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AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler Review​ 2020

To fully enjoy the taste of wine, it’s important to keep it at the specific temperature. If you keep it too cold, then it will lose the flavor. It will happen again if you keep it in the warm temperatures also. You don’t have thousands of money to spend on building a home with a wine cellar. Like you, i am also suffered from this problem. My neighbor suggested me to buy AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler. This wine cooler is available with cheap cost and works as best.

I think Instead of Wine Cellar, buying this thermoelectric wine cooler is best for me. I have bought this wine cooler so many days back, but now also it works perfectly. So, I prefer you to buy online this AKDY wine fridge. The AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler is a great, affordable, best, cheapest wine cooler to keep wine chilled.

AKDY 20 Bottle Touch Panel

This AKDY Single Zone AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is one in the Top 10 wine coolers. It works very well, and it keeps the wine bottles at a steady temperature. I like keeping wine in this wine cooler. So I suggest, to buy online this AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler.

This Wine Cooler is the vibration-free thermoelectric wine cooler. And the AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler is the cheap and best wine refrigerator. It maintains the perfect temperature range of 46-64° as dedicated to preserving wines and maintaining its flavor. For quick access, it stores your 32 bottles neatly into one place. Each rack can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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AKDY 32 bottle electric wine cooler/ cellar/ chiller single zone bulk az ea45ec 75 Review

Recently My friend visited my house and saw the 32 bottles electric wine cooler az ea45ec 75 in my house. He liked that wine cooler so much. I noticed that So, I had bought another AKDY az ea45ec 75 Single Zone Ice Maker as a Christmas gift for my Best friend. When he saw this gift, he is surprised. Now he enjoys the bottles of wine with their specified flavor. Still, he says this is the best gift ever for him. Now he stores his wine in the wine cooler to retain the wine taste. If you want to keep your wine in this wine cooler, buy this AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler.


  • Bottle capacity and Zone Type
  • Temperature Range and Type of Wine Storage
  • Number of Racks
  • Other Features

The AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler has 32 bottle capacity which is a large capacity of bottle storage. You can store red wines or white wines in large quantity as per your requirement. This Akdy wine fridge is a single zone wine cooler. If you can set your wine specified temperature, then it will maintain that single temperature only. Though it is not possible to store the reds and whites at a time, you can store them in different periods of time.

The AKJDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler maintains the constant temperature as between 46 to 64 degrees. I have set my AKDY wine cooler temperature as 54 degrees it works perfectly. This 32 bottles electric wine cellar single zone bulk az ea45ec 75 is used to keep Red and White wines. Yes, as said below you can store Red or White wines but both of them at a time. Because both wines require different temperature settings and keeping both of them at same temperature may change the taste of either red wine or white wine.

Number of Racks: This AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler has contained 8 Racks. Those adjustable for your convenience. This adjustment is helpful for me while i am cleaning the Wine Refrigerator. Also, while taking the wine from the wine cooler, these movable shelves makes the work easy. Just like other AKDY models, the shelves in this AZ-ea45ec-75 model are not the wooden shelves. These shelves are not only movable and you can also remove it for giving room to your large wine bottles.

  • Vibrations: The Electric single zone az ea45ec 75 wine cooler is vibration-free wine fridge.
  • Digital Display: This AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler has the digital display which is helpful for you to control the wine temperature.
  • Interior Light: The Interior Light of the Akdy wine chiller is useful for you while you are taking the wine bottle from the cooler.


Features Name Value
Cooling Technologies
Bottle capacity
32 Bottle
Zone Type
Single Zone
Temperature Range
46 – 64°
Type of Wine Storage
red and white wines
Number of Racks
Adjustable Racks
Protected Glass door
Digital Display
Interior Light
Defrost Type
Usage Type
Usage Type
Self Closing Door
Door Lock
Vent Location
Other Features


Specification Name Value
Model Info
35 x 22.9 x 18.8 inches
56.8 pounds
Colour/ included?
Black, Silver
1 Year
stainless steel
Reversible Door

AKDY Customer Service

If you have any doubts on AKDY wine cooler, or if you have any complaint on the AKDY Wine fridge, then you make a call to customer care number of AKDY Company. The AKDY Company customer services will be available on Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM. By Making a call to the AKDY Customer care number, the customer support executives will give the response to your doubts. And also you can send mail to the AKDY Customer Service. They will respond to your complaint and takes action. Check the customer care numbers and email id here.

