reason upon flicking through our Avanti 6 bottle Wine Cooler review.

Avanti small wine refrigerator is very lightweight and keeps the container cooled and fresh without any fail. Its outstanding design gives it a modern and attractive look which will certainly brighten up your room. This wine cooler provides stability to the wines and maintains a regular temperature to keep their content chilled. We had gone through this product and were astounded with all its traits we noted. Besides its elegant external design, the interior of this cooler is also enhanced with essential features.

Avanti 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Design

This single zone wine chiller comes with a lightweight design and has a finishing texture. It has a very stylish black glass door with an attached handle. Outstanding interior design is also well furnished with many useful properties as that of its exterior.

2 wire rack shelves of this wine cooler can be removed and adjusted as per our convenience. This trait will be of great use in the case of storing larger bottles. Its design makes this wine cooler to keep it at any place without much of a hassle. One of the exciting characteristics which made its design more impressive is its fashionable black cabinet and dual pane rounded glass door. This black cabinet will grab attention and excellent care in protecting your wine from harmful rays. Overall, the design didn’t fail to amaze us as it satisfies all the properties a modern fridge can be.

2. Capacity

Another critical feature of this Avanti wine refrigerator holds is a large storage capacity. A standard bottle size of 750 mL can be easily accommodated in this fridge. It fits space for 6 bottles of dimensions 9.75-inch length, 20.25-inch width, and 15-inch height. One does not need to compromise with the number of bottles to be placed as this can accommodate an ample number of bottles without any difficulty.

We found that this fridge maintains an even temperature for all the stored bottles and makes sure that each bottle gets a sufficient amount of coolness required. This mini wine chiller will not leave you disappointed in terms of space for storing wines or beverages, and you can be ready anytime with the chilled wines to be served.

3. Controlling Temperature

This compact wine cooler gives us the benefit of adjusting its temperature according to our needs. This property makes this product even more unique. One can maintain the temperature ranging from 46 F to 65 degrees F. The setup temperature is ensured to be consistent at every corner inside this wine cellar.

The temperature ranges it allows are more than enough to store red, white, or other wine types. It does not alter the quality of wines but preserves and makes them chilled. Avanti wine cellar uses a thermoelectric cooling mechanism, which ensures the perfect condition to keep our beverages chilled for anytime enjoyment. Altogether, this feature can be positively considered while buying this product.

4. LED Lights and Installation

One of the most eye-catching features grabbed by the Avanti wine fridge is its soft interior blue LED lighting. There are press buttons available on top of this mini refrigerator, which allows us to switch on or off this interior light. Many standard wine coolers come with harsh LED lights that fade out the labels of your wine bottles. But, the lighting in this wine cooler is very soft and does not harm your wine bottles.

This light makes the cooler even more pleasant to look at. It indeed gives your room, bar, or workplace a classy look, and the illuminating lights will leave you amazed. For easy visibility to know the status of our wine collection is now possible with this wine cooler. This part makes this product more alluring.

5. Noise Level

EWC6C1B Avanti wine cooler 6 bottle comes with another important characteristic to be looked at while buying it. In most typical wine coolers, their customers usually complain about their noise level. The noise level and vibrations produced by these wine coolers are very harmful to change their tastes as their tannins get sensitive to chemical changes according to the cooler’s vibrations.

But on the contrary, we found this Avanti wine chiller to be quiet. It does not generate a lot of noise or vibrations. It is relatively stable and keeps a peaceful environment. The thermoelectric cooling system terminates any kind of noise and vibration from this refrigerator. There is no kind of humming or buzzing. It serves its purpose of cooling the beverages properly. Also, the cooler does not have any unpleasant smell. Overall, this product proves useful in maintaining the correct temperature without much noise volume.


Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Avanti
  • Part Number : EWC6C1B
  • Dimensions : 15″ H x 9.75″ W x 20.25″ D
  • Item Weight : 19 Lbs
  • Color : Black with Glass Door
  • Capacity : 6 bottles (Standard 750ml)
  • Shelf Type : Wire
  • Shelves : 3
  • Defrost System : Auto
  • Temperature Range : 46° – 65° F


What are the measurements of the Avanti 6 bottle wine cooler?

Avanti 6 bottles Wine Fridge measurements are 25.9″ × 14.8″ × 21.5″ length, width, and height, respectively. It can hold up to 6 wine bottles in an appropriate manner.

How much electricity does Avanti 6 bottle single zone wine cooler use?

Generally, a wine cooler consumes about 110 watts of average electricity. Avanti 6 bottle Wine Chiller works extensively on RV electrical hookup plugs with an average of 110 watts of power.

Is this Avanti 6 bottle portable wine cooler noisy?

Avanti EWC6C1B Wine Cooler is a bit noisy sometimes. It does make a noticeable amount of buzzing sound, which can be heard while switched on.

Can Avanti 6 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler be used with 220 voltages?

No, this Avanti 6-bottle Wine Cooler cannot be used with 220 voltages. This cooler keeps our beverages chilled and runs on 110 voltages only.

How tall is this Avanti wine cooler refrigerator 6 bottle?

Avanti 6 bottle Countertop Wine Refrigerator Cooler is around 15 inches in height. It can easily be slid under a standard upper kitchen cabinet.

Wrapping Up

So these are the details we assembled while trying this product. The fascinating texture absolutely made this Avanti 6 bottle Wine Cooler very beautiful inside out. Along with a great style, manual setting up of temperature makes it more attractive and convenient. It is successful in keeping the drinks chilled and fresh.

The soft LED light inside adds beauty to its appearance. One can keep a standard size of 6 wine bottles inside this cooler as it has sufficient storage space. The thermoelectric cooling mechanism supplies orderly coolness to every drink. As per our analysis, this wine refrigerator manifests all the required amenities of a perfect wine chiller. Altogether this counter top wine cooler proves to be the best and can be recommended for its buyers. We hope our analysis and detailed Avanti 6 bottle Wine Cooler review proves useful as a buying guide for you. We wish you a happy purchase!