Antarctic Star Wine Cooler 24 Bottles – Get access to your favorite drinks anytime!

A wine cooler will always add benefit and beauty to the room or a workplace, whether you are an occasional drinker or regular one. Fulfilling all expectations of a justified wine refrigerator, the Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler comes up with well-equipped and outstanding features. Features, as well as the looks of this wine cooler, grabbed our attention. And we couldn’t stop ourselves from trying and testing this wine cooler’s functionalities. Read this in-depth Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler review to know what we liked the most in this unit and what things disappointed us.

When we bought this mini wine cooler to know about its features, this product has proved to be very much effective in keeping wine bottles chilled and fresh for a constant and stable temperature. Coming with a coat of glossy texture makes this product more elegant, and not only attractive but also the characteristics it provides are highly beneficial and amazes its buyers. Weighing around 44.1 pounds, this small cooler has outshone its value by using latest technology. Every part is designed with utmost care keeping in mind the needs of the buyers. This mini cooler supplies the best environment to guard all types of wines-young or aged. It helps in enriching its content and provides you with a great taste in its every finest sip.

Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler Review of 2023

1. Control Panel

While going through the control setting, we were amazed as the Antarctic Star Wine Cellar uses advanced technology of touch screen. It has an amazing feature of temperature setting, which allows its users to easily get access to it and set the temperature ranging from 400 F to 610 F. Temperature is displayed digitally and can be easily adjustable as it is on the cooler’s exterior.

We also noted that manual set up of temperature does not compromise with the quality of wine but makes it chilled and enhances its taste in an appropriate environment. However, we would recommend 550 F as the ideal temperature. This unit balances justified temperature for red and white wines. The installed cooling system is very balanced and maintains an even temperature at every corner in its interior.

2. Design

This lustrous free standing wine cooler will give the room or office where it is installed, a trendy touch with its stylish and elegant appearance. In some wine coolers, heat can slow down that perfect taste of beverages and drinks. To avoid this, the Antarctic star wine 24 bottles cooler is designed with dual pane protection of glass to protect beverages from the outside heat and light. Stainless steel door gives this advanced wine cooler a perfect look.

Each of the 6 shelves inside is very much adjustable and can hold an ideal amount of 24 bottles, good storage capacity. Other additional features of removing the shelves makes this cooler more unique as any bottle size can be stored. To make this wine fridge more interesting, a purple LED light inside also adds a charm to its exterior look as it ensures us to see the amount of red wine kept inside without harming wine bottles.

3. Noise Level

One of the best features we found in the Antarctic Star Wine Cooler is that it doesn’t produce loud noise and has a noise level of 38 dB unlike most of coolers. It makes sure not to disturb the outside and neighbouring surroundings by keeping its noise level low. In this part, we can say that this product fulfils its promise to maintain our beverages chilled and durable with no vibration and no loud noise. It operates at 120 voltage power yet works reticently.

This countertop wine cooler maintains a quiet and peaceful environment without harming the peaceful or slumber states of people around or near this wine fridge. Thus, it doesn’t bother its buyers with much noise and usually keeps its noise volume low, not troubling during our sleeping hours. Unlike most other wine coolers, this ability makes this wine cooler the best. Conversions among people can be easily and effectively carried when they are near this product without getting disturbed.

4. Capacity

When we talk about bottles’ storage capacity, this classy Antarctic star 24 bottle wine cooler/cabinet beverage refrigerator comes up with a great storage unit. It can hold up to a standard size of 750ml bottles. If we talk about storing the number of bottles, it can easily keep an ample amount of up to 24 bottles. This could be considered as huge when we compare the capacity levels of standard wine coolers.

Adjustable and movable shelves provide sufficient space among them to possess this incredible number of bottles. It is very convenient and highly useful especially at times of huge gatherings or parties. It is furnished with a trendy design to hold an ample number of bottles on the racks and sideways. Storing up of a large number of units is yet another great feature bagged by this product.

5. Installation Type and Warranty

Coming to the wine cooler’s installation part, we get to know that this Antarctic Star wine chiller is designed for freestanding application only and not for the built-in use. It can be placed anywhere without any difficulty in handling. This mini refrigerator wine cooler showcases a well-furnished and contemporary style to a room or office place. It guards not only the wine bottles but also canned beers or soda. We need to set up its temperature as per our requirement, and it does not leave us disheartened in offering the chilled wines.

Most wine coolers disappoint their customers with their inability to provide warranty. Antarctic star 24 bottle wine cellar comes with a warranty of one year for all its satisfied buyers. This warranty will give a rest assured experience for the buyers. We loved the product more with this additional benefit.


Technical Specifications

  • Brand : Antarctic Star
  • Product Dimensions : 17.7 x 16.9 x 29.1 inches
  • Item Weight : 44.1 pounds
  • Color : Silver
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Noise : 38 dB
  • Form Factor : Mini Fridges
  • Capacity : Standard 24 red or wine bottles
  • Temperature Range : 40°F- 61°F
  • Selves : 6


What are the inner dimensions of the Antarctic Star 24 bottle wine fridge?

Antarctic Star 24 Bottles Wine Cooler is 13’’× 14″ in length and width respectively and 26″ in height. The top shelf is almost 11″. Each shelf holds around 4 bottles and 2 in the sideways.

Can I keep this Antarctic Star 24 bottles wine refrigerator in my unheated/un-air conditioned garage?

Keeping this 24 Bottle Antarctic Star Quiet Wine Cooler in garage depends on the climate outside. Moreover, if the existing temperature is said to be higher, it will cause damage to the life of this wine refrigerator.

How long will this Antarctic Star compact wine cooler last?

Antarctic Star Freestanding Wine Cooler 24 bottles is durable with a large lifespan of at least 10-20 years. Also, it comes with a warranty of one year.


So, this was all the information we gathered about this Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Chiller. We have tried to give out the best of our knowledge about this product here, in this article. It is designed with all necessary properties to give it a stunning and modern look externally and internally. Overall, this small wine fridge can satisfy its buyers with the best of its features. Stainless steel shelves and door handle makes it classy with a benefit of not decaying ever.

Also, this cooler keeps wine bottles and other beverages chilled and more durable. Touch screen technology is always an icing on the cake, giving this wine and drink cooler a modern pinch. Summing up our Antarctic Star 24 Bottle Wine Cooler review, this is the best product for every wine consumer-type. It tops the list in offering a stylish appearance to the room and satisfying its buyers. We hope you find this review helpful.