Best Wine Coolers of 2019 – Taste the original flavor of your Wine even after ages!

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Wine Chillers are the appliances developed to maintain the taste and aroma of the wine. They play a significant role for the wine enthusiast. Everyone can easily afford the wine coolers because they are available for low cost. Single bottle wine coolers are here to satisfy beginners of wine collection. Dual-zone are helpful to store both red and white wines. By the single zone, we can hold either red or white wine. Here are the top 5 best wine cooler reviews just take a glance. Purchase the latest models of Wine Chiller & Wine Coolers for Sale with different styles and sizes.

   Our Best Picks Wine Coolers 2019

What is Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is an appliance which helps to store wines at optimum temperature. By the wine cooler, we can enjoy the taste of wine which is kept at the perfect temperature. For the freezing purpose of wine, we can also use refrigerators but it lacks in supplying the required humidity. The wine coolers come in different storage capacities to store our wine collection. These chillers maintain the narrow temperature to store and serve two types of wine. The wine experts always recommend wine coolers/ wine chillers/ wine fridges/ wine refrigerators for wine storage.

Some of the wine coolers also support aging of the wines. If you are storing very expensive wine, then we insist you purchase the wine chiller. There are different types of wine fridges based on various specification like countertop, built-in, single zone and dual zone. The detailed description regarding them is given below in this review.

Top 5 Best Wine Coolers Review 2019

 NewAir 32 Bottle Wine Chiller

The NewAir 32-bottle wine cooler stores red wines at an ideal temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit and the white wine’s storage temperature is 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermoelectric cooling helps for smooth functioning. This wine cooler does not require CFC’s and HCFC’s which makes it an eco-friendly chiller. For each zone, there are seven shelves which have the capacity to store two bottles. At the bottom of the cooler, you also had the facility to store odd-sized bottles. The wine chiller cannot ensure security to this chiller because it is not supported with the lock. Offers One Year Warranty to its customers. The LED lights help to have a better aid for our wine collection. This freestanding wine cooler helps for the flexible placement options.

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  • Can store both red and white wines.
  • Thermoelectric system.
  • Removable wooden shelves.
  • Large Storage Capacity.

  • The temperature is as low as 46-degree Fahrenheit.
  • The contribution of security lock is one of the drawbacks in this fridge.

Avanti 12-Bottle Wine Chiller

The Avanti 12-bottle wine chiller is the thermoelectric cooling system which supports for silent and vibration-free operation. By the 12-bottle we can have a small collection of our favorite wines. This fridge is so compact and lightweight so that we can place it just in any space. In addition to the excellent features, this chiller comes with the one-year limited warranty. We can manipulate the desired temperature by the convenient temperature display which has easy-to-use touch controls. Another key point included in this freestanding wine cooler has a temperature range of 47-64 degree Fahrenheit. This wine cooler balances the look to any decor because of its stylish design which comes with the platinum finished black cabinet. The door is reversible so that we can have easy access to favorite wines.

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:02 pm

  • Comes with an excellent value.
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly.
  • Attractive and elegant design.
  • Removable shelves.
  • We can even store opened bottles by the upright storage system.

  • It is sensitive to ambient temperatures.
  • We cannot store both red and white wines.
  • A Little bit noisy by the fan.
  • Cooler light automatically turns off after 10 minutes.

NewAir 33-Bottle Wine Chiller

One of the significant aspects in this wine chiller is its the temperature ranging between of 39 to 64 F. Becuase of the digital thermostat we can test the regions to the storage locations of different wines. The wine chiller storage capacity is 33 bottles even if we store odd-sized bottles. The modern blue interior LED lights with its black inside and stainless steel intensify the look of the wine chiller. If we place the wine cooler with the better ventilation, consequently the chiller works correctly. To maintain the supercooling in this wine fridge, we have compressor cooling system. For an easy to operate and read controls, digital touchpad controls serve the intent. Insulated glass door protects the wines in the wine chiller from UV rays. Locking system adds security to wine chiller.
Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:02 pm
  • Slide out shelves.
  • Is capable of the storing odd-sized wine bottles in bottom bin.
  • Digital Thermostat display.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Six sliding chrome racks.

  • The chiller does not maintain exact temperature.

