JC-85B Aobosi Wine Cooler Dual Zone 28 Bottle – Classy, Quiet & Highly Efficient!

Aobosi JC-85B Wine Cooler Review: If you are looking to store different wine bottles in the same place elegantly, the Aobosi JC-85B wine cooler is just the thing you need. Aobosi dual-zone freestanding cooler is perfect, both in terms of quality and capacity. It looks alluring, holds enough wine bottles to outlast a pandemic, and notably, it keeps both your red & white wine fresh preserving their original tastes. With utmost care to store your favorite wine collection, this wine cooler is designed with higher upgrades.

Hesitating no more, we have got this Aobosi 15-inch Wine Cooler to test all the features it offers and the performance it delivers. We can promise you that this Aobosi is a revolution in the refrigerator’s market. It has a classy look, so it can automatically be a new sight of attraction for your place. Along with it, Aobosi freestanding wine cooler has a smart touch screen to control its temperature. Its compressor functions with a sound level that is hardly audible to a human ear. So, you can place it anywhere in your home, too, sans fretting over getting disrupted. For us, this Aobosi 28-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator is the best wine cooler in its price range, by far.

Aobosi JC-85B Wine Cooler Review for 2023

1. Built and Design

Aobosi Built in Wine Cooler is a built-in or freestanding cooler. With a stainless-steel frame, it just gets pretty attractive and sturdier. It has a double tempered transparent glass door, which provides you with a vision for your wine bottles and blocks UV rays. Thus, the external environmental changes do not affect our Wine that’s stored inside it. The wooden texture shelves are a highlight of its design.

Shelves of this wine cooler separate both red & white wine zones and retain the classic wine cellar look. An LED backlight separates the two sections, which are popularly labeled as red and white wine storage shelves. It makes Aobosi Under Counter seem like a high-end refrigerator. The digital LED display adds to the beauty of this Cooler and gives it a more dynamic look. It is bright enough to be read clearly, but not so bright that it gets unpleasant. It displays an almost accurate temperature of both wine-zones in Fahrenheit as its default temperature scale, but we can also view it in Celsius.

2. Dimensions and Storage

This Stainless steel wine cooler has dimensions of 14.96 x 22.7 x 34.2 inches and weighs about 70 pounds. The 6-shelf division makes it possible for this Cooler to be a whooping 28 wine bottles storing cooler. Along with a mega-storage facility, we can also take out every shelf on the cooler. This feature successfully ensures that our bottles do not get damaged. There are hardly a few wine coolers that provide this type of storage capacity in such a compact way.

For meeting the need to accommodate your guests with Wine and beverages, this 28 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator comes in handy. It also minimizes any potential damage to wine bottles and ensures safe storage. It has a lock system that can prove pretty crucial in clubs & cafes. The shelves of this wine cooler are removable to store larger wine bottles.

3. Operation Mode

No matter how much you spend on any electronic gadget, you always prefer the tranquility it offers. Being a best dual zone wine cooler freestanding with a huge capacity to hold up to 28 bottles, we were scared that this product might cause a headache with its noise during the operation. But, this product proved us wrong with its reticent way of cooling and preserving the Wine and beverages.

This is a feature that everybody has their eyes set on. Aobosi Red Wine Cooler possesses a built-in professional & powerful compressor that ensures almost a no-sound functioning. The compressor produces a sound of just 42 dB, which is far less than most of the other wine coolers available. This might not seem to be that influential, but if you possess a fridge of an older version, you would know what a game-changer this feature can prove to be. Also, with such a low-noise creation, you can now store Aobosi freestanding cooler in your bedrooms, too.

4. Dual Zone Refrigeration

Most typical wine coolers are confined to offering only a uniform cooling temperature all around the bottles stored in them. This may not work in favor if you need to store your drinks or beverages, which need varied temperatures for retaining their original flavors. Especially in storing both white and red wine bottles at a go, one needs different modes of temperatures for operating at the same time.

