Aobosi Wine Cooler Dual Zone 30 Bottle YC-100B – Ensures Quiet & Fast Operation!

Nothing is better than a wine cooler to get your party started. Think of those having those numberless memorable events of your life you could celebrate if you had the right storage for keeping your wine bottles chilled and delicious for your guests. Now is the time you can make those dreams come true to make space for more celebration by having an efficient wine cooler in your house, such as the Aobosi wine cooler dual zone 30 bottle. This wine cooler knows just well how to light up your party by serving your chilled bottles of various types of wine whenever needed. Let’s see the complete Aobosi YC-100B Wine Cooler review before making the decision.

With its many more amazing features, which we have heard, we instantly bought this wine cooler to test its efficiency in case of performance. This freestanding wine cooler is not limited to providing you with the cooling of only one kind of wine. This is a dual wine cooler that serves you in more than one way to keep your guests content. This Aobosi wine cooler can store as many as 30 bottles at a time, so it is perfect for those families who want wine in their fridges always due to their love for having wine daily.

Aobosi YC-100B Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Capacity

This Aobosi 15 inch 30 Bottle Wine refrigerator never fails you when it comes to making room for adequate units of wine bottles. This very wine cooler is said to comfortably hold up to 30 bottles of wine, though the number of bottles you can store depends on those particular bottles’ width and height. But 30 standard Bordeaux bottles of 2.75 inches width and 11.8 inches of height would be easily stored in it.

There are 5 shelves and a bottom rack in this wine cellar. On each of those shelves, you can keep 3 bottles leaving their bases towards the shelf front and two bottles with their bottoms turned to the shelf’s back end. That bottom rack can give space for 5 bottles, which ultimately sums up to 30 bottles total, taking into account 5 bottles in each of 5 shelves and 5 bottles in the bottom rack.

2. Dual-Zone

Most typical wine coolers have no match for storing both red and white wine at the same time. With this Aobosi wine fridge, you do not anymore have to make a choice between white and red variants of wine, and there is nothing better than having both kinds stored for guests with different preferences. This dual zone wine chiller comes with a 1-year warranty.

This wine cooler is divided into two separate zones with different temperatures. The upper zone of this Aobosi dual zone 30 wine cooler has a temperature of 41° – 55.4° F, while its lower zone has a temperature of 55.4° – 64.4° F. Upper zone of this wine fridge can store various kinds of white wine, including champagne, sweet white wine, semi-dry white wine, and dry white wine. In comparison, its lower zone can store a broad range of red wine, including sweet wine, brandy, semi-dry red wine, and dry wine.

3. Filtering System

The air inside a wine cooler is responsible to a great extent for impacting the taste and flavor of wines, either in a positive way or in a negative way. Many wine cooler manufacturers take care of their wine fridges’ quality and function while making them but totally forget about the filtration system much is needed to keep the inside air fresh.

But, thanks to this undercounter wine fridge, one can avoid the stinky odor or any lousy air in this wine cooler. This wine cellar has taken care that this wine cooler’s inside ambiance stays as fresh as wine in those bottles itself. Its special carbon filtration system keeps the inside air pure, which further gets reflected in your wine’s enhanced taste.

4. Safety Lock System

Frequent opening of your wine cooler also results in a change of its inside temperature of that wine fridge, which eventually leads to a mismanaged temperature of stored bottles as well. So, it is better to keep an eye on checking our wine fridge’s regular opening.

Usually, kids or some notorious guests try to reach out for our wine collection unnecessarily. This will lead to our favorite wine collection’s taster ruining. For all these reasons mentioned above, AAobosi wine cooler comes with a smart safety lock system with a key that gives you complete authority over your unit.

5. Wooden Shelves

Your wine bottles now would not need to squeeze themselves together in your refrigerator rack when you have this Aobosi wine cooler YC-100B wine cellar. This will serve you like your very own mini-bar in your own house. Your precious wine bottles are perfectly safe in this wine cellar as those can be stored very carefully on its shelves.

Your bottles would stick to their places without tilting to a side or clinking against each other as these shelves have wooden grills that grip the bottles together. These racks are totally easy to use as they can be drawn out by sliding towards the outside whenever you want, thanks to its super smooth ball bearings. These racks are made of beech wood, complementing this wine fridge’s beauty.

6. Touch Screen Control

A smart touch screen operating panel is just what you need for the elegant look of this wine cooler. This sleek panel contains some of the utterly important and advanced features which make this under counter wine fridge superior to other standard wine cellars.

There is a power on/off switch, by which you can turn this wine cellar off or on. An interior lights control switch is present in this control panel, letting you turn on or off the lights. There is a temperature control switch with which you can gradually increase or decrease its interior temperature by 1° C/F. In fact, you can change the unit of temperature measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit by a switch given in this same panel.

7. Glass Doors and Temperature Memory Function

Aobosi 15” wine cooler dual zone 30 bottle freestanding has a very sturdy frame made of stainless steel double-layered tempered glass. These glass doors make your kitchen go ever so stylish while at the same time makes sure to keep your wine protected from the altering temperature of outside weather.

As it is suggested not to turn this cooler unit on again within 5 minutes of turning it off, it also performs a flexible role in keeping your wine bottles chilled without interruption. If your power supply gets abruptly cut, you do not have to bother about setting up the preset functions all over again once the power is back. As soon as the power comes back, it would pick the work from where it left and automatically start running with previous settings stored in its memory.


Specifications of 30 Bottle Aobosi Wine Cooler YC-100B

  • Brand : AAOBOSI
  • Part Number : YC-100B
  • Product Dimensions : 19 x 27 x 38 inches
  • Item Weight : 79 pounds
  • Shelf Type : Wood
  • Shelves : 6
  • Installation Type : Built-in and Freestanding
  • Temperature Range : Upper zone – 41 to 55.4 deg F; Lower zone – 55 to 64.4 deg F
  • Warranty : 1-year


How tall is the Aobosi 15 inch wide 30 bottle built-in cooler?

The height of this Aobosi 15 inch wide bottle built-in cooler is around 33.26 inches. We suggest you store this wine cellar in at least 33.5 inches tall built-in space.

Can you remove one of the upper shelves to accommodate larger bottles in the upper area of Aobosi YC-100B 30 bottle Wine Cooler?

Yes, you can remove one of those upper shelves to accommodate larger bottles in the upper area of this Aobosi YC-100B 30 bottle wine cooler. You can make full use of the interior space given by removing shelves as per your needs.

What is the cut out width needed for the Aobosi 15″ wide freestanding wine chiller?

15-inch wide space would do the job. But we suggest you cut out the width of 23 inches for a hassle-free installation of this Aobosi free standing wine cooler 15 inches.

What are the exact measurements for this Aobosi 15″ 30 bottle wine cooler

The exact dimensions for this Aobosi 15″ 30 bottle wine cooler are 19×27×38 inches.


Casting a critical eye on all the specifications and its fabulous performance, we finally came to a positive conclusion in this Aobosi YC-100B Wine Cooler review. This wine cooler has a smart action panel, which delineates its functions very easily. It’s smart and robust structure lets you boast this wine cooler among your guests, and the soft blue lighting makes your wine selection precise and beautiful as well.

This stainless steel wine cooler comes with wooden shelves that glide out smoothly, and they can comfortably hold up to 30 bottles of standard size, which is pretty impressive in this price range. This is a dual-zone refrigerator, so we faced no difficulty storing both red wine and white wine in it while setting their temperatures accordingly to get accurately chilled wine all at the same time. Hope our Aobosi wine cooler refrigerator reviews article on this wine cellar is found helpful for you. Have a happy shopping!