Haier 6-bottle Wine Refrigerator

Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cooler is one of the best wine coolers 2019 with its minimal storage capacity. This wine chiller is exclusively for beginners who are interested in starting their wine collection. The blue LED lights increase the appeal and highlight your wine collection. This wine cooler comes with stainless steel finish outlook to match any decor. The double glazed glass door helps to maintain the interior temperature of the refrigerator. As the wine chiller is thermoelectric, we can place the fridge on the countertop because it does not observe constant vibrations. The tinted glass door protects from UV rays and other harmful elements. We can store our favorite wines bottles by the adjustable shelves. Hence this is the best wine coolers for a wine enthusiast.

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  • We can store odd-sized bottles.
  • You can also rechill your opened bottles easily.
  • We can easily operate and set your desired temperature.
  • Wide Temperature range.

  • Bit Noisy sometimes.
  • Larger bottles are quite difficult to store.

EdgeStar 34-Bottle Wine Cooler

The EdgeStar 34-bottle Wine chiller comes with elegant design and strapping assembly. Because of the freestanding capability, this wine cooler can settle in any corner of the room. The wine fridge has handsome looks because of its stainless steel door which comes with towel bar handle. The cooler is installed with the lock to assure security to the wine refrigerator. The wooden racks make easy to clean the EdgeStar 34-bottle wine fridge. The blue LED lights help to make a clear vision of the wine assortment. The temperature range is 41-64 F which is a positive impact. The dimensions and weight of the wine chiller are 33  x 19 x 23 and 94 pounds. Explore more wine coolers for sale in EdgeStar company which are mentioned below in the review.

Last update was on: July 21, 2019 1:02 pm

  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • LED display with the control unit which makes it easy to read and use.

  • Slight vibrations and noise.
  • Tinted glass door is not integrated.
  • Inflexible and bit weak.

Consideration Factors for Wine Chillers

The following are the consideration factors while purchasing the wine cooler.

  • Capacity
  • Optimal Temperature
  • Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Auto-Defrost
  • Racking system
  • Price
  • Auto Temperature Adjustment
  • Humidity Control
  • Lock


Wine coolers come in different storage sizes. Some come with the small storage capacity of six bottles and broad enough to store 100 or more bottles. In case that is a drone enthusiast and wants to start your wine collection, then small storage wine coolers are the best option. If you want to store the wine for professional or commercial purposes, then you can prefer large room wine coolers. If you drink wine occasionally then single bottle wine cooler is not the bad idea.

Optimal Temperature

We can store wines in the refrigerator, but there are some chances to degrade the consistency of wines. For the purpose to maintain the ideal temperature, we keep wines in wine cooler. Different wines require different storage temperatures. For instance reds, whites and sparkling wines are stored in temperature ranging between 45 to 60 degree F.

best wine coolersThermoelectric cooling system

For the compressor cooling system, we observe slight noise and vibrations which tend to degrade the consistency of wine. As an alternative to this problem, the thermoelectric cooling system is at our handy. By the thermoelectric cooling system, the wine chiller comes with the silent and vibration-free mechanism.


We have commonly observed the frost build-up either in refrigerators or wine coolers. The wine fridge comes with the auto-defrost system to evaporate coil to become frost free to avoid this complication.

Racking system

best wine coolersMost wine coolers are developed to accommodate standard sized wine bottles. This rack system may cause some accidental damage to the wine bottles like bend over time or scratches on the label. By using the Chrome wine racks, we can store the odd-sized bottles. Wooden racking system tends to eat a lot of spaces which results in less room for wine bottles.


Price is one of the primary consideration factors while purchasing the wine cooler. You should be clear in one fact that cheap appliances aren’t as reliable compared to the pricier products. Depending on the storage capacity the price varies, i.e., for example, six bottle to 20 bottle ranges in lower 3-figures.

Auto Temperature Adjustment

We always have to check the optimal temperature of the wine cooler which is an irritating concept. So auto adjustment helps to maintain the accurate temperature in the chiller without any manual intervention.

Humidity Control

The Humidity is one of the essential element to consider in the wine cooler. The slightest change in the humidity causes the reaction in the wine.

best wine coolersLock

If you have small children or kids or naughty teens, then security lock is one the primary factors you should examine.

Single Zone Vs Dual-zone

best wine coolersSingle zone wine coolers are helpful to store only single type of wine, i.e., either red or white wines at the same time. We have to adjust the temperature up or down and leave it aside. Single zone wine cooler means one compartment. If you have red or white wine, then single-zone wine cooler is perfect for this purpose. The ideal temperature for red wines is 62-68 degree F whereas for white wines is 49-55 degree F is the perfect temperature.

best wine coolersDual zone wine cooler consists of two compartments. In second compartment wine chiller, you can store both red and white wines. In one zone we can store red wines whereas in another section we can store white wines. The warmer zone maintains the temperature of 55 F which helps to store both red and white wines. The colder region is designed to store the white wines to the serving temperature.