This Aobosi 15” wine cooler dual zone 28 bottle freestanding has a distinct feature to store red & white wine bottles at a discrete, fixed range of temperatures. The dual-zone attribute, which is exclusive for this wine cooler, maintains our Wine’s freshness. We can set the upper zone’s temperature in a range of 41-54°F and the lower zone at 54-68°F. This feature enables us to store different wine bottles at their respective optimal temperatures. Another specialty of dual-zone refrigeration is that they do not affect each other’s temperature despite both zones being situated close together.

5. Memory Function

Another salient feature of this Aobosi Wine Cooler Refrigerator is its newly integrated temperature memory function. But what does it mean? We have often heard and read customers complaining about traditional cooling systems that restart once the electric connection is re-established for unforeseen conditions. A significant disadvantage will be felt if these wine coolers go back to their default cooling settings, as the manually set temperatures are solely meant for reviving our wine as we desire.

But Aobosi has come to our rescue and introduced a new temperature memory function. This feature automatically sets the bar high for other brands in this industry. The temperature memory function automatically restores the previously set temperature by us and prevents any extra efforts to set up our old temperature adjustments again.

6. Other Significant Features

Low vibration: A comparatively low vibration of the compressor also helps your Wine hang on to maturity & taste. As in regular wine coolers, the vibrations they generate negatively affect our stored Wine and ultimately damage their tastes.
Power Saver: This built-in wine cooler’s more powerful & organized compressor also helps to save energy up to a large extent. There are three ways in which lights can function. We can either set them to ‘always ON,’ ‘always OFF’ or ‘AUTOMATIC’ (automatically turns lights on when we open Aobosi Wine Cooler’s door and fade out once we close it).
Door Locking System: The cooler door has an efficient locking system. It can be pretty useful to place your Stainless-Steel Cooler in cafes or even at homes to prevent your children from opening it. It makes a sound when it’s opened, letting us know the same.



  • Brand : AAOBOSI
  • Item model number : JC-85B
  • Product Dimensions : 14.96 x 22.7 x 34.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 70 pounds
  • Shelf Type : Wood
  • Shelves : 6
  • Installation Type : Built-in and freestanding
  • Noise : 42 dB
  • Color : Black and stainless steel
  • Shelf Type : Wood
  • Shelves : 6


How long is the electrical cord of Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler?

Aobosi 28 Bottle Wine Cooler has an electrical cord, including the plug of 194 cm (76.38″) long. This is a standard and sufficient length for all types of refrigerators.

Are the legs adjustable to increase the height of Aobosi 15-inch 28 bottle wine cellar?

Aobosi 15-inch 28 bottle wine cellar is designed to have adjustable feet, which helps you adjust it to your desired height. You can also store it on a raised platform.

What is the max bottle height you can fit in AOBOSI 28 bottle wine chiller and still close the door?

Aobosi 28 bottle wine chiller can hold standard Bordeaux bottles (width: 2.75 inches, height: 11.8 inches). If you want to store larger bottles, you can take out the shelves and assemble the cooler as you wish.

Final Verdict

Aobosi 15″ Wine Cooler may be considered slightly expensive, but it is arguably the best Wine Cooler in its price range. As a conclusion of our Aobosi JC-85B Wine Cooler review, it is stylish, provides dual-temperature zones, and you can place it at home, cafes, & workplaces. A high percentage of people use traditional refrigerators to store Wine. But if the quality & freshness of Wine is your priority, then the Aobosi deserves a chance.

The tranquility offered in delivering the performance is highly appreciable. It won’t make any sound, appeal to your guests/customers with its backlight, and works just fine. If you want a fancy Wine Cooling system along with guaranteed performances, Aobosi 15″ should be your first preference. We can bet that it won’t fail to impress you. Hope you find our Aobosi wine fridge review helpful for bringing the right one to your home.