Warranty on AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 wine fridge

The 32 bottle electric wine cellar az ea45ec 75 has 12 Months warranty from the purchasing. For warranty, you have to contact the AKDY Company Customer Services. On the warranty of the product, they will repair the wine cooler. The required documents for the warranty are given here.
  1. Product model number.
  2. Purchase Proof.
  3. Payment Receipt.

AKDY 32 bottle electric wine cooler cellar/ chiller single zone bulk az ea45ec 75 Customer Reviews

The AKDY Wine Refrigerator has 75 Customer reviews on the Amazon website. The customers of Amazon for the 32 Bottle Chiller Single Zone Wine Cooler has given the 3.3 out of 5 stars. It is good for the product. So, the customers are more comfortable with this particular AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler. In the below sections we have given the customer reviews on Amazon.

Customer Review 1:

“Item arrived in perfect condition with no issues. Holds most bottles, except for wider Pinot Noirs and Champagne. I haven’t had any issues for the past month with the noise level in my unit, but I have mine set up in my carpeted dining area so I suppose that might be muffling any sound. It’s nowhere near as loud as my stainless steel refrigerator, so I have no complaints whatsoever. The LED light looks cool, and guests comment on the nice look and size of the unit. I’m waiting for my fridge thermometer to arrive to do temperature comparisons, but I think so far the measurement has been pretty close to accurate. So far so good!”

Customer Review 2:

“This has worked very well so far, it seems to keep the bottles at a steady temperature for me, I can’t hear it very much at all, it’s not noticeable on the air conditioner or a fan. I like the light, looks good. I m thinking of putting it on top of something, so it’s easier to reach.”

Customer Review 3:

“The cooler arrived in good shape and was easy to set up. It cools fine. The little blue light puts a little blue light. BUT, there is one major design flaw! The racks are designed to hold Bordeaux/Cabernet bottles, NOT Burgundy/Pinot/Chardonnay bottles. If you’re a Pinotphile like me, you’ll need to either remove at least one shelf (I do have a few Bordeaux bottles, which helps) and alternate your Pinots face-in/ face out to make them fit.”

AKDY 32 Bottle AZ-EA45EC-75 wine cooler Rating

The information of the AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 Bottle Wine Cooler is given in the form of ratings. The five stars for highest rating and 1 star is for the lowest rating. Here we provide the customer ratings of the AKDY 32 bottle electric wine cooler cellar single zone bulk az ea45ec 75 wine chiller.


  • Environmental Friendly
  • Thermoelectric fan cooling system
  • Electronic touchpad control
  • Digital Temperature Control


  • Shelves can be removed for cleaning
  • Its operation will not even be noticed due to its thermoelectric cooling system
  • The temperature range for AKDY az ea45ec 75 wine refrigerator is 40 to 60 degrees, which is sufficient store for red and white wines
  • It is available in cheap cost with the best performance
  • The wine cooler has touch panel button control in outside using a digital meter and can adjust the inside warmth as per need


  • It does not have Self-Closing Door
  • This AKDY wine cooler does not have the Reversible Door


What is the power consumption of the AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 model?

AKDY AZ- EA45EC- 75 model consumes less power as it has a thermoelectric cooling system, which makes it environmentally friendly.

Do the blue LED lights stay on all the time in AKDY 32 Bottle Electric Wine Cooler? Is there an on/off switch?

No, the LED lights do not remain “ON” all the time in AKDY 32 Bottle Electric Wine Cooler. You can switch the lights off, by clicking the on/off switch next to the temperature indicator.

Bottom Line

If you are in a search for a wine cooler that stores a good number of bottles and works efficiently, then we recommend you this AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 Wine Cooler. We have tested and analyzed this wine refrigerator for over 72 hours and then impressed with its considerable features. I found the unit is quiet with fewer vibrations because of its Thermoelectric fan cooling system. So, if you want to go for a environmental friendly wine cooler then AKDY AZ-EA45EC-75 32 bottle Wine Cooler is a perfect choice. Because this unit has very low energy consumption and efficient heat dissipation.

Overall, AZ-EA45EC-75 32 bottle Wine Cooler is the best single zone wine cooler with large bottle capacity. With its price, the features are considerate. Though it takes some space in our living room, it looks very cool because of its stylish design.

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