Compressor Vs Thermoelectric

best wine coolersThese both compressor and thermoelectric wine coolers have both benefits and drawbacks. Coming to Compressor wine cooler system, these are the advantageous concepts to be observed.

High Cooling Capacity

Compressor cooling system has a powerful cooling capacity that is why most of the built-in wine coolers use this cooling system.

Storage Capacity

In the compressor-based wine cooler, the storage capacity is high compared to the thermoelectric wine cooling system. This compressor-based cooling system is ideal for people who store large wine collections.

Internal Temperature

The compressor cooling system does not affect the internal temperature despite the environmental conditions.

These are the distinct concepts we have observed in the compressor wine cooler system. In contrast to these aspects, there are some drawbacks to this type of wine coolers which we have to observe. When the compressor wine cooler is in action, we can find Small vibrations and Slight noise. Now we take a brief description regarding the positive aspects of the Thermoelectric wine cooling system. Check out Best Thermoelectric Wine Cooler in the following section.

best wine coolers

Energy Efficient

The thermoelectric-based wine coolers consume less energy which makes them energy efficient compared to the compressors system because it has less moving parts.


We observe silent operation in the thermoelectric based wine coolers. Because the wine cooler system has less moving parts, we can place the chiller to enhance the look of decor.


The thermoelectric based wine cooling system does not vibrate at all. Thermoelectric wine coolers create a favorable environment for storage of our wine, especially for aging purpose.

There are some drawbacks regarding the thermoelectric wine cooler system. We can store only a small amount of our wine collection. This type of wine coolers are heat sensitive and requires an expensive operation.

Working of  Thermoelectric Vs Compressor Wine Cooler:

best wine coolers

Built-In Vs Countertop

best wine coolers

Built-In (Undercounter) wine coolers are designed to built wine coolers in existing counters and cabinetry. This Undercounter wine coolers include front vent placed under the doors of channels to forward heat from the unit. Built-in wine coolers need a bit of work in the installing process. Carbon filter helps the wine cooler to be odor free.

best wine coolersThe Countertop or Freestanding wine cooler allows dissertation of heat from the back. This process makes the wine cooler overheat as the heat cannot escape from the wine chiller and at the end, it cannot maintain the internal temperature. The Countertop wine coolers are perfect for beginners to store their small amount of wine assortment.

Top 5 Brands of Wine Coolers

Avantibest wine coolers

The Avanti is one of the leading manufacturers of leading appliances in the market. The Avanti company was founded in 2012. Founder and CEO of the enterprise are Jason Strashek who bought the original Ontain team. The Avanti team enjoys deep domain expertise in front-counter payments, international payments, cloud-based systems, multi-currency and scalable platforms. Avanti Wine Coolers enterprise is growing rapidly with its service offerings ensuring support to customers. The Avanti platform can be easily composed to work in any city, country, and the world. Check out the top 5 best wine coolers 2019 of Avanti by clicking down here.


best wine coolersEdgeStar products are designed and developed in such a way to accentuate today’s busy lifestyles. The EdgeStar products are produced to fit into one’s lifestyle and to make their daily tasks easy. The company focused on creating products that are portable and innovative can fit in any room. These EdgeStar Wine Coolers are designed in such a way that even to utilize small spaces. The customer support maintains the healthy relationship between them and their clients. The EdgeStar company is one of the leading manufacturers of designing portable and compact appliances. The EdgeStar guarantees a 100% guaranteed products. Check out the Top 5 EdgeStar wine coolers.


best wine coolers

NewAir is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury home appliances. The main motto od the NewAir is “excellence.” the company was founded in 2002 later after eight years they are recognized as the renowned leader in Air Quaily control. The professional team always develops the appliances with sophisticated design, innovative technology, and exceptional performance. Across the US the NewAir company has set some standards. The NewAir Wine Coolers are designed in such a way that they make your home a better place and meet everyday needs of every individual. The company develops quality, reliable, stylish, eco-friendly and efficient products. The Top 5 products are given below check out.


best wine coolers

The Danby creates brilliant and inspired appliances to satisfy every customer needs. The company Danby tries it level best to organize every individual life by developing superior and intuitive design products. The company has the journey of over 65 years. Danby designed great products that can fit in small spaces. Not only the look, but the company also takes a great care while building the product. The Danby is always happy to receive feedback from customers and provides an excellent customer support. The industry offers a long term warranty and extended warranty options. The Danby creates products base on three principles they are smart design, talented craftsmen, and smart price. Check out the top 4 Best Danby wine cooler reviews.


