AKDY WC0022 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Now store Red & White Wines at different Temperatures!

AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review 2023

Is win collection is your hobby, need a Compact wine Chiller for Home.? Why don’t you consider buying the AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler? This Best Rated Wine Fridge wines have ideal temperature ranges to preserve its smell and taste. Moreover, ordinary refrigerator can’t protect your wine flavor, smell, and taste. This top Rated Wine coolers provide the best protection to your wine bottles from temperature, humidity, and light. If you serve wine stored in Ideal Temperatures, it gives the best tasting experience. Let get in to the detailed AKDY WC0022 Dual Zone Wine Cooler review, before you make a choice.

AKDY WC0022 Freestanding Wine Cooler for Sale

You can use this AKDY Wine Cooler, as a countertop unit or just a storage unit in your wine cellar. The AKDY WC00022 wine cooler will let you enjoy your favorite wine properly. It has a Thermoelectric cooling system means this wine refrigerator runs silently with no vibration to disturb bottle sediment. The temperature controls allow for a range of 46°F – 66°F to accommodate wine’s serving temperatures. This wine cooler has 14 wooden shelves pull out to allow for easy access to your bottles.

The double-paned glass door frame gives your wine chiller a fresh, stylish look. The AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler has Adjustable legs allow placement on inclined surfaces and help maintain a vibration-free environment. AKDY 32 Bottle Wine Chiller is a Best Built-in Wine Cooler with its best capacity.


  • Temperature Range
  • Bottle Capacity
  • Portability or Design
  • Vibration and Noise Free, Wooden Shelves

1. Temperature Range

This Compact Dual Zone Wine cooler comes with two different temperature ranges on side by side. Coming to the Temperature Range, the left zone of this wine cooler ranges from 46 degrees F to 66 degrees F and the temperature in the right zone varies from 46 degrees F to 66 degrees F. So, you can store both red and white wines at different temperature ranges.

2. Bottle Capacity

AKDY AWC0022 Dual Zone Wine Cooler has the bottle capacity of 32 bottles, which is ample for most wine lovers. In the Right side of the wine cooler you can store 16 bottles and left side also 16 bottles. For most of the dual zone wine coolers, both the zones’ capacity won’t be the same. But this AKDY Wine cooler is coming with the same bottle capacity for both left and right zones.

3. Portability or Design

As you can see, the AKDY 32 Bottle Wine Chiller might not be portable enough to place it on your countertop. If you think there is a place for such size, you can use it as a Countertop Kitchen Appliance. However, it perfectly fits your living room or wine cellar as a free-standing storage unit. So instead of trying to place it on a counter top better leave it as a free-standing unit and properly enjoy the wine.

4. Vibration and Noise Free, Wooden Shelves

AKDY 32 bottle WC00022 wine cooler uses the Thermoelectric cooling technology for keeping your wine cool in both the zones. As it is thermoelectric, the unit runs very quietly without creating any noise. You can enjoy your drink with peace of mind. Also, this AKDY wine cooler is vibration-free, which will never cause a disturbance in wine bottle sediment. One more exciting feature is, this unit comes with wooden shelves that you can pull out for easy access.



  • Manufacturer : AKDY
  • Model Info : AK-WC0022
  • Dimensions : 20 x 20.7 x 32.3 inches
  • Weight : 87 pounds
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Amps : 70W
  • Warranty : 1 Year for Parts

Comparison between AKDY WC0022 to AKDY WC0021 Wine Coolers

Here is the comparison between AKDY 32 bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler and Its Previous Product.


  • It has 14 Slide Out Racks.
  • It can store 32 wine bottles.
  • Touch Sensitive Control Pad.


  • It has only 7 Slide Out Racks.
  • It can store 21 wine bottles.
  • Button type Control Pad.

AKDY Dual Zone Wine Cooler Temperature

In this AKDY Dual Zone Wine Cooler you can store two different types of Wines. Its Minimum Temperature is 46°F. Maximum Temperature is 66 °F. In this Temperature Range, you can store Red and White Wines. Red Wine Temperature Range is 50°F and 65°F. White Wine Temperature Range is 45°F and 58°F. Check out all out about this AKDY Wine Refrigerator Reviews to know its specificatins, features here.


Unlike noisy wine coolers, AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler is very quiet and vibration-free, allowing you to have a pleasant environment. It stood as the best dual zone wine cooler in the market with two zones and temperature ranges. If you are looking to store both your red and white wines at different temperatures, this AKDY 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator will be the excellent choice. Moreover, it looks great and the movable wooden shelves are the added advantage of this wine cooler.

Akdy Awc0022 32 Bottles Dual Zone Wine Cooler image

It is Great Product and has an elegant design. We can adjust Temperature range and stores red & white wines. It works well since a long time.