Haier is one of the dominant producers of the fast-growing durable products in the world. The company has received as largest home appliance globally market for the seventh time. Haier achieved 9.8% market share of global retail volumes in 2015. Haier is known for its leading manufacturer of innovative products in the country. This Haier is the first company to adopt the world’s most effective service process innovation(SPI). The Haier was set up in 1984 in Qingdao, China. Haier is the second largest com[pany in the Home Appliances. The Haier is significant in satisfying the demands of its clients and maintains win-win performance between Haier and customers. Here are the top 5 Haier Wine Cooler reviews checkout.

 Types of Wine

best wine coolersWines are classified by the grape variety which is used to make the wine. We can also classify the wines according to the taste They are:

  • Dry wines
  • Medium wines
  • Sweet wines

Wines are categorized into two types one is red wine, and other is white wine.  Red wines are the color wines which have the color intensity based on the soaking time. White wines are colorless wines. Here are different types of wines.

Red wines

best wine coolersRed wines are color wines which are made from red grape varieties. The reason behind the color is that the skin of the grapes comes in contact with the grape juice. The red wines come in different tastes and varieties. The famous red wines are:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Noir

White wines

best wine coolersThe white wines are the wines which are made from white grape varieties. Some of the white wines are also made from the red wines where its skin does not contact in making the process of wines. The white wines range from dry to sweet wines. The most famous red white wines are



Sauvignon Blanc


Rose Wines

best wine coolersThe wines which have reddish tones are Rose wines / Blush wines. They are different from white wines. The rose wines are processed from the red grape varieties. One of the popular rose wine is:

  • Zinfandel

Sparkling Wines

best wine coolersChampagne is one of the most sparkling wine across the world. The sparkling wines are those wines where CO2 is added. Some of the famous sparkling wines are

Rose Champagne


Sparkling Red Wine

Sweet or Dessert Wines

The Residual sugar left in the finished wine is used in preparing process of this sweet or dessert wines. The dessert wines are examined as the most delightful wines. The sweet wines are
  • Sweet white wines that consist of (Botrytis (Noble Rot), Ice Wine (Eiswein), Late Harvest Wine)
  • Sweet red wines include (Late Harvest Wines and Fortified Wines)

Fortified wines

By the addition of the small amount of grape spirit fortified wines are prepared. The Fortified wines involve both dry and sweet styles. Some of the outstanding fortified wine coolers are
  • Port wine
  • Madeira
  • Sherry

Common Problems of Wine Chiller


When we place odd sized bottles in the wine cooler, there are chances of scratches on the label of the wine bottle. The cork is wet because the wine bottles are stored label facing upward. The dry cork will shrink which allows the air in the bottle which makes the wine into vinegar.


best wine coolersThe wines require an optimal temperature range to maintain the consistency. For this purpose, you can also use the digital thermostat to detect the interior temperature of the chiller. Make sure the door and door gasket is working properly. Always install the cooler in the smooth and even surface.


Humidity level is more important to store the wine coolers. If the humidity level is low, the air enters the bottle because the cork will dry out. In such cases to add humidity place a pan of water inside the chiller. Moisture forms inside or outside the cooler if the door is left open. So always ensure whether the door is closed properly or not.


UV rays cause damage to the consistency of wines. The colored and transparent door can affect the wine because of ultraviolet rays. The UV rays change the aroma and flavor of the wine. The emission of the UV rays is from Fluorescent lights so better avoid them.


First, make sure to plug in the wine cooler. The power supply should not show any fluctuations as this may cause considerable damage in working of the wine cooler. Ensure that you have closed the door properly. Contact the manufacturer to solve the problem regarding the technical issues in the wine fridge.
The prices in this review may vary so please refer amazon for this objective.
These top 5 chillers are given as the best wine coolers 2019 by considering some of the aspects like price, features, etc. Hope this is a useful review for purchasing the wine chiller that satisfies your requirements. Wine coolers are helpful to store and hold the wines at optimum temperature. If you are a beginner to the wine collection, then you can also check the wine coolers with small storage capacity like half dozen. I believe that this best wine cooler reviews helped you to some extent. We are jubilant for providing the info regarding the high-quality wine coolers for sale.